bbCasa for BlackBerry - Finally a better way to use Picasa on your device

By Michelle Haag on 20 Sep 2010 11:37 am EDT

bbCasa for BlackBerry

Way back in January of 2008, word came from CES that Picasa had developed an official app for BlackBerry that promised to be more than just a launcher for the web album site. The app was rumored to make tagging and uploading your pictures from your BlackBerry's camera to your Picasa Web Album simple and quick. Unfortunately, that app was never released to the public, and all talk of it died out shortly after.

Fast forward to September 2010, two and a half years later, and the release of bbCasa by Bul System. This new app allows you to have all of the functionality of Picasa right on your BlackBerry! You can now upload photos to your online web album as soon as you take them, right from your device.  You can also share albums, view info about pictures and albums, view and post comments, and create new albums.

bbCasa is compatible with all devices running OS 5.0 and greater. If you have a Picasa Web Album and want to be able to update it easily right from your BlackBerry, wherever you are, bbCasa is the app for you. It's available right now, in the CrackBerry store, for $2.99.

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bbCasa for BlackBerry - Finally a better way to use Picasa on your device


Been looking for a real app for Picasa for a long time! Does anyone know if this app is any good? No trial available.

I DL'ed it almost immediately after seeing it on BBCool. I think it is very promising and I would encourage people who use Picasa to check it out (there does not appear to be a trial).

However, I do need to note that there is an issue with it (at least on my phone) where I cannot load pictures on WiFi, and in fact, I need to turn WiFi completely off and load it only off of BIS in order to display my albums. The developer personally returned probably 5 of my emails in quick succession trying to help. He believes that what I had experienced was anomaly, but I'm not sure why that would be, since my WiFi connection (on all other apps) works just fine. He was extremely helpful, however.

Function-wise, the app does what it says. It feels kind of similar to viewing pictures with the Facebook app, only it is quicker than that (thankfully). It does allow you to upload pictures to Picasa with a SuperApp feature embedded in your BB button menu, but for some reason it requires you to have the albums open with the app before you do that. I think that a lot of these minor bugs are things that should be ironed out in updated versions, and at that point, I think it will fulfill a much-needed niche as a Picasa viewer, since there really isn't a good one out there otherwise.

I may just start doing emails to upload pictures. As I said above, bbCasa has a SuperApp option where you can BB button click on a photo and upload it. However, it requires you to have the app already loaded to all of your albums, or it doesn't complete.

iTookThisonMyPhone is what I have been using for a long time, but I was looking for a different option b/c I felt like it was kind of a cumbersome piece of software for what I needed it for. But it is a free app that supports uploads to Picasa, Flickr and several other photosharing sites (including FB). It does not have a viewer for those sites, however.

I'm pretty sure if you do the email thing, you can direct it to one of your Picasa picture folders by typing the folder name in the Subject line of the email. Otherwise, it goes to mobile uploads, or whatever.

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Upgraded to 1.2 (and renamed "vCasa"). I DL'ed the new version but continue to have the connectivity issues. Sometimes it will only load my stuff if I do a complete restart of the device to refresh connections. Bizarre.