BBDoodle: No! No! Don't Root Me!!

No! No! Don't Root Me!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2011 12:33 pm EST

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BBDoodle: No! No! Don't Root Me!!




in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

im still lol'ing

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Yeah so for all that have sworn off Blackberry because they wouldn't just push out that upgrade you now know why. They didn't want to sacrifice security. I am a prime example of complaining and now appreciate that they didn't move forward with native anything until they knew that it was secure. Cudos RIM. Two in two days. Very good pace.

Ahhh.. post the podcast already kevin. I was tempted to watching it during my embeded systems class this morning.

I'm going to get the drawing app. You are having some fun with it.

Here is my question:

Could these guys break into my PW protected Playbook? If not, then how is it that this is a problem for consumers?

I agree with you El! And I am kinda disappointed how many Blackberry users on here think that this is insignificant. Unless I am missing something- this could be very bad for RIM and us users.
I know I am not a tech geek- but I would appreciate someone explaining to me why I should be happy that someone accomplised to do this..Kevin??? As the leader here- I was surprised to see your reaction to this. I see this as a bad thing for RIM and yet you seem excited and encouraged by it. Please explain this to me.

So, if the private keys are plainly stored in the file system, then a live connection to a paired BB can decrypt Bridge traffic. Of course, you are going to notice that immediately in your BB phone (the pairing).

It'd be fun to catch who has the keys near you. We could even play 'catch the jailbreaker' with our PlayBooks! =)

According to "the tool" that represented dingleberry on the podcast this morning they can access encrypted info as well. If he is to be believed. What bothers me is that Kevin seemed happy about that. I must be missing something here. I can't believe he wants Angry Birds that bad. lol
I keep checking my playbook for an update to patch that hole right up!

Access is different than being able to read it.

I missed the podcast, so waiting on it being uploaded.

Yeah, it is funny, I admit, it just seems to me and some others who have commented that blogging about Mack Truck sized vulnerabilities is the kind of blogging BGR is good at.

Sometimes if you make an issue of something (like a security flaw or vulnerability) it is the only way to get it fixed.
If making this an issue helps show Playbooks really are secure, or helps improve their security going forward, then I'm all for it.
Also, if they can do this with PB the potential exists that could have done it with BBX phones too.

I have to disagree-only on the account that it implies RIM would not have fixed this in the first place.

Has RIM ever not done due diligence and patched and/or fixed any security related issues with their devices when they were informed of them? I'm just asking because that's what you're implying and I can't think of any situation where that has occurred but I would love to know if it has!

This whole affair just screams of attention whoring.

KEVIN, i missed the podcast! I'm in the office, but im free now. When will you post the replay???? Thanks! the caricature...
I can see this as a 'blackhat' marketing strategy encouraged and perhaps sanctioned by RIM. I mean think of the number of sales from regular consumers and 'homebrewers' that they may get from the thought that the PlayBook has been rooted and has "all of this unlocked potential".
Then FULL OS 2.0 will come through with an 80÷ code change that will make this unusable and likely un-repeatable.

Seems like a win win for RIM.

Love the cartoon with the cover and legs up for the "examination" but where are the stirrips?

For a company and device no one seems to 'care about' someone spent some time getting under the covers with it.

Uncovered 'holes' are never bad to know about.

Being able to root the playbook, and eventually loading android instead, might just save this great device. The hardware of the playbook for the price it's going for can't be beat. The software development SUCKS!

Kevin, can you explain what this mean to RIM? I don't think that they sold much Playbook to companies. So I think that it is gonna boost the sale. But the bbx phone I am kind of worried about its future.

I know I missed the live video but where is the posted recap video. This video editing is taking longer than the official os2. Im just joking but really this video must have some crazy cgi effects.

what is that hanging out at the end of the operating table. It kind of looks like a turd dont you think.... or something else thats a little limp