RIM CEO Thorsten Heins sits down with the BBC to discuss BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 26 Oct 2012 03:13 am EDT

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Sitting down with Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins offered up some further insight into BlackBerry 10 and how he feels it will do in once it lands on the market for customers. Rory didn't shy away from asking, what some may consider, uncomfortable questions but once again Thorsten handled them with the ease we've seen since he took on the role back in January of 2012. Sorry about the video not being mobile, yell at BBC.

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Source: BBC, Thanks, calicocat2010!

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RIM CEO Thorsten Heins sits down with the BBC to discuss BlackBerry 10


Burning the candle into the wee mornin, hey Bla1ze? lol

That's devotion! :) Good stuff!

Thorsten looked pretty disgusted with the questions the interviewer was posing, lol I can't blame him.. the media only serves to sensationalize just to get more eyeballs so they can lure more ad agencies.

"Burning the candle into the wee mornin, hey Bla1ze?"

Yeah, what's up with that? Do they pay you enough from blogging that you don't need a real job?

I think Thorsten answered as well as could be expected. The interviewer seemed a little snotty. Who on earth is embarrassed to be carrying a blackberry I carry 2 & a playbook.

he seems snotty cuz he's British, hahaha

As for people who say they're embarrassed to be seen using their Blackberry... obviously they have issues that likely go far deeper than their choice of smartphone.

Technology.. it's a tool, not an identity. Some people need to wake up and think for themselves.

The interviewer was being a prick by bringing up that article. Anyone with an ounce of brains knows the only people who would be ''embarrassed'' to own a BlackBerry is someone who doesn't own a BlackBerry or a Playbook. No sane person who has ever owned a BlackBerry would say such retardation.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I'm British and he was just being a plain arsehole like most people don't believe the media just wait for the end product just like me and the other 80 million plus people

The main issue I find with the 80 million argument is: We're not talking about 80 million OS7 devices. That would indicate people are tough as nails loyal and will be upgrading to BB10 no matter what.

I know some of those 80kk will, even if over time, but RIM should be thinking of a worldwide strategy to make it easy for them to do the jump. And it ought to be worldwide because the US is a lost battle right now. They said over and over that the growth is coming from international markets.

I know for a fact that here in Brasil (the biggest and strongest economy in Latin America) we get zero marketing and zero incentive to get a BlackBerry. A Curve 8900 (bless it's hardware) is 3x more expensive than any Android device and all iPhones below the 3G.

Sure, lots of people like me out there - holding to whatever Berry they have till BB10 comes - that will simply update no matter what, but unless RIM has some other cards to play, I don't think we'll see 80 million BB10 users anytime soon.

But I'll be one of them, that's for sure.

In their last quarter, RIM was asked specifically about the nearly 8 million BlackBerrys shipped in the quarter and they said they were all OS7 devices.

Like you, I'm also holding out until BB10 is available. Just like any major launch, I think we'll see big demand upon launch from all people like us. That said, since they're launching BB10 in three waves, the momentum may continue.

I'm surprised by how many consumers have heard of BB10... at least in Canada. I think the US will require special attention though and I'm sure RIM is well aware of that.

I like how he answered the NYT article question. He mentioned that there are 80+ million & growing BB users & also said that he questions the sources of that article.

I can see why they question them. First of all, it was only 3 people. 2 of them had stupid complaints. Do you really think that the hotel concierge would refuse to give her a charger because it was a BB? Also, BB chargers are micro-USB. So most android chargers will work.

These were all career professionals who should be able to easily afford a new phone. If they are so embarrassed with their 3 year old BB, why don't they just buy an iSheep 5 phone & SHUT-UP?

I think that's just it...mobile phones aren't communication devices or just tools anymore...they are lifestyle symbols which includes identity. Apple is a one stop shop for anything you need in you tech life. Music, communication, computing (both desk and mobile), streamable TV...to have Apple products in your home shows status. The iPhone/iPod are gateway products to the rest of the Apple world, which they are anticipating that you will go out and buy a familiar brand, regardless of how much it costs, because they know the company. Not to mention that if you have the phone the cool kids have, that supposedly makes you cool as well. Apple is a great company, I love their computers, but to have their products is hip, trendy and "in," which is why just about every company alive has an app for it.

I have a Blackberry 9930 and a Playbook. I enjoy them both, use them as tools, and I love showing them off to people. Most aren't even aware that BB has touch phones and a tablet. Will i probably purchase an Apple mobile product to use? Yup, (iPod Touch) for the convenience of being able to connect with others not on BBM (mobile hotspot on the BB). But yeah, the iPhone is the phone to end all phones...the one phone to unite us all...or the one phone to rule them all.

"Mobile phones aren't communication devices or just tools anymore...they are lifestyle symbols which includes identity." WOW! Chester, I felt like I wrote your Comment!? WoW! On point!

