BBM 2.2 coming in a couple of weeks, will bring new emoticons and more

By Sam Sabri on 29 May 2014 08:35 pm EDT

BlackBerry is aiming to bring roll out version 2.2 of BBM to BlackBerry devices in the coming weeks. A blog post at BlackBerry details that version 2.2 will bring an easier sign up, easier friending and new emoticons.

BlackBerry has cut down the number of input fields it takes to sign up. You only need your name, email and password to get started with version 2.2 of BBM. To make becoming friends easier, BlackBerry has made it so that users can become friends just by clicking the BBM invite in an email. There will be no need to send a PIN invite back.

And finally, a bonus for those who don't like to text and would rather send emoticons. Version 2.2 of BBM adds 16 new emoticons. A hotdog, maracas, a hacker, and hot lips are just some of the new emoticons you'll be sending your friends.

Have an Android or iOS device? You'll be able to take BBM 2.2 for a spin shortly. Android users will receive version 2.2 sometime tonight, while iOS users will receive the update in the coming days.

The release of BBM 2.2 will bring the additions above, but BlackBerry has stated there will be a few extra surprises for those using BBM on BlackBerry. Look for the update in the coming weeks.

What do you think the extra surprises could be for BlackBerry users?

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BBM 2.2 coming in a couple of weeks, will bring new emoticons and more



Great that BlackBerry users are getting it after android users...I guess we aren't a big enough user base to devote to

Wish I could have my contacts back at the bottom. I never use channels or groups really but frequently use contacts now I have to dig through a menu since channels came out. Counter intuitive if you ask me.

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I completely agree! I don't use Groups either, and to always have to go digging in the side menu is a pain.

I just use the "start a chat" button at the top right of the screen. Since they added that I found the "contacts" button redundant.

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I see that you are really pushing for the push to talk,
Come to think of it that would be a wonderful feature for BBM to have.

I see that you are really pushing for the push to talk,
Come to think of it that would be a wonderful feature for BBM to have.

I sold my Z10 a few months ago and bought a Note 3 and haven't looked back. Just wish I would of done it sooner. BlackBerry is more concerned with enterprise because that's the only way they will be profitable again

It makes sense, this update is targeted at ios and android, easier invites and sign up. Anything to get more users on platform.

At this point if you own a BlackBerry chances are you have bbm going.

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Indeed it does. The primary improvements have to do with signup. BlackBerry users generally don't have any problems getting onto BBM. It's baked right in.

I'm confident that it's because our update brings nicer features. Gadway did mention "a few special things added for good measure" for BlackBerry users. I'm not worried. Ours is still a better experience - BBM Video and Screen Share are phenomenal!

Screen share is indeed awesome. I use it to help my family members for setting or trouble shooting...

 CB10 

I use it to support staff in the field. It rocks! It's like Bomgar for a handheld.

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Version 2.2? Maybe that's the version for Android and iOS but in BB10 the current BBM version is already

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Why the negativity? Would you prefer no progress be made? Everytime there is an upgrade, it's never enough. There are many who are happy with the progress being and BlackBerry's response to constructive feedback.

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Hey at least we're getting something extra special on BlackBerry BBM!

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We should get more emoticons and they should have a place where you can suggest some cuz I get its for a big audience but there are alot of these that I don't have use for and dont see anybody else using them either.

The more the merrier, don't get me wrong but I still think we're missing some. And another thing is we should be able to get emoticons that we can use as avatars. Would help too.

Need to let BlackBerry employees go? Start with the entire BlackBerry Link team including the "genius" behind the idea. ;^L

I'm sort of with you in terms of dissatisfaction with BlackBerry Link. I mean how difficult can it be to create what is in essence another cloud services client? It has surely come to something when all the other protocols one could use as alternatives work flawlessly (I am using the FTP client in PlayCloud, Bonjour and others) whilst Link is telling me my phone won't connect. You're right. Get rid of them and get some more motivated and competent people on board.

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Maybe bbm for BlackBerry 10 will use the bb10 encryption mechanics and offer enterprise level security for all! Secure bbm for android, windows phone, and ios. Almost impossible to crack bbm for bb10!?

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Cool... hope they solve the keyboard / smileys switch ui... sometimes you need more than one smiley at once =) ;)...

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

Fantastic! Look forward to it. But when will we see the availability to BBM video those users of IOS and Android?

