BBDoodle: The RIMPIRE Strikes Out!

Swing and a miss... Strike 1!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2011 05:55 pm EDT

Sitting down to live blog the BlackBerry DevCon keynote this week, my hopes were high that we'd see the RIMPIRE walk up to the plate and smack a homerun, knocking a QNX-based BlackBerry SuperPhone out of Moscone park.

That didn't happen. Instead, we saw RIM's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis take a couple swings, hit a foul ball with a confusing BBX announcement, and ultimately strike out in delivering a QNX phone announcement. The press box was full and all eyes were on the RIMPIRE to deliver... it was definitely an opportunity missed.

Of course that's not to say there were no QNX phones at DevCon. I'd bet my free PlayBook that a few were on hand, being shown off to valuable partners by high ranking RIM execs. We know these phones exist.

Honestly, if the first BBX BlackBerry isn't ready for primetime yet, I'm glad RIM didn't show it off. With so much going on this past Tuesday in the mobile world (Apple missing out on earnings, Google/Samsung announcement), I think the lack of announcement from RIM went fairly under the radar, and an actual phone announcement may not of received the attention it would have rightly deserved.

The RIMPIRE's next at bat comes this January at CES in Las Vegas. I'll be there, and this time I'm expecting a big hit. Two strike outs in a row is not acceptable when you're trying to win the game.

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BBDoodle: The RIMPIRE Strikes Out!


I'm with you 100% on this one. I was really hoping to see a BBX Phone at Devcon but now that it didn't happen, I'm kind of glad. I'm glad because it means that RIM is leanring from their mistakes. As you said, we know a version on the phone exists so what real good would it have done to show off a half finished product? It would have hurt more than helped since now, no one really knows what to expect. Also, we know their not launching the device until next year so why announce it 4-6 months ahead of time? Now that Devcon has finished and I got over the fact that there was no BBX Phone announcementI can really appreciate exactly how this is good news.


I'm thinking it's a bit too soon to announce a new qnx/bbx phone after the release of the 9900, etc. It Would kind of steal the thunder thunder of the just-released phones. And Att doesn't even carry the 9900 yet. ...

Developers are just starting to develop for BB7.

And People might think "I may as well just wait until this new, better phone comes out".

Another example would be, How would people feel if a few months after releasing playbook, they announced a much better playbook2? Or after just buying a 9900 they announce a new qnx/bbx phone.

Or if they announce a new phone now and it takes a while to release it, people will say "why is it taking rim so long to release the phone after they announced it?" Just like what people said about the playbook. They're still working the kinks out of playbook os, and getting all the needed apps, features and functionality. Is it really the time to announce a new phone when the OS it'll be sharing isn't quite completed yet?
In comparison, How long before a phones release does apple show their new iPhone?

I think RIM should first be perfecting qnx (finish/release native email perhaps?) and focusing on marketing the phones they have out now, instead of showing off newer qnx/bbx phones that aren't ready to be released for quite some time...

Anyway, my two cents :)

I believe the current management of RIM would have had to be smoking CrackBerry's to have shown off the new QNX phones unless they were prepared to have been put on sale within the next 2-3 WEEKS as it would nearly completely suspend the current market for the new BB7 phones... just like when they preannounced the BB6.1/7 phones... everyone stopped buying Bold's and Torches and decided to wait... then when it took them longer to release BB7 than planned, their revenues took a smashing and their market share plummeted. At least they learned that one lesson from the BB7 fiasco.

As for OS2, there is no way in hell that release is ready for market. The current beta is surprisingly buggy seeing that its based on 1.0. It appears to me that they spent all their time on on this stupid new UI (to make it look different from Ryan's original baby) and not nearly enough time on things like Autoreplace/correct or the new email client.

Even this Android engine is a dumb idea in my humble opinion. If you look at the working/non-working lists in the OS2 beta threads, you'll see that it's about 50% of the Android applications that seem to work and of the list of a hundred or so applications that have been tested, there are probably only about 5 of them that any given user would ever want. They would have been FAR better off to go to Amazon, Kindle, Skype, and 3-4 other key vendors and offer to give them free developers to help with the port (or pay them to port an application to the PlayBook). Android support will never be as seamless as on Samsung, Motorola, etc and frankly if you want Android, why wouldn't you just buy an Android device in the first place? I believe that RIM has fallen into exactly the same trap as IBM did with their OS/2 way back when... no matter how good they made OS/2 run Windows applications (in some instances way better than on Windows), most ISV's decided that they only wanted to build to one environment and supported MS Windows. Android support only dilutes the ISV support for PlayBook.

