BBDoodle: BlackBerry London is From the Future!

BlACKberry to the Future!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2011 10:48 am EST
coming soon to theatre near you... BlACKberry to the Future!
Starring Mike Lazaridis as Dr. Emmett Brown

On Monday we caught our first glimpse of BlackBerry "London", but the photo only showed off the front of the phone. We've been scratching our heads all week trying to figure out what the back of the phone looks like... could the first BBX BlackBerry be hiding some secret new feature that will help it leapfrog the competition when it hits the market?

We know QNX has a history in automotive, and between London's angular corners and silver/black color scheme and futuristic look, we couldn't help but be reminded of the DeLorean from Back to the Future (see pics).

Then it hit us. We know what BlackBerry London is packing on it's back... Mike Lazaridis has managed to shoehorn a flux capacitor in there! 1.21 giggawatt BlackBerry anyone?? :)

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BBDoodle: BlackBerry London is From the Future!


I want to a BBX device that has the 9930 body. There's nothing wrong with the form factor with the new Bolds. They're amazing.

I agree...the 9930 is the greatest smartphone ever made. I wouldn't mind taking BBX for a spin, but I want it on my 9930, or an identical device made for BBX - the London is not for me. The 9930 has the perfect form factor.

Kudos to the artist opn this one! GREAT SCOTT I would love a 1.21 giggawatt BB :). Nice segway to the future of of BB love those movies and look forward to BackBerry to the future

If it isn't going to be a fun color like red, white, violet, pink, then a "Black"berry should be BLACK,,!!! :D

Will it run on garbage too? And to think, all this time we BB fans just wanted a BB with a great camera and no battery pulls. Tell me it at least has that.

Not a troll. It is a known fact that long time blackberry fans weren't looking for anything more than a great camera and no longer needing to pull the battery

Just because it has a flux capacitor on there doesn't mean it has a Mr Fusion. Although that would be awesome too... feed the BB an "apple a day" to keep it running. lmao

There are wheels on the back and you can drive it like an RC from your wifi or bluetooth enabled device to compliment QNX OS for carss to QNX OS for BlackBerry. Haha, just kidding.

I want all those things as well,but i would relly like to have a lot more usefull apps on my blackberry.

Hmm Delorian is coming back with an electric version of the original model... How awesome would it be to have a 2013 Delorian with an onboard QNX OS (in dash PlayBook of course) where the BBX London was the ignition key!!!

I'd feel like freakin Space Commander Keith, infracells up dynotherms connected mega thrusters are go!

Are u listening London Product Management? I bet you are. Delorian as a launch partner for this device. You'd be crazy not too.

Seems to have a bit of the P'9981/Porsche design influence, I really like it. Hope RIM is smart and puts out a touchscreen AND a keyboard model and a slider would be just too cool, all in Q1 next year. Oh well, back to reality... Here's hopin' for Q3 for the release.