BBDoodle: February is here! BlackBerry PlayBooks count down the days and minutes until PlayBook OS 2 software update arrives...

Restless BlackBerry PlayBook
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2012 08:31 pm EST

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BBDoodle: February is here! BlackBerry PlayBooks count down the days and minutes until PlayBook OS 2 software update arrives...


I wonder if RIM has a strategy to roll out the OS2 update over several days or weeks, by making it available to certain groups of IP addresses or PINs/users at certain times and not to all of us at once.

Otherwise, imagine if everyone who owned a Playbook got an update notification at the same time. We have thousands or maybe millions of people now downloading the huge update from the servers at the same time.

Would this be an issue, or can the update servers and methods employed (maybe by using distributed servers in various countries to actually download from the nearest to your IP) make this a non issue?

i thought for sure with the changes in head office they might surprise us all and give it to us early. doesnt look like it will before the 17th :-( oh well im sure its worth the wait :-)

You weren't the only one who thought that. It seems RIM will stick to barely meeting a deadline or not making it at all.
Thats what we call just getting by, no effort to exceed expectations... typical.

RIMs already missed the first OS 2 deadline, but thats your entitled opinion. For some users who invest money into the company they expect the best not the bare minimum.

As far as I am aware, RIM have never announced that the date will be February 17th (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) - it is only a rumoured date isn't it?

Considering how long they've been working on the update ... and how busy the new CEO must be trying to adjust to the new responsibilities, I doubt he could have moved the date forward even if he wanted to ...after all its not like he personally is coding the new update.

They asked devs to have there apps in by the 13th. that would tell most it wasn't gonna happen until at least then or shortly after. There are hints along the way people.

RIM Offering Free PlayBook To Any Developers For App Submission Before Feb 13th, 2012
Published on 02-03-2012 04:09 PM

Hell yea!!! I just ordered my 64 gig PlayBook and it should hopefully be here by Saturday. I am stoked to own one and for OS 2.0!!!

I am so disappointed. I had to send my Playbook back again. They did not even repair it. I may just have to give up on it. It feels like contemplating a break up with your soulmate. I am so bummed out. Why didn't they just replace it? It's like they did not even bother to test the camera.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves now. Let's see them get it out on time, not complain it isn't out early. Let them get every last bug out.

feb 17th has never been the date. its comments like this, when the 17th arrives and the update isn't here that people are going to complain RIM missed a deadline again!

PEOPLE, FEB 17th IS NOOOOOOTTTTTTTT the release date!!!!!

ask any developer when they beta ends, they will tell you the BETA ENDS FEB 17th!!!! There is no way they will release the new software the same day the BETA ends.

please, someone post the link that says RIM confirmed Feb 17th as the release date??? anyone?? no? hmmm didn't think so

Feb 17 is not the day.

But it will be soon. Has to be before the end of February if they're to meet their stated commitment.

And there is always the Mobile World Congress in late February.

This update is about to put BLACKBERRY back on the map! Keep it up RIM! We are still hanging in there!

totally misleading blog title...i had to read it twice to realize a release date was not tomorrow.

Come on Kevin, your dining with Alec, phone calls with Thorstein, mingling with RIM staff around the World, surely a date has been spoken about. Spill the beans... CrackBerry comes first! :-)

Reading between the lines, the drawing has two hands and three dots, so its the 23rd?

1 PlayBook and 9 Tocks, could be the 19th?

14 Clocks, could it be the 14th?

Holy crap, is doodle post sending a secret message via numbers? Coool!

We need do to incept...extraction on Kevin... when he's sleeping and dreaming to get some data out XD.

No disrespect kevin, count down from what? There is no release date from RIM. I just wish they would give us a date.

Its so nerve racking just waiting, and hoping you wake up to an update prompt from your playbook.
WE NEED A DATE RIM...not just "sometime in February". The month has 29 days!!!!

I bought my PB last week with OS2 as one of the main reasons, aside from the price of course. Surely hope that RIM able to deliver all the amazing things that we've sen so far about OS2 and more.

The best marketing time to release QNX OS2.0 could be at MWC in Barcelona on February 27.

The entire Tablet World has to know it.

Would be easier to "Count Down" the days if we knew WHAT DATE the update will be released .....

My first instinct was to say; how does one found down when one doesn't have a starting/ending point? Then I saw who posted this and then I understood.

Why don't we all accept a suggested fact that the release date will be March 1st. Then any date up to Feb 29th will be any early surprise..... ;-)

Well, it's Friday the 10th... My Playbook is at home charging for the abuse I'm gonna put on it tonight. Social media, You Tube, & Crackberry.... All from the comfort of my man-cave... SOMEONE give us a date!?!?


Guys, I think RIM has learned their lesson. They can't roll out the update all at once, or their servers would be down with the dogs. They would be rolling it out for each reigon seperately. Thus, they can't announce a release date else knuckleheads, like the ones that actually think their Playbooks would be updated as the Sun of 17th rises, would misunderstand't. Moreover, they would have to release it ahead of MWC, so they can market its availability during the con. They have already introduced OS2.0 in Vegas, if they "introduced't" once more, they would be deeming themselves as fools. I'm Sure They're Smarter Than That! Well, if they weren't, I'm glad to know Kevin might read this post and deliver the message!

I'm finding it real hard to get excited about a release that should have happened months ago, and really, should have been the original OS, not the 2.0 version.

I hope that the new CEO does one thing: move the company towards realistic feature sets delivered on time as opposed to stripped feature sets and ridiculously distant release dates.