I am a HUGE BB fan and user and have been using their devices since the original "pagers" but I've become completely convinced that the current management needs to be changed out for them to become relevant again. This DevCon was a failure... not just because of Mike's (VERY) dorky comments and the failure to release a OS2 that is relevant but because they've proven they can't deliver upon their commitments. The OS2 developer beta is a real disappointment as its clear that OS2 will not have things like AD2P, DLNA (otherwise the PlayBooks demoing for the sessions wouldn't have been connected with so many cables) and systemwide autoreplace/correct. This isn't about Android support. Its about fixing the little things that were wrong with the PlayBook on day one. I hope I'm wrong and will wait patiently (and continue to find my PlayBook a great and useful device) for OS2 but I'm not optimistic based upon their performance here. I didn't see ONE person capable of articulating why general users should switch platforms.

In my mind, their required strategy is simple:
1) Fix the little things (systemwide autoreplace/correct, missing AD2P, email/PIM clients, etc.)
2) Stop announcing dates and features (they did this right at DevCon... Apple never announces a date until its in the channel... ditto for preannouncing features. Why show off what you plan to do 6 months out so your competitors can catch up?)
3) Support standards (they are doing this right too... make the tablet/BBX as open as possible and developers will develop for it. There is a sizable community that go to Android for exactly this reason.
4) Remember who your customers are... they aren't the TELCO's... that's your channel (or the most important of them at least). Your customers are the end users and corporations (although most corporations are now deferring to their employee's choice so they don't have buy devices themselves anymore). Make features/functions compelling to THEM, and;
5) This one is Apple's biggest advantage... setup a direct retail channel. Those iStores are Apple's best advantage even though Apple doesn't sell all its devices through them. They are a SUPPORT system for Apple's customers. The fact that an iPad granny can take her tablet into the store, have a "genius" fix her problem or show her how to do something right then and there is HUGELY important to Apple. Over and over, I'm told by Apple iFans that this is key to their decision... even though 90% of them don't actually buy their devices from the store. Apple doesn't undercut their channels with their stores and I suspect they all start out at a net loss but the value they provide to the brand is more than made up by the cost... and they add the "hip" to the brand. RIM needs to do this... they can either setup their own stores, or bring in their own employees (even more than they do today and with better employees/genius's than they do) to their retail partners. If you KNEW you could go to Best Buy/Walmart and ALWAYS get a BlackBerry Genius to help you with your problem... what's that worth to you as a customer? Plus they sell accessories, phones, tablets, etc.

I was thinking the same thing, actually. There may have even been the odd "or else" threats from carriers if they made too big a deal of the BBX phones.

RIM faces a difficult situation. Sure, it would have been great to see more, but I get why they were backed into a corner.

On the bright side, even the developer preview of PB OS 2.0 seems pretty damn stable. I have a sneaky feeling that it's actually ready to roll now, and that RIM is trying to build support not just from small Android publishers, but from some of the big guys too (Netflix? Skype? are you there?).

Fingers crossed... DevCon had some interesting highlights (TAT's demo might have been the biggest, most interesting single thing), but it came out a little flat...

I agree. I'm glad we didn't see a half baked phone. RIM seems to have learnt that it's bad to make promises & then not hit them.

That being said, I wish they were able to make promises AND keep them. There are 3 Scenarios that could have happened at DevCON:

1) RIM Makes promise & keeps them – I WISH this is what they did, but we haven’t seen this in a while from RIM.

2) RIM Doesn’t make any promises, and so they don’t disappoint us down the road when this miss them – This is what I think they went with at DEVCON 2011

3) RIM Makes big promises & fails miserably – This is what they have been doing a lot of lately.... Anyone remember coming in 60 days?

We all agree that Scenario #1 would be the best, but as they can’t do that, I’m glad they did #2 instead of #3.

Maybe RIM figured out that it is better not to show your cards six months ahead of time. BlackBerry missed their numbers last quarter because we all held out for the new OS7 phones. Apple also missed on iPhone sales as they delivered a phone three months late.

I also wanted to see a BBX phone but I think this may be a good thing. We are not going to get to purchase the phone for three to six months so why show it now? What was good was all the apps we are going to get in the near future. I believe Bla1ze and you mentioned that there were quite a few android apps being ported over.

I would like to see a new phone, sure but what would it benefit me? What will benefit my Bold and Playbook is new apps and it seems like they are doing well there. TAT built some awesome tools for app developers for BlackBerry. I think this was a savvy strategic move.

I yield to your view since you were there but maybe, just maybe, RIM finally got the concept about creating product excitement. Apple, which is better at marketing, never shows their devices early. Hmmm...maybe...maybe.

Yep, don't disagree with you at all.

If it's not ready, it's better not to show it. I guess I was just hoping it was at a stage where it would be ready to show.

I bought the Playbook at Launch and can't believe that I paid full price and it still isn't complete. Other's at least are getting it at a discount. I called to complain and they are sending me a case and HDMI cable..(6 to 8 weeks to ship)....which I already bought on my own anyway. I asked for some free software and they said no. Even with the outages last week, that free software is not available for the Playbook. Even the At&T version of the Bridge has limitations. While I am in a WIFI Area and opening e-mails using the Bridge, if I hit a link in the e-mail, it does not allow me to open because AT+T blocks the Browser. You would think, since I am in WIFI, it would jump to the regular Browser.

