BlackBerry Messenger with BBM Channels leaked

By Bla1ze on 11 Jun 2013 06:47 pm EDT

For the past little while now there have been bits and pieces of BlackBerry OS 10.2 turning up in the CrackBerry Forums for those of you out there who are adventurous and wish to try things out. Previously we saw BlackBerry Maps updates, Camera updates and Facebook updates. Now BlackBerry Messenger has turned up and brings along with it BBM Channels without the need to install it separately. Though, I'm not sure if that's much of an advantage, given you need to sideload this file anyhow.

Like all things leaked, should you decide to sideload this, you do so at your own risk. Things could get messy or they could turn out perfectly fine. As for what devices this can run on, it has been tested on both the BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Z10. Need more info? Head on into the CrackBerry Forums and don't forget to check out the CrackBerry BBM channel when you get BBM Channels loaded up. PIN C00012B19.

Download the leaked BBM

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BlackBerry Messenger with BBM Channels leaked


They just really need to do something about the SPAM :(
That is by far the biggest problem on Channels :(
Once Spam is fixed then they can add more.

Here here!

Administrative options are coming and fast! I too am part of the beta and participated in their first audio conference before.they publicly asked in

Odd this leak debuts when the 4 th survey email debuted on the same day, today.

Posted via CB10

Awwwh yea! Channels is awesome, Goddamn it made BLACKBERRY that much more exclusive.

Posted via BlackBerry z10

Nice :)

But what's the difference between this version and the beta version?

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Not the full OS, just apps from it. Granted, Kris and lbfe have 10.2 but you can think of them as unofficial BlackBerry beta testers at this point.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Already running a leak os and beta bbm lol. Will wait for official updates now I experiment enough *face palm* lol

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Yep, I will definitely wait for the official release. Last time I installed the leaked 10.1, my contacts were all f'ed up. Verizon is stressing me out because it's taking too long to release the 10.1 update. Got my Z10 pristine right now, so I won't try that again, lol.

Loving my awesome Z10 baby!

It takes zero effort to register for beta access so why is this even around? I'm sorry for those who cannot register due to international regulations if applicable but they aren't the only ones who suffer. Still waiting for 10.1 in the USA and we were some of the last to even get BB10 devices.

Posted via CB10 on VZW Z10

I bet the time OS 10.2 will be released VZW will finally get OS 10.1 -_-'

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

I'm hoping that the live version of BBM Channels won't be censored like the beta version. ;)

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Don,t despair! Christmas is coming,and I wouldn't be surprised if BB decides to launch their Next 3 devices in the USA, before any where else.So next year you'll be first !!!That would be a great Xmas gift to you guys, after all, it was the USA that propelled RIM to conquer the world,and it just's seems right.You spend a lot of money during these holidays,you should get them first ,and we should get them the very next day,period, and everybody will be happy.

... second that one. Our US friends just need to hang tight on this for a while. I really believe that BlackBerry is waiting to launch everything in the US because they know that if the experience is not acceptable, the US has the power to make life miserable for BlackBerry.

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So just got off the Phone with AT&T regarding 10.1 software upgrade I felt like I was calling from another planet. They were oblivious to software upgrade and did not seem very knowledgeable on subject.

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Maybe, if all customers for AT&T started calling and complaining everyday until they wake up and remember the blackberry users maybe things will change. Worth a shot I guess

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What department would I speak to? It would seem if enough folks nag them they'll either correct the problem or go and find the answers just so we can leave them alone.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Does anyone really use bbm any more? I used to have many but the amount of people on bbm contacts has shrunk to 3.

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I'm using BBM exclusively. I NEVER use texting. With 10.1 and BBM there are great functions for sharing screens, voice communications, video conference, attachments, and more.

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How do you use bbm exclusively? Everyone you know owns a BB? None of my friends do, so i don't get to share with them like that. Lucky ..

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I wonder if we'll ever get the ability to handle Text (SMS) users from within BBM like we used to in BBOS 7?

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I downloaded the bar and I will stall a. s. a. I run a full backup...just in case. I have downloaded and installed almost all the leaks by now. Is like getting a new Z, every time. Besides I am not waiting for Verizon, WTF-YOLO, here I go.

Doesn't the Q10 always look SO awesome in the pictures.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Nah, I think BlackBerry is going to stay still. God, of course they're going to "keep moving" - what the heck do you think they're gonna do? Like, really? Nah, they're just gonna roll over and play dead.

State the obvious much? BlackBerry is going to be just fine.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Leaks..leaks...side loading..leaks..sideloading!!!! why am I being transformed into a hacker or a programmer? Why can't I have these things via a normal upload, download? I understand that it might not be the perfect upgrade upon first release but things will improve with new updates coming in.. but now everything on my phone is side loaded or leaked version.. i did not need to spend on a flashy BlackBerry to do this piracy...i need a final product, dont want to be a guinea pig. Oink as if now!

@soccertoon & @saviobluefox

No one is forcing you to do these things, you can wait for the official release if you choose to.

bbm side-loaded is thgis not a android version? we are testing? either way great news couldn't get beta to work no keys found so time to try it out.

Soccertoon 1, I for one do not mind helping out to make a better system by loading leaks to test them out so when YOU get a pushed update you get a stable one. Please don't hate us sideloaders and testers. Without us you would just have to wait much longer. My Z10 works better than yours. Multiple alarms, low light option on the camera app etc etc. Try it, you'll like it. Lighten up and have a wonderful day.

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Jojo, good for you! I have one Z10 with latest leaks, sideloaded apps and 10.2 bar files also sideloaded. It has some extra features that will be in the 10.2 stock update that you will get. Have one completely stock. Love em both...BLACKBERRY ROCKS! always did, always will.

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I had beta installed & side loaded this. How do I know it's the leaked version installed? Don't see any difference yet...

I won't install 10.2.x parts until there is an leaked 10.2 for the Z10! That would be like taking a Windows 7 component and installing it onto Windows Vista. I don't need to brick my device thanks!

I'm always looking forward to the latest BlackBerry experience , and you can't get them any faster than the leaks. Keep it going guys. Great work! It is a pleasure to be part of a blackberry community on Crackberry. I want the latest tech candy. BlackBerry is here to stay. Keep it moving. Exciting times. No doubt all platforms are /will benefit from each other

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Downloaded the bar, backed up my Z10 (STL100-3), sideloaded BBM 10.2 doesn't work, wont even open up. Restored my device BBM still doesn't work any help? None in the forums...

Ok, all this is fine and all but where is the 10.1 update that was promised??? All this talk about new things and all, BBM channels etc... beta this and that... where is the promised update???? great phone, great promises, but no delivery - unless you go and hack the version from some website. Even all the talk about 10.2 and all... they can't even deliver 10.1 ?!?! So sad...

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