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They really need to work on making BBM Voice reliable too. It freaking sucks!

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I know! I have a few friends on BBM iPhone and Android and sometimes I can't hear them when I call on Bbm voice. What's unacceptable is when I call other blackberry phones and it cuts out when both have full bars of signal.
Increase the reliability before any thing else.

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Even making phone calls over wifi is unreliable. It's embarrassing! I'm done fighting for blackberry. I continue to use it because I like it. But I've lost steam asking my friends to download. Just for them to delete later. I have only 3 friends that have really stayed out of 20 I was able to convince to get it.

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Bbm voice and video work flawlessly for me. Use it exclusively to talk to my gf, never have a problem, even when conversations stretch past the hour mark. I can even video calls mom's playbook, she loves being able to SEE her son on a call for free. If you have issues on wifi or 4g coverage time to check your router/carrier. No one i know or have convinced to download it has problems with voice call either.

Now msg delivery, some times that's touch and go

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Agree with you 1000%... cos I use bbm voice for my business calls and it works even much more better when calling peeps on iPhone and Android

No need to be so down in BlackBerry over this. If you have ever used FaceTime it cuts out over Wi-Fi as well. Often issue is connectivity to Wi-Fi or bandwith issues. BB VIDEO quality surpasses FaceTime imo. Can't speak to Android options and have never used Skype, but it has similar issues from what I've heard. I have found BB Video Chat reliable.

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My wife (s4) daughter (5s) and best friend (5s) all exclusively use it to communicate with me. They do it to appease me, buy they secretly like the D & R. Anxiously awaiting vross pkatform video calls since my daughter is out of state at university

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Really? The times I've used it... it worked perfectly. maybe your network connection sucks ?


Any time I've used BBM video it does work really well. But whenever I try to connect with iPhones over voice. It's really poor. Calls drop. They can't hear me. It's dumb. I won't use it with them.

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BBM voice works great for me. I use it very often to communicate with my son and my brother. They are both on iPhones and I am on Android.

I suggested BBM Voice to my mom and the first time we tried it was perfect. After that, it's never worked since. She now simply cannot hear me at all. I just talk to myself. And for those blaming the connection, Skype works perfectly fine.

I have not used it often but it has always worked flawlessly for me. Having Canada wide unlimited minutes and extremely cheap international calling, I don't see the point in WiFi calling.

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I find the cross platform voice phenomenal for the contact I use it for. I can hear everything crystal clear, sometimes too clear. I can hear people having conversations in the background just like as if I were in the same room. If the connection is weak, that's when there are issues, but that happens with all VoIP.

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I have problems when using it with data plan, when both sides are on wifi it has been flawless, can't tell if it is the crappy mobile internet service of my country or the phones.

It's for that Jubei-Kevin hot dog eating contest from the forums.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

About time BBM needs to keep updating on regular basis to keep android and IOS users interested

From the best mobile device Z10 + 442 APPS

Nope to many options that has being on their ecosystem for on long time. IOS and Android get updates regularly on their app stores that make their boring OS more interesting. BlackBerry APPS update almost never but our OS updates regularly and we got that and the leaks to keep us interested.

From the best mobile device Z10 + 442 APPS

Yeah. BBM 2.2 for Android coming out in a few hours, BBM 2.2 for iOS in a few days and BBM for BlackBerry in a few weeks. But, BlackBerry users will get a few surprises.

I didn't. :)

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I think I one up you on that signature

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BB only the Best For Me!

I thought I did with that Z10 4G nonsense. Still waiting for that replacement with the same size and a bigger screen
P.S. T mo got no ;)

You're pulling a Typo on me! It's the same keyboard! :)
Plus you got to send your Z30 membership papers to freddysrevng3 to be a member of club Z30, son.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

No Reps of course, note the *** in place. but pushing updates on day one and offering 4G in my area at no extra charge.

Afaik you need to increase your overall display font size... then it will also increase your emoticons... but only for you...

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Yes I was wondering the same thing, what happened to the emoticon size increase? And no those stupid stickers don't count

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I won't be able to sleep for the next two weeks waiting for that hot dog emoticon....

Now if I had an android phone... I would get it TONIGHT

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Or maybe ketchup and mustard stickers to go with that, that would be great.

BB only the Best For Me!