I am not a Troll and am a HUGE Blackberry Supporter, I was excitied about what I saw with the Android Player......but the very least....expected some indication of a release date for 2.0.

Has anyone seen the Sony Tablet? Why wouldn't I want that one over the Playbook?

I actually played with the larger Sony tablet the other day. Screen not too bad; Interface pretty good. Extremely light. Felt good in hands - but after about 10 minutes - ran the PS1 version of Crash Bandicoot - ouch, lots of jaggies and controls awful. OS became sluggish and difficult to operate. The longer I held it and used it the more flimsy and cheap it felt.

I would think long and hard before jumping over from PB, even though I love my Sony gear.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I also think that it made no sense to show off QNX phones at this point: latest line up is still recent and showing off the new generation would only hurt sales.

Either they're looking good and some people would hold out for those or they would look unpolished and it would further hurt their image.

That said, I understand it was a Developers Conference but there is no excuse not to show off OS 2.0. After what was said during the last quarterly call and Basillie's comments about leapfrogging the competition they had to show something aimed at a general consumer. Technically RIM is right because they showed off a certain aspect of what was coming but this to me shows how disconnected they are from general public.

Also, for their sake they should have an employee walk around with a tranquiliser gun and use it every time Basillie starts making his bold statements. The guy is hurting the company by making them look like a joke full of empty promises.

I love the comment about Basillie, I'm starting to just ignore what he says.
I actually was quite impressed with Mike though. He actually seems to understand the stuff in depth. He was doing a bit of dorky role play but it got the message through to developers "hey, it is easier to develop apps for BlackBerry and wow, TAT actually created this awesome tools for us?! Hmmm...If I write an app on HTML5 I can actually port it to OS7,Playbook and BBX phones. That is pretty cool. Also, because RIM gets the developer not being a non-profit charity they make it easy to just transfer apps between the various OS's. Hmmm. I can make over 100k from RIM, 100k from apple, 100k from Droid. Hmmm... I see me driving a Porsche next year."

I believe in the past developing for BB was hard and the devices were actually not really built for that. Yes, some apps would run fine but some needed more horsepower and RIM was into building "fuel efficient" phones. But now with the OS7 phones at 1.2Ghz things are different. Even the lowest entry level BlackBerry is faster than the Torch1 that got me to come back from android (HTC Evo 4G - 1Ghz). So the BBX phones are not for get'er done types like me. I'm sticking with the Bold 9930's grand piano like keyboard but they can get people like my wife and grow the base. That would be cool.

I'm 95% sure I'm done with RIM.
- I am the hugest bb supporter I know. I love my 9900, but I'm tired of this nonsense with the playbook. Sorry RIM... I'm not only switching from playbook... But you also lost me with the smartphone, I want my tablet and smartphone to be compatible, and the way Apple has setup their services to work seemlessly on both tablet and phone is a huge sell point. I'm tired of waiting... I don't even know the date you want us to wait for....

I respect your view but keep in mind that the BlackBerry plus the Playbook saves you $50.00 bucks per month vs. a 3G version. The apps are right around the corner.

I hope you stay in the BlackBerry family but if not then good luck.

Hhhmm... That's weak.
1. Wifi hotspot
2. Wifi iPad
- sorry... I'm feeling pretty crappy... Not because of the qnx phone (or lack there of)... But because who the heck knows when os2.0 will be released to the public... If I KNEW it was Nov 15th... Nov 30th... Heck, even Dec 30th... I'd probably have a different outlook... The tease comments from Jim, and then the no show from Mike is a disastrous combo - these morons should know better business sense than this.

Don't understand how you save $50 a month. If you are talking laptop/tablet data access, then tethering costs around $20.

Don't know why that would even matter as you cannot use playbook to get into most corporate networks - all that use Cisco.

Playbook has a long way to go to catch up w/basics of enterprise connectivity.

"Playbook has a long way to go to catch up w/basics of enterprise connectivity."
That's the problem. When the pb catchs up with the competition, they (Apple or any other company) will be one step ahead of RIM again. That's why I just bought an ipad2, pb wasn't just the tablet I wanted (even though I'm a BB fan). Hope they make a good work with the QNX phones, I'm really looking forward to them.

Nonsense... our Corporate (one of the largest and most advanced in the world) network is run on Cisco networks and the PlayBook connects just fine... yes, we have a bit of an issue initially setting it up natively but if your BB handheld can connect, it tells your PlayBook how to all by itself and you find yourself on the Corporate NW just as if you'd set it up yourself. As for why they don't let you set it up natively, I respect that as Cisco's protocols are a bit substandard and RIM wants a more secure connection... so doesn't natively support the old legacy crap Cisco still forces on its end users (i.e. the support is there, it's just "hidden").

