BBDoodle: PlayBook 2.0 - Better, Stronger, Faster

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 - Bigger, Stronger, Faster
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jan 2012 10:55 am EST

At CES 2012 we got to check out plenty of good stuff on the way from RIM, namely BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0. The update it due out in a few weeks and will bring along native email, contacts and calendar as well as some awesome new features like remote control support. After seeing all of it in action, I have a new found love for my PlayBook and can't wait for the update to hit the streets. PlayBook 2.0 - Better, stronger, faster! Ok maybe not so much faster as better .. but you get the idea (for those of you who are don't get it, check this out).

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BBDoodle: PlayBook 2.0 - Better, Stronger, Faster


Let's not forget Jaime (Lyndsey Wagner), the bionic woman. All the boys in my day would have risked bodily injury just to have one confrontation with her, lol. But I guess all you young folks won't have a clue what I'm talking about.

Can't wait for the update. This rekindles my interest in the tablet...

Have you guys been able to learn anything new about native BBM on the PB?

I enjoy my PB daily but I must say I really am looking forward to tbis update. I think 2.0 will make me fall in love all over again.

Well said. My wife and I are excited. Now I need to put my 32GB PB back together (been travelling) for my son to use.

Isn't the Android App supposed to be a "behind the scenes" thing since the Apps will be downloaded from AppWorld and not the Android Marketplace? I believe someone had mentioned that it wont be worth calling it an "Android App" since it will take away the shine from RIM's own AppWorld... there is no android it another RIM =fail again???
Does that mean we have to buy games like cut the rope at three times the price than what is on the android or some versions of the angry birds at five times the price.

And RIM will go about denying that they ever said anything about 'ANDROID'...and act as if its behind the scenes like o so how apps like angry birs and cut the rope that is available on the playbook like the android os....Lame.

do you even know what you're talking about? of course os 2 will have android, im using the beta right now. the only difference will be that android apps will be downloaded through appworld instead of being sideloaded. please, just poke around on the forums before you post things like this.

"Ok maybe not so much faster as better "

Well, when I loaded the pre-release it did seem to operate faster.

I've loved my Playbook from day one. This is just going to take it over the top though.
I purchased another one for my sister.

At the current price of 299.00 for a 64GB Playbook it is just too good to pass up.


Honestly some of you need to do a little reading before posting stupid comments. Before calling it a fail because of an *assumed* missing feature don't you think you shoild check first.

Better be thought a fool and remain quiet than to speak out and remove all doubt.

I guess RIM will have a lot of work ahead them removing all the Android Apps already available in App World.

ok everyone, calm down. Take a deep breath. The android player is still in os 2, but android apps will be downloaded via the blackberry appworld instead of being side loaded from you computer or localbar. seriously, relax.

I was told we will still be able to side load with ddpb and if we cant who cares? This os2 looks amazing ...I'll be too busy doing everything else to worry about side loading a Android know like social integration and native email :D

Can't wait for the update.
Especially the remote control feature took my attention. Layin on the couch while controlling my PB attached to my TV will be such a great treat....

Hopefully RIM can hold their promise of releasing the update in a few weeks..

Has anyone thought of how much the hair looks like that of the new CEO, Thornsten Heins? Was the CrackBerry Team hinting at the upcoming change then already and we missed it?