Great, now even BlackBerry develops apps for Android before eventually bringing them to BlackBerry :P

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Here are my take:
1. Why we  fans get later than andro n IOs?
2. Fix the bbm call quality as so inconsistence. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't
3. Emoticons means nothing if only work for single chat. Make it work for Group also..

from Z30STA100-2/

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Maybe the wait for BlackBerry users is so BlackBerry has time to port over their Android version!

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I'm happy that BlackBerry is updating android and ios, sucks BlackBerry phones won't get the update now but who are we kidding, what we want mostly is BlackBerry to win and the only way we can do that is to keep other platform interested, I'd wait a year for a BlackBerry update if it gets more android and iPhone users on bbm... Okay maybe a year is a little too much!!

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BBM money or BBM music or perhaps they've increased the file transfer limit for BBRY users? The ability to attach multiple files in one message would be most welcome.

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Yup. Batch image sharing please, and option to send original image. I use WhatsApp for image sharing because of this.

Q10 user

I still want to see BBM Peak. To be able to go under attachment, choose the bbm peak icon, select the picture or take a picture, choose the receiver and choose the length of time they can view it. Like you do with Glympse. I know it's exactly like snapchat which I have never nor will ever use, but to have the ability to do it right in bbm with your contacts would be pretty cool. I call it BBM Peak as you're letting someone 'peak' at the pic, and it just sounds like a good name for this amazing OS!!!

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

A feature which doesn't exist on BBM, but does on Snapchat and could very easily be implemented on BBM as he has suggested.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I agree, it's kind of idiotic to give BlackBerry owner an update weeks after everyone else...just yesterday i lost another friend to iphone which now brings my total friends on bbm to 2... most people i ask still don't know bbm is available for iphone and androids and don't care....blackberry needs to do some serious clever marketing to even have people look in their direction again.

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Let's get this straight. The BBM experience is different on iPhone. Users (who don't have the hub) don't receive the instant notice of a new message with a red star or other notice. They have to go into the app to check and see if there is a new message.
My iPhone friends like BBM but find it less useful (and don't share with other iPhoners) because they don't get a good notice of new postings. BlackBerry .... please FIX this if possible so that it becomes truly Cross-platform !!!

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Really? Some new stupid smiley faces? I'm supposed to be excited for this? How isn't BBM way better already?

Should let you use it to send messages to none BBM contacts, import every contact over so my BBM contact list isn't 22 people most of who I convinced to either download it or go buy a new BlackBerry

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** People seem to be wondering that iOS/Android are getting update first. Actually, that's not true.

BlackBerry users got an update to BBM already several weeks ago (where we got ability to send pictures (but not videos) in group chat and multi-person chats from within chat window. Instead of having to exit chat window, go to group albums and uploading a picture there.

IOS/Android did not get that update. So, their update had been pending for several weeks now.

This will bring them upto speed, plus give them a little more.

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Wish they gave it the ability to block broadcast messages. That would solve a lot of the annoyance on BBM. Lol

Toronto is the city that I rep, give respect.

Both iOS and Android versions of BBM need a redesign to conform more with design elements of each respective platform.

Posted via CrackBerry App

It better be a Pokémon sticker pack attached to BBM for Blackberry. I ain't gonna watch Android/iOS users showing off their update while I wait few weeks for it ( ':

Posted via CB10

Good because the last OS update has scrambled my BBM app again!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Interesting just updated BBM and noticed bbm for android is now at 50 million plus downloads. Last time I noticed this bbm only had 10 million plus.

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Oh no! That part where it said blackberry users will have surprises threw me off. Now I can't sleep!!

that's a good move from BBRY! the fact that now iOS & Android user base are a lot larger, having the version 2.2 released from today will encourage more of them to update and to switch to BBM whereas at the same time, the native BBM is getting its final polish & optimisations (of course with new features too!!) so it's looking good!

hopefully the surprises for BBM on BB10 will be more capabilities & more features than the current beta version, and hopefully those surprises will drool our Droiders and iFriends!!! if that's the case, i'll say it's WORTH THE WAIT.

so, come on BBRY, show that to us! show that the BEST BBM experience is nowhere EXCEPT on BB phones (BB10 in particular)!!!!

Updates are great, but there's so much more needed. Keep them coming, like updates to the core messaging experience.

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Yeah, when will the Windows version be released?
I also hope they fix the communication between the BBM APP and BBM in the hub.
On or the other sometimes lags behinds and needs to update from the other.
I don't get it why the're not parsing it through the same instance.