I'm seriously starting to question my devotion to BlackBerry. Yes it's true... How can they possible drop the ball time after time, it's embarrassing. And speaking of embarrassing, who does Mike Lazaridis think he's presenting to at DevCon? He talks like his audience are a bunch of kids. Does he really need to stand up there and act surprised by the PlayBook running real time on WiFi?!? So annoying. Stop acting like your audience is stupid!

Waiting for you guys to call Kevin a troll. Me, and others, have been saying the same thing in the forums, but we get called out as trolls.

Don't worry about it dude, some of the followers on here are like that - discussion is frowned upon in forum land sometimes, but people who love BB but love tech and smartphones in general appreciate a wider open discussion. Kevin's proven time and again that being a BB fan doesn't mean blindly accepting everything, just wanting and hoping for the best, and that why he's the man.

I wouldn't call Kevin a troll for this post. It's intelligent, insightful and accurate.

It's all in the delivery. That's what I tell actual trolls in the forums. It's good to hear different opinions, just present them in a way where it seems you are not attacking people.

I agree completely - I thought Dev Con would be a perfect opportunity to unveil the next new thing from RIM and shock the world! It almost makes me feel better that I had to turn down the free Dev Con tickets I won when my company didn't approve me to go on the trip. I would have loved to see Jane McGonigal's talk (I'm a game developer), and I would trade a kidney for the free PlayBook with OS 2.0 on it!

Totally a missed opportunity to get people excited about Blackberry again. They should have at least had some sort of teaser regarding BBX and the new phones. I'm trying so hard to stick with Blackberry but they are really making it hard to. I can't see the future being that bright for them. I think that the BBX phones are gonna be half baked when they release just like the playbook and by that point a lot of people will just say forget it and move on to Android or iPhone.

I respect your opinion totally, but find it hard to believe that anyone with an OS7 phone can feel like that - these phones are freakin' awesome! There's seriously no other phone out there that I'd rather have than the 9900, why wish for a sneak peak of a phone that won't be out for 6 months, when what we have now is so sweet? I wish they'd talked the OS7 phones up a bit, looking ahead to X and killing off java seems kinda sad when the phones are so good.

Awesome phone and my 9860 back button is broken...1 Storm, 4 Storm 2, one 9800 and had big hopes for my 9860 and a month and few days the back button is broken. Never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth but I am seriously looking at Android. Mike is an ass and has no clue what people want...always behind and thinking some how he is ahead of the competition. I have diehard friends that are BB fanboys and now looking at android or iphone. I can't use a replacement phone for 3 weeks while my 9800 get repair. I really think RIM is in trouble and just buying time.
No company in their right mind can think all these delays are acceptable. I say the same think when I was with Palm.
If Google is smart just buy RIM and license QNX or BBX and no more lawsuit from Microsoft.

No hardware is perfect with every copy. Use your warranty. No big deal. They call it infant mortality when some products just break early in the cycle. Love my 9850, no problems with the hardware.

Glad it's not an iPh with pOS5. No amount of replacements will fix that lousy battery life, and non-replaceable battery. Magical, briefly, while it has power.

Sure it happens I should know, went through 4 Storm 2 but not have my phone and looks like RIM is on the delay path to bring out a phone 1 or 2 year old behind everyone is looking pretty good. Believe when I say I'm a BB fan we have 5 BB in our house but I'm starting to sound like the Maple Leaf year, next phone, when deep down you know better.

"I'm starting to sound like the Maple Leaf year, next phone, when deep down you know better."


Are you on crack?! The iPhone 4 AND 4S have better battery life than my 9930. I've had three friends sell off their 9930s and go back down to the 9700 because of the terrible battery life.

And I swear, you look like an utter idiot with the 'pOS5' crack. iOS is still miles ahead of BB OS.

FYI, I own both a 9930 and an iPhone 4

I'm just tired of the lying. I love my 9930 and I love my playbook. Hands down I'm satisfied with both with a couple of tweeks to the playbook anticipated. QNX phones? There is no way they should announce it yet with the os7 devices out but the os2.0 playbook update? It's not like they are going to sell any less. At least say it's coming but not ready yet. Don't even give a timeline. Just be honest. Some of us are not waiting for a new device but waiting for the promises made on already owned devices to be fulfilled.

Update....that is all.

that's RIM's problem, they don't tell the truth,as a Shareholder I'll be in Waterloo for the next AGM and I hope there will be a vote to change the CEO's.

Given the move to harmonize the operating system and most likely UI for the playbook and BBX phone. Begs the question, will we actually see OS 2.0 before the phone's reveal. If OS 2.0 is BBX and they don't want to show their cards or because it is incomplete, then at least be honest with playbook owners, rather then stringing them along.

F the new phones, I just bought a 9900. Get 2.0 for Playbook done and released ASAP. Finished what you started before you take on something else you can't deliver on RIM!

Oh and Mike L was running the keynote like a bad infomercial! Truly awful and with a slightly arrogant and condesending tone.

