BBFileScout Upgrade Adds Image Resizing and More

By Bla1ze on 9 Jul 2009 07:31 am EDT
BBFileScout Upgrade Adds Image Resizing And More!

BBFileScout has been a longstanding favorite application of mine as we have covered it on numerous occasions on the blogs. The best part about it though is that while it's a "DonationWare" application the developer never stops making it better. This time around is no different - new features have beeen added and many bug fixes have been put into place.

One of the best features added this time around is image resizing from within the application itself, so be it that you wish to lower the size of the picture to save on data charges when sending it or that you recieved a picture through BBM that was made smaller by RIM crunching the data you can now increase that resolution to a larger size. Options for such are as follows:

  • Select the target resolution: user defined, 1200px, 1024px, 800px, 640px, device resolution
  • Select if the source file should be deleted after the resize image is created
  • Select PNG or JPG output and If JPG is selected, also choose the JPEG-quality
All BlackBerry devices with OS 4.3 or higher can download and run this awesome application for free and if you do indeed find it as useful as I do, please donate what you can because that is why the application keeps getting better and better.

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BBFileScout Upgrade Adds Image Resizing and More


Last update was unstable and crashed my phone constantly. Not sure I'll trust it again.

Plus multi-select for move/copy-paste was a pain to use...when it works (which was not often).

The previous version worked great for me on my Curve 8900
I dont use it all the time, but when you need it, GAWD is it handy!!
2 THUMBSUP to the developer

After installation this requires a full re-boot. After the re-boot I found two new icons, one for VCast Song... and another for Vzw Tones??? My application center says that 2 new items have been installed??? The VCast song Icon takes you to a "Rocket Mobile Inc" company and the Vzw Tones takes you to a "RealNetworks" vendor site!!! What the !!! Were these bundled in with the Update??? Has anyone else seen this???

Verizon pushes shit out to people sometimes like that silly trooper typing app we all found on our 8130s a while back. Often, they show up after a reboot.

Don't fret about these icons.

They are just shortcut links to download the actual Verizon apps. They should not affect your storm. You can just hide the icons and not worry about them.

I would also not download them. Shazam has officially been released for the Storm, and it works so much better than VZN Song ID.

I had the previous version and it worked great. I read somewhere that a new version had been released (a while ago) and there was a comment of someone saying that his BB froze upon opening it. This happened to me with this version so it's a no-go.