Uhh!!!! A hot lips I'm will go over well whenever I use the phrase "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, except gonorrea, that shit always comes back!"...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

PSA: New v2.2 Android update breaks the 'BBM Connected' when the app isn't open and BBMs don't come in. How can they screw this up? Smh.

You can already do that. You can do that anywhere. Just press the microphone symbol on the keyboard.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the new emoticons but I also worry that we may end up with emojo overload. If we have too many it will be a pain scrolling through them all trying to find the one you want.

Posted via CB10

It already does. It's the 'R' under each posts. It'll show you a number indicating how many times the post has been read.

Posted via CB10

I guess he means to mark as read the posts in the channels you follow so you know where you left the last time you opened the channel

Posted via CB10

Emoticons? Is it a big update or more like a bug fix with few emoticons? Anyways most of my friends are using WhatsApp and Viber. I love BB10 but BBM is not up to the mark.

Can you elaborate on that? You have to be smokin' crack to truly believe that. BBM is the original what's app is a copy cat.

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Maybe they fixed the PIN watermark glitch so when we take screenshots on 10.3 our PIN isn't publicly displayed.

That would be a welcome surprise for BlackBerry users.

Posted via CB10

I hope BBM becomes more of a social media platform with channels. I think I could give up Facebook for a more secure and better communication app.

Posted via Z10

Hmmm, Android getting the update early because there's more Android BBM users than BBRY users?
My guess on the BBRY exclusive is integrated BBM and Text chats to allow you to chat with BBM and non-BBM together in a group chat

I'm die hard blackberry but even I say about bloody time! Still room for improvement, landscape and make groups more user friendly

Posted via CB10

I kinda hate knowing this as once I hear it I want it now not wait 2 weeks or so maybe. What is up with torture?

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

just got an update notification from playstore... update is on the go with
- 16 new emoticons
- bug and performance update
- update tabs change to feeds

*** updated: the version is

But no update on my BlackBerry 10 BBM not in BlackBery World nor in Beta Channel :(

Even BlackBerry treating it's own kids as step kids so we can't complain when other developers treat us the same..


Z10..yes it can!

Patiently waiting to be able to send video and pictures to my family in bbm groups when they are using iPhone and Android. They are getting very IMPATIENT while getting more and more entrenched in whatsapp. Frustrating.

Posted via CB10

Would be the happier man if they put read notifications in multiple chats and groups, I guess that would be hard this soon, so at least have more options for groups and multi chats like sharing videos and other files

Posted via CB10

This update better have ios and android notification mute.

Unread messages line seperator in group chats too.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

All stickers packs for free to bb users? Just opinion :p

CB10 - Q5 - (radio)

I'll prefer more enhancing than new features... lots of current features should be copy from whatsapp first... then go with new features.. for example unread msgs, un listened voice note.. multiple picture share and others...

 BB FANS via Q10 

I hope channels gets an update!

[URL="bbmc: C00012373"]MATVD[/URL] - Movies, Advertisements, Tv Shows and Documentaries! The Largest Entertainment Channel out there! Join now!

Whatever the reason Android and IOS get the update earlier than BlackBerry, you failed BlackBerry!


Rubbish, bbm for BlackBerry is already streets ahead of other platforms.

I don't get all the negativity.

What about to silence down the ringtone when Im already in the chat? Like whatsapp did?!!

Posted via Q10Bold

It would be great to use and see emojis through texts and not just come on. Other than that bb10 is a great/secured system.

Posted via CB10

Ya us last? Makes perfect sense.  just seeing if this BlackBerry logo work don't mind the question mark if not lol

I hope they expand the BBM Channels limit beyond 400 characters and give the ability to reply to those replying to your comment.

Posted via CB10

Does the Android update give landscape mode in bbm app? Got a buddy on Android and that is his biggest complaint.

Flicked out via Zed10

BBM still lacks basic features that Whatsapp scores highly in, such as sending multiple pictures at once, backup chat history so you can switch between devices. (only contacts get migrate at present).

Whoa! Thats a great news, I'm sure by reducing the step to sign up for bbm in ios and android will encourage more people to use bbm. I'm just eagerly awaiting bbm surprise. All the best

Posted via CB10

Why do ppl complain just because ios and android get the update first? We've received many updates and a version in beta zone right now. Relax folks.

