BBDoodle: The Vitruvian BlackBerry

Vitruvian BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2011 04:40 pm EST

As I was told back at BlackBerry World by RIM's Senior VP of Design, Todd Wood, every new BlackBerry design starts with a sketch. Of course things quickly move to the computer and onto 3D solid renderings, but even in 2011 the initial concepts still start with inspired designers getting creative with pencils on paper.

Following yesterday's first look at a rendered image of BlackBerry Milan, a next generation BlackBerry 10 slider (I wonder if they'll put it into the Torch family or give BlackBerry 10 devices new product family names?!), we did some digging to find the initial sketches that started Milan down it's design path.

You've heard of Leonardo da Vinci's famous sketch of the Vitruvian Man? Without further ado, I bring you RIM's Vitruvian BlackBerry! :-)



Sweet BB10 device! I want mine now!


Liking the leaf there.......very Canadian!


LOL! I think that's Adam's vanity leaf. Biblical! Evolutionary, man!


They better give the phones new names..they need to differentiate from the old OS that people think is awful. Otherwise people will think its the same old blackberry, and this transition is supposed to mark a new age for them. But if blackberry 10 gives any idea, its that they are going to use the same names smh


Nothing wrong with some of the model names like Bold, Torch and even Curve, the main one with a negative impression was dumped when it came to os7.


I didn't think the old OS was awful. Just as long as they don't call it the Storm. THAT was awful


lol I like that name.


Its not that it was awful but the general consensus to average consumers is that it doesn't come close to ios or android.. New names are needed to show that they are new lines even though the names aren't bad now

Pilot Prop

i like the device names that are out now but i think RIM needs to go new with everything....some fresh creative device names would help to show the public that the new wave of BB devices are just I feel that the old names would be somewhat of a reminder of the old BBs. New OS, new brand names, new future for RIM--thats the way I see it.


When I see that picture, I see the old style classic Macintosh computer. No wonder why I hate the new design.


ha ha lol oh boy :)


seriously kevin what do you use to make these this looks like a great way to pass the time lol

Kevin Michaluk

They're all illustrated for us by Jason Harrison -

We give some ideas to Jason and he turns them into BBDoodle works of art!


This phone ugly it look like piece of brink