BBFileScout 1.0 Released

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2009 03:31 pm EDT
BBFileScout 1.0 Released

We had a look at BBFileScout before here on CrackBerry and I have been using it ever since. The application to me really is one of those "must have" apps that a power user needs. Aside from being a great file explorer for your device, the multiple functions built-in are great, being able to zip/unzip files directly on device and email them is great, being able to create playlists, edit file attributes, search and do so much more is great.

It hands-down beats RIM's built-in file explorer, and good news-- BBFileScount has been updated to version 1.0 and is now no longer a beta application, so go grab it today. It's donationware, so really it costs you exactly what you think the app is worth to you but be fair folks, this really is a great application. If you use it, donate, and hopefully more great apps will get made this way. And if you haven't figured it out yet... yes, I think BBFileScount is GREAT. :)

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BBFileScout 1.0 Released


Storm user. Nothing happens when I click on the app. Tried enabling/disabling compatability mode...still nothing.

this app is worth the money (send a donation). i applaud the developer for their quality software. thank you.

Thanks for the heads up! Just installed it and found some cache stuff of a program I no longer use and was able to free up over 12MB of space. Awesome.

I just downloaded it for my BB 8350I. And I like it so far. I did have to change the setting of seeing hidden apps. For it dove my BB Nuts, and kept locking up But once I did that it's been working fine.

i may be slow to this but i donated and then attempt to download and i dont know how to download this on my device 8900 someone help with the steps on how to successfully download please

When you navigate to the developers download page, you're faced with two options: 1) direct-to-phone (OTA) which is a .jad file, or 2) download the zip file - which contains and .alx and a .cod file.

If you download the zip file, then you unzip it in a location you remember (create a folder/directory and name it whatever you want) and then using Blackberry's Desktop Manager, use the "Application Loader" to install the program. It may appear in the "Downloaded" folder on your Blackberry.

There's more help on installing programs for your Blackberry in the forums.

nothing like working hard on a project, only to have it mis-spelled in a release announcement. BBFileScout sounds right and something people might actually buy. BBFileScount sounds like, well....OUCH!