Posted via CB10

FINALLY! A streamlined and enhanced invitation / find friends process. I hope it's true. Long overdue, and the biggest roadblock to further BBM mushrooming.
Now WP8 support please.

Posted via CB10

Wait what? Android gets it tonight while we blackberry users get it in the next couple weeks? Maybe I should go for android! Nice user service...

Via CB10 on Z10STL100-2/

They should have text size controls for BBM on the iphone. The phone is so small and the text size is small, people over 40 generally can't read it. That is one major complaint that I know of. As for the video and wifi calling, connections must be good.....that is a must for any VOIP.

Posted via CB10

Could it be that for "surprise" features exclusive to BB owners that are set to arrive in a few weeks require cross-platforms to upgrade first -- else it wouldn't work properly? In any case (whatever it is), there's a purpose and we just don't know it yet.

Just get Bbm to run properly would be nice..pic,or videos for example are better sent from the text message if it doesn't send from Sms it sends mms perfect, where as Bbm often does not function in terms of moving pic, or pic just frustrating so i rather use normal text

Posted via CB10

I think if they add video feature for android and ios will b much better and ability to add by fone number too via just like most msg app..will b easier for many people

Posted via CB10

Android version still lacking LANDSCAPE mode.. Really really need to get that fixed!! And yeah, what's up with Android and iOS getting a BlackBerry update before BlackBerry...?? /shrug

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App! from my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p

You should be able to send consecutive emoticons without the keyboard showing back up every time you select an emoticon. I really hate that!

Posted via CB10

Guys, BBM for BlackBerry is currently in beta testing and will include the following :

Landscape mode
Option to have keyboard 'Always On' for touchscreen users
Inline group pictures - Pictures will also show up in the Pictures section
Slight bigger emoticons
BBM Channels tabs tweaked - Shows name for tab instead of icons
In BBM previews modified - Now show under the BBM top bar and are grey.

Much more than registration and emoticon updates!

Posted via CB10

Which device is shown in the title picture for this post? The tabs show Chats - Contacts - Groups... my Up to date Z10 shows Chats - Updates - Groups. I find the updates section of Bbm to be one of the single most useless features to ever "grace" a BlackBerry device. I'd love to replace that tab with either contacts or channels which I access much more frequently! Maybe BlackBerry can add an option to allow us the users to decide which are most used tabs are to be displayed...

Posted via CB10

Please I hope that the issue with group chats not saving is resolved. Also please BBM developers go back to selective chat saving history and deleting and move away from it being a global setting. Ad it was on Legacy devices. Enough of the gimmicks and please address functionality and making it work

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Hopefully it's bigger emoticons on my z30 they are tiny, free stickers, multiple photo sends, ability to view previously sent photos, PTT, send HQ pics by default.

Improved notifications for ios/android

Posted via CB10

Definitely agree with free stickers and HQ pics. I'm not poor but I'm definitely not paying for stickers that I'll never use but once

Posted via CB10

I would love the ability to have multiple attachments as presently we can only attach a single item to each BBM message.

I'm hoping one surprise is bbm to bbm gaming or boobs.. everybody loves boobs.. especially surprise boobs..

It's not a "tumah"

BlackBerry video calling I've never had a problem. Even in the car driving on the motorway (someone else driving not me)

Face time on my iPad! OMG it's terrible I call them on the phone or bbm them. FYI I have satellite wifi so no issues with speed. Personally I've never had a problem with BlackBerry or my staff so if you have issues deal them them, stop moaning on here and go and get a life. Because I know apple and android devices have much the same issues as any other suppliers.

Example my apple desktop won't run one drive but my iPad will. But it will save in sky drive so explain that but I don't go moaning on the Apple chat pages. I don't care enough. Things don't always work its tech.

Posted via CB10

dam all ppl do now is bitch and moan, no idea what happens in the real world. let alone read a full article smh. How easy we forget the awesome things BlackBerry does for us that NO other provides. Disappointed

Posted via CB10

Anybody knows why the Samsung galaxy S 4 or 5 is outputting so loudly in the microphone ? When bbm voicing from my z30 with Samsung users friend it's always saturated as if they were yelling in their phones. Any ideas ?

Posted via CB10

When I open BBM I'd like to see my contacts view NOT my Chats. There should be a default view choice. Definitely tired of all the clicks it requires

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