BBDoodle: CrackBerry Kevin gets his DreamBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jan 2012 05:17 pm EST

The CrackBerry community got excited and engaged yesterday when we made our post asking you to Tell Us/Show Us What Your Dream BlackBerry looks like. If you haven't sounded off on that post yet or sent us in your own sketches, you still have time, so do it up!!

Of course dreaming it up is fairly easy... the next step, turning DreamBerry into RealityBerry is going to be a little more tricky. I have faith though!

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BBDoodle: CrackBerry Kevin gets his DreamBerry!


Seriously.. I tell Jason to make me look skinny, young and buff for these BBDoodles, and instead I get chubby cheeks and drooling! :)

You go Kevin..........kick some Mobile Nations butt. You will be making good use of some of the good fitness apps for BlackBerry right?

this thread is soooo funny :)

I think everybody would droll about a god given BB xD

(hmm perhabs one of our Co-CEOs got enlighted - he has this white hair which they also have in this old bible epic movies ;) )

LOL! It's all good though, Kev. I'm more concerned with him making you look more like Bill Gates, but after your uber clock app purchase, it suits ya.

My submission of sketches is in. Hopefully you dig it. Hell you can even put the keyboard on either side. Check it out when you get a chance fearless leader.

I think it's only wrong if you don't credit the person you're using the idea from.

We all want the same thing- Great BlackBerry phones. In the end, it should be something that encompasses what we all like about our particular phones.

You look ashamed like you just ate the apple and God is punishing you with a Blackberry. The druel just makes you look nuts.