I am glad someone else noticed that. It was like Billy Mays had come back from the other side. I was not a fan of that. I am hoping the actual release of 2.0 comes out soon. Although, I am very happy that the 2.0 Beta was made available for everyone, not just developers. However, clearly it is not done, but I have enjoyed messing around with it.

Oh Kevin, if we've lost you then we're doomed !

I sensed that your lack of comment after the first day was out of frustration at the first day's "wet firecracker" performance of Mike L.

I'm wondering if we aren't seeing a power struggle between Mike and Jim. It's possible that Jim set the expectations for DEVCON and let Mike publicly fall on his sword. It was quite uncomfortable to see Mike up on stage trying to make a non-event seem like something momentous.

If it wasn't the most important speech in the company's history, it might almost be funny.

think of a power struggle between Dan Dodge and Mike L.

QNX is literally saving RIMs bacon. Dan seems like the guy that gets it more than Mike or Jim if a little too excited. Did anyone notice the condescending nature as Mike L. corrected Dan when Mike wanted to batter and bruise the attendees with more babble? Mike seems like a mix between proud father and used car salesman.

Hold you pants guys cause on January at CES in Las Vegas you all will salivate, this was DeveloperCongress2011(#DevCon11) and not CES.

RIM learned a lesson and they are on track with everything, if they announced the new device today will be hype and excitement all over the blogs internet and forums, and in a few week will all be forgotten, so they decide to keep it on track with a few word it will be "soon" and when January comes you'll see the new device and BAM in maximum a Month it will be on all the carries shelf's and ready to sell like warm bread.

At least i hope it will be a month maybe less, if is not like that i swear i leave......ahaha NO NO never ever leave Blackberry.

BB 4 Life

PS: i a agree with Kevin 100% since Android device was announced, the new device from RIM will not even make a spark.

I (and many of us) don't care about the qnx phone... I have a 9900 and am MORE than happy with it... Playbook owners want to know what's going on... Its been 6 months of sweet NOTHING... Not even the basics. No dates... No time line... No list of new features... It is UNBELIEVABLE.... What a joke!

I must admit, with all that I've read here, I can certainly sympathize with you all... I just bought my PB 10 days ago, and so far I'm moderately satisfied... I truly expected something as smooth running as my Bold 9700 with OS6.

Overall there are simply better utilities and I perceive better performance on my Bold with OS6. I'm typically very positive, especially regarding tech gadgets... but the PB 32GB did not wow me near as much as I expected.

I was very disappointed with devcon. Yes I know its for developers but Rim said they would show off a qnx phone here, and they were talking about actually showing it off to the public not to select people. On top of that, OS2 for playbook not being ready either, huge disappointment. It means phones are nowhere near ready yet. I wouldn't expect one till summer next year at the earliest, if it comes out sooner expect it to be missing features and be buggy. I've lost faith in Rim. They're basically Nokia now.

And to top it off, over half my apps from my phone disappeared. Now I have to go and install them all AGAIN individually. DM needs to start doing proper backups. GIving it 1 more chance. If something else happens in the near future I'll be going to something else.

"Two strike outs in a row is not acceptable when you're trying to win the game."

Some of the best batters in the game hit best with two strikes on them.

Tow strike outs in a row is pretty bad in baseball standards AND the business world. However, I'm more along your lines. I see this as another strike, but not necessarily a "strike out." The PlayBook (which I love) was a foul ball that initially looked like a homerun. very hard hit, just missing key features. Just needed what OS 2.0 will hopefully bring to straighten it out. The lack of anything great announced or even shown off at DevCon was strike two. If CES is another letdown, I'd say strike three, RIM is out. But I'm holdin strong for another two years at least! =D

Let's hope RIM is a two-strike hitter! (gotta love baseball analogies)

Why are BlackBerry users so dramatic? I've been saying this for a long time, RIM doesn't owe you anything. RIM doesn't owe the "consumer" anything. Sure, if they want to stay afloat, they'll have to give consumers what they want, but it's obviously not enough.

Save yourselves some grief. Shutup and get the phone that works for you. Don't give me that "loyalty" bs.

Ahh, stock owner. I can understand your frustration, but you don't need to own their product. Cut your losses or accept it and enjoy the ride. Either way, they've already got your money.

They don't owe you anything. You bought their stock, and if it goes up in value you make easy money. They sweat and you do nothing. Well RIM investors panic at the drop of a hat, that is doing something.

Managements' responsibility is to to defend shareholder interest. That's why they get the money, that's why they sold part of their business. No one can say Mike and Jim are performing well. They just are NOT the right people in the right positions and at this time RIM needs solid leadership!

I don't know....I made $$ on RIM stock.

My sister use to be a banker & plays the stockmarket. So I had her buy some for me 2 years ago & then she sold it for me in Febuary B4 it went way down.

