BBDoodle: Here's to Research In Motion in 2012... Let's Get Back to the Top!

BBDoodle NYE
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Dec 2011 11:03 am EST

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BBDoodle: Here's to Research In Motion in 2012... Let's Get Back to the Top!


Great optimism. I'm also hoping for the best. Happy new years Team Crackberry and everyone of the Crackberry nation

I'm with it. Although the flag could have been a different color. White is too symbolic of surrender.

Never surrender!

i think you mean 2013 Kev. If the target date is late 2012 for the new phones, then they realistically should drop somewhere early 2013.

Even if the make the target date of late 2012... I thing that IF the hardware is great, and IF the software is fully functional, and IF RIM has somehow got their ecosystem ready for consumers to consume...

Then maybe 2013 will be the year for RIM... but as it is 2012 is going to be a long hard year for them.

Agreed, everyone says it can't be worse then 2011 but it will till these phones get released. BB7 is slowing down and will continue to slow down in the face of stiff resistance. The Bold 9900 is the only one consistently selling which means if another company steals its sales then it steals a lot of RIM sales.

PB 2.0 will be a good news story for RIM but really it only brings us up there where it should have been at launch. So congrats to RIM the playbook is now almost completely launch ready.

The end of the year will be good for RIM if these products are ready, they are marketed the hell out of and they meet the ever changing demands of the market. The only problems I see is this:

Iphone 5 is said to be released around the same time. Which means the media will only cover the release of this phone and get all the fan boy for apple horney.

LTE is great but how many emerging markets have LTE. Many buy because their service is unreliable and inconsistent. The fact there phones will be LTE means nothing to them and might actually deter them because they will likely be more expensive. If that is the case will BB7 device be able to keep them interested for 2 yrs or will it burn out and RIM lose its advantage?

In my opinion RIM should release the phones earlier with a 4g chip. Then switch over the chip to the LTE one to please the American carriers. American carriers are slow to pick up blackberries anyways, so it would work out. A 4G chip for the world to get new phones out and please the masses and then a LTE chip for North America and when the rest of Europe and Asian catches up its there.

I agree, RIM should release a limited supply of BB10 with a 4G chip and then release the LTE later in the year.

The add campaign in the US will help, it should have been done in early 2011 especially with all the negative spin the media have been spewing about RIM.

BB10 are not earmarked to emerging markets, they will eat up all the BB7 devices which are pretty darn good. I thought the bold 9900 was the best BB but I am starting to think the 9790 will be the best seller.

I gave my son a Bold 9790 for Christmas and he loves it, the keyboard with touchscreen he says is awesome. He had to do a battery pull once because of a sim card error, it took only one minute to reboot! My 9780 takes about 5minutes or more.

Also, love the doodle....very optimistic. But ummm....the ball that he's on....that drops very, slowly and by 2012 it will be on the ground and not seen until the next year...

Why does the BB have a trackball? Soooo 2008...2000 & LATE. Let's hope that's not an omen.


Happy Nude Year to all the Crackers rockin it naked.

Piece in 2012!

the brother

I use both the trackpad and touch screen a lot. Sometimes one works when the other is not very responsive. I think the new BBs will lose some functionality with out trackpad.

On the 9930, sometimes I can't scroll up to the top of the messages with the trackpad and need the touch screen scroll to get up there. Other times, the touch of the screen doesn't select an action and the track pad will get it going.

The track pad offers much greater detail over the thumb for selecting small links such as page numbers on these blogs.

We need both!

Don't know how they're supposed to get back on top when they won't have a new device out till late in the year (and by past experience, they'll probably miss that release date anyways).

Sorry, but 2012 won't offer much hope for RIM as their marketshare will continue to decline.

come on BB7 devices were launced in September/October, they are very good smartphones, RIM just has to promote them and stop all the US propaganda

To most consumers, BB7 phones are the same 'ole, same 'ole. They aren't going to make much of a difference when you compare them to the competitions devices.

Promoting/advertising these devices will be a waste of money for the most part.

that's the problem consumer think these are the same phones but they are not BB7 are far superior to BB6.

When I compare my 9780 to my son's 9790, he's driving the Ferrari and I got a Corolla, there is no comparison on the Hardware BB7 is better by a mile, plus the 9790 has excellent battery life.

Advertising in the US is essential to fight the contagion American media have spread, unfortunatley most people believe what they hear, sad but true.

I'm feelin it! Blackberry is sponsoring Dick Clark. I think that kind of branding in Times Square, heavy advertising of the Bold, Torch, and Playbook on TV during the celebration (especially the new Bold commercial... loving the Glo Bikes!) will give them some recognition among the masses. Nobody, including Clark, wants to align themselves with a losing team or failing business. I believe this will really throw BB into a new light. Personally, i'm expecting some new ads tonight...heck everyone says they need to promote more...this may be their time to do so. GO BBERRY!

Here is to RIM getting back on that horse and giving it a much better attempt. New slogan for 2012 "99 problems but security aint one" lol.

Just watch Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, it's a constant ads by apple. iphone, ipad, macs. So please Rim, buck up.

Honestly, I agree with most posts here - 2012 is going to be a horrid year for RIM......they just need to survive it long enough to release BB10 at the end of 2012, and it has to be a stellar product or the BlackBerry brand will fade into the sunset.

So, a picture of a BlackBerry treading water until the 2013 boat comes along with a life preserver would be better ;-)

I've lost all faith in BlackBerry, and have my expectations really low, they are incredibly behind, the vast majority of people won't even consider a BlackBerry product when theres Android OS, Apple iOS, & Windows Phone 7..

Who in the right mind would even want a BlackBerry product at this stage? You know my mind often changes when Playbook OS updates are released, it keeps me happy for a short time, then I guess I come back to my senses..

As far as Mobile Phone OS, I don't think BlackBerry has a chance whatsoever, end of 2012 is not good enough.. I still think Playbook is a device with great potential, but as many people have already said the potential hasn't yet been reached..

BlackBerry really has to WOW us on February on the release date.. Only then will it stand a chance to grab a bit of marketshare..

Not many people really want a Playbook, even at $199 when my brother went to grab one for his wife, he said there tons of them still available..

Even the BlackBerry Bold 9900 stands no chance, most people say It has a great keyboard, and they usually stop at that.. A great keyboard is not going to be a deciding factor...