BBDoodle: Have yourself a Merry BBXMas... next year

Do Not Open Until Christmas 2012
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Dec 2011 12:10 pm EST

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BBDoodle: Have yourself a Merry BBXMas... next year


Funny if not true... lets face in when has ever a revised launch date been correct also? more like may 2013!

Even if the date were solid (which I don't think it is), there is still the delay due to carrier testing. So at best, I wouldn't expect to see these phones until early 2013.

Maybe the bb10 phones will be exactly like a mini playbook, so just use your imagination, and tell yourself that you already have them while holding a playbook, LOL

Good Doodle, but I find it hard to laugh. Im stuck with stock that keeps dropping and a compnay that can't seem to tie its shoes without falling on its a$$.


At least the stock is up 11% last two days. Investors showed yesterday that they're still willing to bet in favor of RIM. A couple of articles about a take over are released and the stock price instantly jumped 10%. Why? because RIM's assets are almost valued more then the current stock price. Wall Street knows this, selling now would be unwise. The ship isn't going down, if anything it's being taken over at a better value.

Phone will not see the light of day...RIM is buying time for take over and next company can worry about BBX. Abandon ship folks.

I can't wait to come back to BlackBerry with their new o.s. BB Ten.
These phones will have me camping outside the local AT&T store!!
Come on London! I'm waiting for you!!

I hope theres a BB10 device waiting under the tree for me next year. Or the year after, if it takes that long (which I really hope it doesn't!)

I will have a very merry BBxmas... this year (with my 9360 and my playbook) and next year with my new BB 10 super smartphone and my playbook os2+.