Then when it went down a few months ago I purchased some my self, & I doubled my portfolio 3 weeks ago when it went down again. So far I've always made $$ on RIM stock :)

Yes they do "owe" us, If I drop $800 bucks on a 64gig playbook the first week it hits shelves to find that its missing key features but they will be released in the "summer" and then postponed till "late summer" and then "Fall" why the fuck should I not be disgruntled? I could have easy bought a competitors tablet with all the features I'm looking for already up and running on it, but do to promised released dates I continue to wait like a fucking dumbass. They owe us a proper timeline as to when we can expect key features already promised and an apology for all the misleading information regarding said features. I' m not a die hard BB fan, I had a BB phone so it seemed to make sense to get the playbook for the bridge features, which are ok at best. My anger stems from the constant delays and the fact that they think its ok to treat there customers this way without any PR to explain why I'm still waiting for Native E-mail, Contacts, Calendar, Skype........... Christ I would be happy just to have spellcheck!!!!! Its complete bullshit and I for one feel like they owe me

if you have a Blackberry why do want native email?

if and when it comes I won't use it, having the bridge gives me email everywhere i go, you don't get that with native email when there is no wifi

I think something is missing in all th ecomments and the article. Yes we all can agree we are not that upset about not seeing a QNX Superphone, but as a long time blackberry user, I am awaiting OS 2.0 that includes Skype and Netflix. Ever since the release of the Playbook, these two apps remain absent while other tablets continue to gain and surpass the Playbook. I hope I am not alone by saying that the Playbook is great but is missing allot by not having Skype or Netflix. And yes, I do remember seeing a comment while the DevCon was oging on that there was Skype on the screen of someone who was presenting, but for Blackberry to not even mention it seems to have lost its meaning. I was really hoping that at DevCon Blackberry was going to give us a date for OS 2.0 that would be complete with the Android App Player that would be able to run Skype and Netflix on the Blackberry. Or give us our Blackberry Appworld complete with Skype and Netflix. But with nothing stated, it makes me wonder if we will ever see these two core apps arrive in any shape or form. I still support Blackberry till I pass, but to make a "leaps and bounds" statement, I beleive Blackberry feel short in this department.

Playbook owners have adopted Wendy's old slogan. "Where's the beef?" has turned into "Where's the 2.0". I am sick of waiting. How can they justify not putting it out, when they stated that no native email was why it wasn't selling. At least they let the TAT out of the bag at Devcon. I was starting to wonder what they where doing.

Is it possible that we are giving TOO MUCH credit to RIM? After all, these guys have mismanaged virtually every product they have introduced the last 3 years, save for the Bold 9900.

I am starting to think there just isn't that much going on inside RIM, they just want to make us believe there is.

Hope I'm wrong.

Sure, it's possible that we've given RIM too much credit. But I think the real problem is that we've lost sense of reality.

RIM is RIM. They're not Apple, they're not Google, so why do we expect them to produce a product like them? It's almost like saying RIM makes products with cameras, why can't they make a professional dslr and compete with Canon and Nikon?

Wake up, people. Just cuz you "hope for the best" or "believe in them" doesn't mean they'll give you the results you want.

If I drop $800 bucks on a 64gig playbook the first week it hits shelves to find that its missing key features but they will be released in the "summer" and then postponed till "late summer" and then "Fall" why the fuck should I not be disgruntled? I could have easy bought a competitors tablet with all the features I'm looking for already up and running on it, but do to promised released dates I continue to wait like a fucking dumbass. They owe us a proper timeline as to when we can expect key features already promised and an apology for all the misleading information regarding said features. I' m not a die hard BB fan, I had a BB phone so it seemed to make sense to get the playbook for the bridge features, which are ok at best. My anger stems from the constant delays and the fact that they think its ok to treat there customers this way without any PR to explain why I'm still waiting for Native E-mail, Contacts, Calendar, Skype........... Christ I would be happy just to have spellcheck!!!!! Its complete bullshit and I for one feel like they owe me

I can't believe any of you are actually surprised by this. When was the last time RIM delivered on anything? It blows me away how blind some of you are in your devotion to a company that consistently F's up and makes promises that they never deliver on.

From all of our posts here and elsewhere we are saying the same thing over and over. Expectations aside and knowing that this was not a consumer event to me it would have been an awsome show of good faith to have announced the pending release of OS 2.0. But to not have done this or anything in light of the most recent crash makes no sense.

Also, to show what games will be coming and supported with little to no productivity support for business users left me wondering. So, we will continue to speculate as to what we think will and should happen but in the end that is all we can do. We are not driving this ship and as free thinkers anyone is free to move to another company, phone, tablet and so on. I don't think RIM see's any defection as a lose to them.

Maybe a "JAM" session with the users is in order. Over the past three days Microsoft opened up one of two stores. I have not heard how the opening went or how business is going for them. But they did something to stop the flow of Apple business in the area. We are a very impatient lot as evidenced by these many posts but shows a growing level of frustration that can only be met by working products and apps that hit the target. Does RIM listen, who knows maybe they are not interested in the N. American market as much as ROW.

