BBC iPlayer for BlackBerry now available in App World

By DJ Reyes on 5 Nov 2010 07:52 pm EDT
BBC iPlayer

Currently you can watch programmes and radio shows on the BBC iPlayer by going to the iPlayer website from your BlackBerry. Now you have a weblink that allows you to launch the iPlayer website direct from your Home folder. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a dedicated app it’s more of a launcher that takes you to the iPlayer website. It makes it convenient if nothing else. Though I’m not sure if it would be any use to Torch owners as you can put a bookmark shortcuts on the Home screen that would effectively do the same thing. If you want to catch up on any BBC programmes or radio shows from the last 7 days then give it a try. It’s free and is already available from App World. However, do note that it is only available to users in the UK.

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BBC iPlayer for BlackBerry now available in App World


This has been available for a while now from here - where there are also sports, news and front page launchers. I believe the others are heading to app world too. Curiosly though, if you visit the homepage via the URL then it is wonderfully customisable, but using the frontpage launcher it doesn't seem to be. Kinda odd. The BBC are still awesome though for providing an iPlayer. And BBC 6Music :)

BBC iPlayer worked fine for me when I was on OS5, but now that I've upgraded my Bold 9700 to the leaked OS6 Bundle 1202, I'm getting an error message saying my phone is not supported.

Anyone on an 'official' OS6 having problems, or is it just that I'm on a leaked OS?

Oh yeah- me too. I hadn't bothered checking on OS6 until you mentioned it. How annoying. Hope there is a fix soon.

I'm in the same boat as you mate, Bold 9000 on OS5 not got not supported message, 9700 OS5 worked sweet, but 9700 with OS6 getting not supported again. pretty erratic

its not supported coz os6 isnt out yet!

how can you complain stuff doesnt work when your using leaked software!

I think the problem is that it works over 3G but the 8520 doesn't have that. I can't download it on my 8900 so I assume that's the problem...
From the App World link:
Supported Devices
BlackBerry 9520
BlackBerry 9550
BlackBerry 9700
BlackBerry 9800

Bold 9700 with leaked OS6 and havin the same not supported msg! Its a shame as I think it would have worked better on OS6... Guess we will just have to wait for an offical OS6...

I really wish this worked in the US. It's a cool app and with it I could probably watch Top Gear maybe!!!! :(

Since I seem to find the oddball happenings, here's my experience. :

1) This doesn't show up at all in AppWorld on my Torch. And one of the comment posts quoted the BBC as indicating BB 9800 compatibility.

2) The link in the first comment works to get it (plus the other two) directly from the BBC.

3) For those who wondered if the links work on a leaked version of OS6, yes they do. I have the latest leaked version on my Torch. Depending on which build of OS6 you have, you may be experiencing a bug in some builds where your browser appears to open to some other page, but the page from the link is actually on a tab behind the one being displayed.

4) For the poster who complained this doesn't work in the US, yes it does. That may be the "compatibility" issue in AppWorld. But, if you use the BBC download link in the first comment, you can grab it from there, along with icons for sports & news.

Biggest plus the larger screen estate on the 9800 makes for a far better viewing experience, Watching Formula 1 on a 9700 while trolleying around Tesco's was always a navigate and squint affair. Also being able to add 'favourites' now is a nice touch.


I can no longer watch recorded or live TV broadcasts on iPlayer via my Vodafone 3G connection, which - albeit with a little buffering - was always the case on my 9700. Accessing any program brings up the popup 'This is a Wi-Fi service only' A great loss when stuck in stationary traffic.

I can access iPlayer at home on my 9800 with virtually no buffering but guess what, A flat screen TV and various Mac's cover home screen entertainment.
I do have a Vodafone Mobile WiFi (MiFi) unit so will see if that works when out and about.