BBDoodle: In CBK We Trust - CrackBerry Kevin for Chairman of the Board in 2012!

CrackBerry Kevin & Ham Sandwich for Chairman of the Board!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2012 05:39 pm EST

Earlier this week we ran a poll asking the CrackBerry community who should be Research In Motion's Chairman of the Board. The results are in, and they speak volumes... the % breakdown is as follows:

6.9% of you think current Chairman Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis should continue in the roll
15.52% of you think rumored future Chairman Barbara Stymiest has what it takes
20.42% of you think a ham sandwich is best suited to take on the challenge, and
57.17% of you think CrackBerry Kevin's passion for BlackBerry would help save RIM

With that kind of support out of the gate for me and the ham sandwich, we got together for lunch and decided that together we'd have close to 80% of the popular vote. So it's on CrackBerry Nation... CrackBerry Kevin + Ham Sandwhich FTW in 2012! See ya at the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders!  :)

Reader comments

BBDoodle: In CBK We Trust - CrackBerry Kevin for Chairman of the Board in 2012!


Congrats!! Now, get to CES and start taking pictures, blogging and beating the pavement for information.... The another bloggers are already in Vegas, getting the jump on CB.

well, sadly for the sandwich and Kevin, there would probably not be a company in which for you to be CEO thanks to the news reports of the senseless things RIM is doing...BB7 Milan..seriously?

So Kevin, my first question to you would be this. If its true that RIM is only making one phone (BB london) would u expand the portfolio to add a full qwerty phone and a cheap phone for the developing nations?

Look. RIM has been working on multiple form factors of QNX phones. As soon as they made the executive decision to push the launch date of the phones back until late 2012, all of the current "in-development" codename models we know really become null and void. RIM now has more time to re-work their planned models for that new launch date that is further out... planning to put in the latest and greatest components for that new launch time frame. It only makes sense that everything we were rumoring about would essentially be "dropped"... but not dropped for good... just evolving into a newer device that will likely have a newer codename (that just hasn't surfaced publicly yet). Maybe we'll see something like the slider get scrapped for good, but late 2012 is a way off and RIM isn't a company that historically makes only one form factor of phone. There will be full touchscreen. There will be a full qwerty. Having an affordable line of phones for emerging markets is important to RIM... it's maybe more likely that will continue to be BB7 for the next year or two or even three vs. a BB10 phone (since BB10 is all dual core and seems to be turning into an LTE play, so best to keep BB7 as the cheap line for now). But we shall see.

RIM won't be sitting around doing nothing waiting for these "new chipsets" to come out in mid-2012... I'm sure the design team is still full bore working out what they think are perfect designs in more than one form.

Kevin should be at least in the board of directors if not the head. He knows more than those idiots. The problem with those idiots is that they don't focus on specifics. Kevin knows all the specifics.

I just bought my first 60 shares of RIM today. I'm on board as an owner to vote CBK. But first, I'm going for a Ham sandwich.....with mayo AND mustard. Go Kevin Go!

If Kevin actually runs for this, especially if he does so alongside a ham sandwich, I would totally buy a share of RIM to be there for the annual meeting (I've actually been considering it anyway).

What if Kevin gets hungry and eats the ham sammy? Will he absorb all of its tasty goodness and become our BlackBerry savior? If RIMM releases their phones during third or fourth quarter that puts it close to rapture... Maybe the Mayans knew the awesomeness of CBK that he leads us into the 14th bakun... Just speculating...

Never been a big fan of the Ham sandwich. Now CBK, that's another story all together. If the Ham sandwich can do a pretty good job, and we already know CBK would do an awesome job, after Kevin ate that ham, then a few hours later he would be "passing" a better job than what we have seen from RIM as of late haha. Go Kev go!

Boldly sent from my 9930

I know this is a joke but Kevin would we a horrible CEO or Chairperson. They need someone who needs to move the company foreward and attract customers from iPhone and Android. God knows thats not him. He is too focused on his old style BBs. He seems way too easily impressed with what BB has even though Android has much better (as much as I hate to say). BB needs revolutionary ideas...racehorses not mules

Sounds like the words of somebody who has never met me in person... don't under estimate the CrackBerry Kevin. You don't know me.... yet! :)

Lol true...I don't know you but I am a fan of Stymeist. Sorry :(. I think she can turn RIM around. I would though like to see you involved, just not of that status...yet haha

And I apologize...that was a little rough. So my bad on that because I was sort of in a ranting mood