I used to be quite a fan of RIM, but the past year has really shown me how dysfunctional this company has become. I'm really hoping that they can turn this around and for me, the big test will be this OS release. I hope they get it right (finally).

well said berd. it is the sad thought that's taking over our berry- opinionated heads.

RIM has been focusing on the big picture lately in their production lines. I just wish they pay attention to those small and lovely features in an OS just as they do in a general design. FM Radio isn't something that's gonna sell. It should have been given for granted years ago.. That's a very small example of what I'm tryna explain.. I know I should be grateful for what I get, but not all of us think that way..

That's why Androids are selling hard.. Although they lack a great deal of main features or at least they're not as good as ours, they still pay attention to small things that get customers smile. I KNOW Berries are business, but Businessmen are humans too, they need to smile.


"Although they lack a great deal of main features or at least they're not as good as ours"

The main difference between Android and BlackBerry is - no one is telling you Androids are garbage.

Seriously. What is wrong with BlackBerry 7.1?

Analyse why you think RIM are hopeless and you'll probably find it's because you've been told they're bad.

Perhaps in the past RIM lagged behind some other devices, but I don't see where 7.0 and 7.1 devices are lagging anyone. And they have some features other manufacturers don't have - in that sense they're way ahead.

RIM has been hit by an orchestrated PR attack in the same way many politicians are hit. The only difference is you don't realise it's happening.

BlackBerrys may not be the worlds greatest smart phones but they're pretty good.

absolutely nothing wrong with os 7.0 or 7.1... they're pretty awesome, its the phones themselves that are a little low on features.. but i am very excited for RIM's future and what they have to show later this year.
Everyone makes mistakes.. if RIM corrects and moves on and up back to its true position in the industry, we will all look back at these couple of years and say.."RIM went through some challenging years then, but they made it through.. thats what matters."

You need look no farther than the Playbook if you want to see the problems that RIM has.

Announce a tablet and then make people wait months before they can buy it. Then, before they are finally released, tell people that the OS is going to come stripped because some features (the ones a lot of people want) are not yet ready. Then tell them not to worry,those features will come a few months later. Then when that deadline comes, announce that they are not quite ready yet and it will take several more months in order to have them ready.

All this while your main competitor (the one that controls the lions share of the market) announces and then ships a tablet with all the features as advertised and on time. And then readys a third version of their tablet while you stuggle to get your first version working that way it was originally promised. It makes your company seem like it doesn't have a hot clue.

Remember, negative press usually works only when there is some truth to the attacks being made. So when people are saying that RIM has lost focus and over promises and then under delivers, that they have lost the ability to innovate and lead the market, those attacks stick because there is some truth to them. If you don't believe that, try making those claims about Apple and see if anyone listens.

A lot of us, myself included, kept giving RIM a pass. Well for me, I'm nearing the point where I'll consider moving to another platform. If February comes and goes and we are still without the upgrade, my patience will have run out. I used to think that Palm would turn things around too and I remember how that turned out.

Very well said berd, sadly a lot of people on Crackberry fail to view things from realistic perspective such as yourself. Most folks here just blindly take whatever RIM throws at them and praise it. That's what really hurt RIM as they got content since their fan base gave them a pass on most major decisions. I feel the same way as you, but I will wait until end of this year and see what the new "CEO" does with BB10. If they are unable to deliver, definitely jumping ship.

Posted from my 9900 on Robbers (Rogers).

This is their last chance, I got my Playbook the day it was released, between the bridge issues and RIM missing deadlines I'm quickly loosing faith, if they don't put 2.0 out in February I'm trading the Bold and PB in on the Iphone and Ipad on March 1. I have been loyal to RIM since 2003 but you have to cut your losses and move on sometime.

I agree with all what you have said guys, 7.0 and 7.1 are great! What about Video Calling? We don't need skype or a front facing camera! Just get us an app that uses the rear camera for Blackberry users to conference.. that's one of the simplest examples i can say..

I am very very very sad and dissappointed with RIm & BB....forced to wait for no particu;ar;y good reason except thier incompetence

They asked devs to have there apps in by the 13th of Feb. that would tell most it wasn't gonna happen until at least then or shortly after.

RIM Offering Free PlayBook To Any Developers For App Submission Before Feb 13th, 2012
Published on 02-03-2012 04:09 PM

My birthday is February 17th it would be a nice present if the 2.0 dropped on the day but I doubt it :/, i have had the Playbook since September and it has done me well but if this 2.0 update doesn't live up to its expectation with native email and calender , and a full access to android apps (as the blackberry app world SUCKS!) then I'm afraid I will consider switching to Apples iPad 2. Which is a disappointment because I love my Playbook but it can get boring due to the lack of apps.

for the bargain I got.. PB 64GB $320.. I can live with OS1..., just felt sorry for those people who bought it last year... $699 for the 64GB?, and waiting for the OS2 Since...


PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 21st Officially Confirmed
Published on 02-16-2012 12:45 PM

BlackBerry News,
BlackBerry PlayBook

We have been waiting to hear an official date for OS 2.0 a really long time from BlackBerry or a RIM employee. Ever since the first whispers of a date were published, it's all been speculation. Today though we got some official RIM confirmation. At the Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 Webcast today, Angel Aldana, RIM Manager (Latin America Alliances), confirmed the official date of PlayBook's OS 2.0 launch to be... Tuesday, February 21st! Barring any setbacks, we will have a shiny new OS on our PlayBooks in about 5 days! This is awesome.



Somebody call the whambulance for me!! :P