"That which is good or great makes itself known, no matter how loud the clamor of denial. That which deserves to live - lives" from The Penalty of Leadership

Somehow, I actually feel that it was a good move by RIM to hold out showing off new products. With Motorola's Razr event, Samsung/Google's event and Nokia World all coming up within a day or week of DevCon, the buzz surrounding RIM's new product would have been diffused. Furthermore, it is evident that the media prefers playing up products from Apple or Google rather than RIM, which would have further hurt the excitement a new product should cause. I was initially very excited to see what product RIM would release on DevCon, but when I saw all the other launches coming up from the other companies, I kind had an inkling that RIM would not release anything new. Would not want the thunder to be stolen.

That said, I still do hope that RIM would release some kick ass phone that smashes all competition out there.

LOL... with all the bitching and moaning, i'm happy that people stopped complaining about the lack of apps. Nice that you've moved on to something else to complain about.

The QNX phones will come... everything they invest into the playbook can easily be recycled into a phone... since there is a 3g Playbook coming out soon, more than likely phones will follow shortly after.

''Things come to those who wait'' and im glad im still with BB even thou i been from iPhone to Andriod back to backberry its nothing like it yea i agree RIM does need to step it up but at the same time i rather wait and see whats gonna happen next year when they launch there BBX device......

i am an strong supporter of blackberry products....and have been since years ago....i am sporting the 9810 and the 32gig pb. i also paid full price for my bb products and i am satisfied with os7, but the lack of apps available on the pb for this long and after all the promises is unacceptable. my brother taughts his iphone as if it is the second coming of christ....and after this pitiful devcon showing i cant even boast that bb is coming with the fire! simply put.......blackberry is bad business.....rt now i am typing this on my playbook and it is not capitalizing or spell checking.....sad....unfinished....not worth my 600 yahoo messenger, netflix( canceled my subscription), no real movie app.....sucky ass games.....i mean really....i dont know many people who buy products on the promise that it will be upgraded in the future.....but thats what we did....that goes to show the faith that bb owners have and i must say my faith in this company is waivering......first give us 2.0 ...then bbx as u promised.....or im out....sadly...

I LAUGHED for a good 45 seconds at the pic of L swinging and missing. MAN was that funny! Is that a STORM 2 aka "The iPhone Killer" he swung and missed on??

I zoomed in and took another look, gonna have to go with big yes on that one lol! Look at it this way, it's hard to take out a tank with a bat :)

Maybe it might make some sense for Kevin to reach out to Alec Saunders. He seems to be the "man" as of late and possibly he can / will have some insight for us, because are not getting it from the 2 at the top.


Thanks Kevin for expressing the voice of the larger blackberry community. We all want RIM to hit a homerun for a change, it's frustrating when your team doesn't come nr 1 in the smartphone ranking at the moment. Even so I believe BBX will eventually deliver, BB-users need to understand to transitioning from the old generation OS to the new OS isn't an easy thing. A lot of compatibility issues there, and rewriting of core apps.
RIM will deliver, we just need a lot of patience.
And if you want to know what a BBX phone looks like, just shrink the Playbook, add a radio, add all your favorite core bb-apps and there you have it ;)

Speaking of RIMPIRE... does anyone remember how long it took George Lucas to finally come out with the sequel to Empire Strikes Back (The Phantom Menace)? I'm assuming this is RIM's strategy. Wait until no one remembers what a cell phone or tablet is and then hold an event where Devcon use to be, and yell SURPRISE! 2.0 is now available for your PB.

This is more and more looking like a parallel to Palm. Remember the long lead time for the new Palm OS, and the Palm Folio? Of course, palm didn't have the resources that are still available to RIM, but I'm with youze guys. If there isn't some type of announcement or showing of a new BBX handheld, there's gonna be trouble in the great white north.

Me too, at some stage I also feel upset there's no news about the BBX superphones on this DevCon, however, I also feel relieved that RIM didn't show that. I think it's better to keep the curiosity while also really work hard to perfect this new toy that will determine RIM's future. But I have my own faith that BBX will be an amazing platform. I've told some of my friends who are software developers about BBX, what it's based on and what it can do, and they're just so excited to hear that finally RIM will adopt this platform that will change the way BB will be.

I've downloaded the OS 2.0 beta on my playbook and yeah, all I can say, even though i'm not a dev, but this OS is powerful, snappier & crisper. Having the official OS with a long-awaited native email & PIM will be a good hit on the bump of ipad & all android tabs out there. What is it based on?? It's the beginning of the BBX era guys!!

So, RIM, even though I'm now a bit disappointed and some of my BB friends are jumping ship to iphone 4S.. but i'm standing here, I'll be waiting for the BBX superphone to come up, and I'll show them how good & how powerful it is. BRING IT ON RIM, GO BBX!!!

P.S: please.. release the OS 7 update to enable mobile wifi hotspot + BB tag + more tweaked battery life for BB 7 devices soon!!! we desperately NEED THAT!

Question! Im a BB user but why would they announce on Twitter that one would be shown? That was pointless.

