BBDoodle: Counting Down the Days Until PlayBook OS 2.0 is Released

Counting Down the Days Until PlayBook OS 2.0 is released
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Nov 2011 04:46 pm EST

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BBDoodle: Counting Down the Days Until PlayBook OS 2.0 is Released


though that would be quite a few bars...

Good job playbook owners, you waited 1 and a half year for basic functions and by the time the functions are available, your tablet is largely obsolete. Good job RIM.

Look at it from positive side, we played with a concept device... to me its like driving a concept car... and for that "Thank you, RIM, I like it!"

Im still waiting on next PlayBook with 4G connectivity and maybe Voice.

if my guess is correct, Colt will be a even more striped down playbook with a smaller display/touch screen, no front camera, buggy communication software, and even longer wait for it to be proper functioning phone that's only 1 year behind...

I was and still am a big fan for BlackBerry, but sometimes when I look at how delusional they are about their own products and how out of touch they are with their own consumers, I just feel tired of being behind and getting inferior service. RIM has been consistently doing bad in every area in the past year.

If they think business consumers want a playbook literally for "play" and they could afford to delay basic functions forever and have them bridge it with the phone, then they deserve to fail and go bankrupt.

Buggy communication software?

RIM always has and still does make the most efficient communication tool by FAR. There isn't even a close second place.

If you have so many issues with it, go get a droid or an iToy

well, i love my playbook, i hope it doesnt get shelved, i dont want to go back to an ipad or a android tablet after this.
perhaps their doing it right this time and making sure OS2 is right, after all the pc world and apple lovers will be all over it when it arrives trying to find something wrong with it, kinda like playground bullies!

I'm a new crackberry member, but not new to blackberries (I'm a BlackBerry Admin for a small org.). I am also tasked to reseach all mobile technology to better determine which device suits the needs of my users. Hands down BlackBerries are the best for more reasons than none. You now have so much different models to choose from (with keyboard or without, slider, full touch, etc), not to mention battery life (especially if used correctly). iPhones are cool phone but they all look alike, it doesn't change. They may add a new feature but its the same looking device. Androids... they as well are cool but not as a phone; you look like you're talking on a tablet. And both phones battery life suck, mostly because of how it obtains emails. If your reason for loving the iPhone or the Android are for apps then thats stupid. Now the BlackBerry PlayBook I really like the UI, multitasking, look and feel, apps that I use for work and play (Adobe Connect Pro) and on and on. I was never really a fan of the iPad. Whenever RIM releases 2.0 is fine with me, cause 1.0.7 works just fine! Thank you for your time!!

Amen. All of that, plus BB Bridge is terrific and with webmail and I can communicate with any customer, employee or friend.

To be honest if you don't want to wait another 3 months why not try the beta os 2.0 most people like myself love it i use kindle, winamp, Dolphin browser, play angry birds use IM+pro and have the convenience of installing my apps using local bar (OTA) so so sweet ..get on board people no need to wait unless you choose too...there are more than enough people who will help to get you started also bridge is not broken but access is done thru a different way.