BBC Content Going Mobile And Headed To BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2010 05:32 am EST
BBC Content Going Mobile And Headed To BlackBerry

Yesterday, as Mobile World Congress was winding down Erik Huggers, BBC Director of Future Media & Technology held a keynote speech declaring the BBC was taking it's content to the smartphone market. Indicating that BBC users were also smartphone users and the BBC was dedicated to providing those users with the content they wanted on their mobile devices. Starting with the iPhone, the BBC will be releasing multiple applications including BBC News and BBC Sport among others.

The demo shown off was for the iPhone and will arrive in early April with the BlackBerry and Android versions to come later in the year. Huggers also sated that the BBC was also working on dedicated iPlayer applications as well which could deliver great video content but also made metnion that the iPlayer services are currently available now in a mobile optimized fashion of which, the BlackBerry 9700 and Storm 2 are supported for those in the UK. Great to see the BBC recognize the simple fact that mobile subscribers is massive I just hope they also realize that market lives beyond the UK and considers widespread releases.

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BBC Content Going Mobile And Headed To BlackBerry


For some reason iplayer isn't working on my 9700. I downloaded the shortcut and it just says that my device isn't supported. I've tried going directly to but it doesn't recognise the wifi saying that to use 3g you have to be on 3 or vodafone (which I'm not). Has anyone got this to work at all?

Got it to work now. My browser was set to 'Internet Explorer' rather than 'BlackBerry' for some reason. Takes ages to buffer though.

For God's sakes guys, learn how to spell.

it's = it is
its = possessive

The phrase should read "BBC was taking its content to the...."

If you want to get really technical, then I should point out that they don't understand grammar, not spelling. The common mistake of "its vs. it's" is a grammar mistake, and has nothing to do with spelling. Just thought I'd correct your correction.

" Great to see the BBC recognize the simple fact that mobile subscribers is massive I just hope they also realize that market lives beyond the UK and considers widespread releases."

If they are massive then they should probably try and be a bit more mobile. :-)

As far as widespread releases, you can actually listen to the radio content online worldwide barring things like live sport, its just the television that is regionally restricted.

Incidentally, the iplayer system is paid for by the uk television license and any additional licensing costs for worldwide rights wouldn't actually make sense for them as its not like they even make money from advertising unlike the equally regionally restricted offerings from Hulu etc.

They don't allow users from elsewhere to use the iplayer on the web, so I don't see why they'd bother with the mobile app either. True, iplayer is paid for by UK tv licenses, but then why not develop a license fee for non-UK users and allow them to pay if they like? Or an app fee? It's not that hard. UK and considers widespread releases.

You can use iplayer for radio outside the uk so hopefully they will produce an app for that reason.

Hopefully in time they will be allowed to be more progressive when it comes to things like this, but being a publically-funded broadcaster they have limits on what they are allowed to do commercially due to the detrimental effect it could have on the commercial tv networks in the uk.

More to the point, here's hoping all content producers eventually become more globally aware then maybe we can all use our iplayer, kindle, hulu etc. apps wherever we are so the consumer is happy and less illegal downloading takes place so the content producers are also happier.

It wouldn't be the first time that a provider hasn't catered for people in different countries.

I get very frustrated about the number of apps that don't work outside the US and from reading other posts the situation in Asiapac is worse!


I posted that the mobile site was working for the 9700 uk users last week... An app would be good only if it allowed downloading programs.. If not why bother just go to site.. Here's to waiting till "later on this year" aka sometime in 2011

nice to see the BBC adding to the datapocalypse lol, saying that it was nice to watch some iplayer in work earlier on my storm2, just wish would support blackberry phones for live streaming

Downloaded all four BBC apps onto my 9700 and impressed. Watched good quality live TV and recorded streams on iPlayer albeit on WiFi. Need to try it on 3G although the website reckons I shouldn't have a problem. Already have SKY TV which also works a treat on my 9700 so tons of live TV available. Network: Vodafone UK