Finally I have to side with the isheep, RIM's leaders are clueless. So sad because I really like the QNX UI. The snail pace RIM moves at made me try the HTC Sensation (battery life is a horror story). Now I finally caved into trying the Iphone 4S (only Apple product I ever owed is an Ipod). All my friends who are isheep will be in shock because I was a real Apple hater. I have converted so many people to BB also but would never even recommend the Playbook. I am fed up with RIM and all the slow ass clueless bullshit. News coming out of Devcon does not paint a bright future for RIM. If BBX phones don't deliver, then RIM will have a new owner by 2013.

I agree with the folks who are more mad about the playbook update not being COMPLETE and READY. I purchased a Playbook in late April looking for a device to take the place of a laptop when I'm working in the field. The email I can live without, not comfortably but I could at the time. The calendar was a must and the ultimate deal breaker especialy when i dont have internet access at times. It did not help that there were and still are not any entertainment options for down time. For what it is worth, I have Netflix and I know there are other options but at the time there weren't. Besides, why should I change everything to suit my tablet when my tablet should have the options to suit me. I took it back within a week and bought an IPad 2. Since that time my Storm 2's screen went bad so I bout a used phone online and gave droid a try. Droid is buggy as hell but at least I had options and, oh yeah, email and calendar (isn't that what RIM is supposed to specialize in?). A few weeks ago I found myself longing for the playbook whose interface is better than the iPad and is more portable. Besides, os 2.0 was coming around Devon time right? Note to RIM, don't brag about your tablet having flash and show it playing movies like Thor unless you have a way to easily and legally put movies on your product. But I hoped to retire the iPad to the wife and kids and use the workhorse for work. Now Devcon has passed, we are 6 months past the release of the playbook and it is still a half ass product. Really RIM? What the hell have your product developers been doing since the new BB7 devices rolled out? As far as my phone goes, a few weeks ago my contract was finally up so I went with a Bold 9930. Again, excitement that lasted 3 days which turned to disappointment. Half of the apps aren't compatible, no flash player, and no incentive for app devs to develop because according to the info at Devcon, developers are going to have to completely change directions. It went back and was replaced with an iPhone 4s. If RIM wants to advertise that this whole balance idea, they have to commit to it and get the apps and all the business stuff to work too. Most smartphone users are not government employees or worth for some big corporation that has to have super secret sucure email. For the record, I am a small business owner who contracts from the state and needs business solutions and some fun when i am stressed and need a break. My phone is always there, it can and should be able to do all of this. Otherwise, they (RIM) just need to leave the retail and small business consumer alone. It's a daunting task but RIM has yet to cash the alligator check that their mouse ass has written. I want to be a fan. I like the platform, but under the surface it has no substance. I want to show off my playbook and be proud to say that it does better and worse than the iPad but the better outshines the worse and it can for you, my friend and potential buyer, too. I've written off BB phones at least until QNX rolls out but even then, RIM has got to prove something to me and a great deal more of the retail consumer market.

Actually, you're wrong. The Storm 2 is coming from right to left and L swung at it AND MISSED. Obviously, you don't play ball..LOL

you guys are all out of your minds with the playbook complaints. yes it would be nice if they would release the update and tweak a few things and bring some updates but i bought my pb on day one and its the single greatest device i own. i bring it everywhere i go, use it every single day and i love it. i actually own an ipad2 as well, didnt buy it bc i dont support communism, and while its very nice it doesnt come close to being as practical and comfortable to use. aside from a few apps and garage band it does nothing for me and collects dust. magnet cover is cool tho. it doesnt even play avi videos. the pb video camera is amazing, the fact that i can transfer files to and from my computer via wifi is so great and simple and never talked about, my bridge browser works well enough for free, and as far as games for people that care about them there have been some amazing ones that came out recently. samurai ii just dropped, modern combat and its online multiplayer is awesome, lets golf is great, all the recent ea releases, tofu...everyone needs to relax. i just wish they would give a date that we can expect the update instead of having to wait in limbo but what can you expect from a bunch of canadians. make the country proud...get that update out there and stop being sneaky lying dogs rim. i was so sure that the update was gonna be out last thursday. definitely upset about that but its not like this thing isnt great without it

I agree, the PlayBook is a very cool device and the one that best suits MY needs... but I can no longer recommend it to family/coworkers as it just doesn't have the support system and misses on some basic features required to use it day to day (like systemwide autocorrect/replace/spellcheck). I too find the iPad2 not adequate for MY needs but for most people it hits the mark better than the PlayBook and Apple has their iStores to support Joe/Jane user. RIM has given my NO confidence they know what they are doing as they are spending all their time (seemingly) on stupid things like changing the UI when they should have focused on adding email/spellcheck. Jim/Mike need to go - NOW.

strike out? only if you think that new hardware was all that mattered at DEVCON ( a developer conference) or was it suppose to be HARDCON?

Did they lead us all to believe hardware was coming up and that hyping up developers/software/tools was all just an after thought?