This is the same journalist that caused Mike Lazaridis to walk out of his BBC interview last year.

Which is exactly why it was so important to stand up to him and be interviewed again. RIM is implementing a a slick strategy. The Art of War my friends...the Art of War.

BlackBerry People are the one's that move the world forward. BlackBerry 10 is really amazing user experience on mobile.

BlackBerry for the win!

Ok. I think he did good, showed confidence (and also annoyance at the questions). And I know everybody is excited about BB10 coming out (me included). But I can't help pointing out one issue: when asked what he would tell the ones who have chosen iPhone or Android phones, he said: (i) the multi-tasking and (ii) the BB hub. My worry is: these are not bad features, but isn't there a problem if the RIM CEO cannot specify more features? Ok, perhaps he needed to point out only a few (due to the short duration of the interview) and, yes, we BB lovers do not necessarily need iPhone/Android users to get back to BB10. But, in the end, I hope there's more to BB10 than what he mentioned and this "more" will actually help BB10 compete properly with iPhone/Android.

I understand ur concern. But, just coz its BBC Thor cannot give a away too much info this long before the launch. they need to keep some surprises for the lauch or start showing them off slowly as we get closer to the launch. now is too early.

Exactly. Remember what happened when the keyboard video leaked? Now iOS has the new BlackBerry keyboard before BlackBerry does.

Talk about what is already in the wild and keep the juicy stuff for the release day.

Way to go Thorsten!

And personally I think all these bullish*t talks about people being ashamed of their BBs are just someone's sick fantasies and a mere speculation. More like a stupid rumor launched with a purpose.

I'll be speaking for my country. In Russia it's more shameful to carry an iPhone. Because every child has it. Every teenager in his puberty period. Because it's a good toy!

My grown up friends keep asking me about my Bold 9900. And they talk a lot about ditching iPhone. I'm not advertising BB among them. It's just how it is here.

I'm surprised at the snottiness of Rory in this to Thorsten. Blackberry has been the most popular handset in the UK for the past few years. How is it embarrassing for Brits to carry it if this is the case.

Absolute madness, good to see a bit of BB in the UK news!

Blackberry by choice

The media love to sesationalize that people think BlackBerry is dying, when the reverse is true. Thorsten handled himself quite well with an interviewer who's a prick.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I'm not a Bieber fan, and this is off topic, but I just heard that he has the most hits on one YouTube video, with over 700,000,000 (yep approaching a billion) views.

Anyway, on topic, I agree that the reporter was not all that fair in his questioning, very biased towards the negative.

And although I think BB10 will be interesting, to be quite honest, I may not be one of the first on that bandwagon. I love my 9900, 9810, etc. :)

Yep, just proves stupidity sells.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

'everybody would have moved on''? I still laugh every time I hear some stupid sh like this. Didn't everybody move away from Apple computers in early 90s and look how that turned out. Closemindness.

Despite what everyone thinks about the "snottiness" and such of Rory, I actually think the questions he asked were well put. They're not too aggressive. The entire set up of this interview was in a very relaxing environment. Versus most journalists and such that have asked Thorsten questions always run around in his face and try to embarrass him in public.

I also think it is amazing how calm and precise the answers of Thorsten are. Obviously by now he has gained some experience in talking to the media, but this is a next step. He seems to be speaking a lot more freely and not so much practiced as in the keynotes.

Also, the transfer from screensaver to menu, incredible! Yes they might need to show off some more hardware and software in the future, but all these little things make such a big difference! Isn't one of the main reasons why we love Blackberry so much, all those little things, simple things...?!

Watching this interview got me a lot more excited for BB10 and the path RIM will take with its new product! Way to go RIM! You're doing a great job, keep at it!

The Thorsten Heins should talk to the CNET. The RIM to create the interest for the Blackberry 10 for the customers based on the experience, the RIM would need the good reviews.

I think this is the job of the CMO not the CEO. He should focus on the execution of the company.

- Rezaur Rahman

The BBC always seems very biased agaisnt RIM for some reason...dont know why, here in the UK blackberrys are still popular.

Because BBC journalists get love from Apple? I am amazed that our national and supposedly independent broadcaster seems so addicted to one Californian company when it comes to reporting on technology. But then look at the Guardian guy who was flown out to Cupertino and entertained, then wrote a "review" of the iPad Mini (which did not say "Not better than a Playbook and three times the price", but should have done).

I show off my Bold 9900 every time I can, its a freaking handsome device plus it works.
BlackBerry by choice!

lol i do the same i got a great impression last night doing it 2 people went WOW i didnt know they had touch and the kb was always what i missed the most looking forward to bb10

Did Thor cut short the interview or did Rory got ashamed that he cut it short?

That dunce gets a 3 minute interview and instead of asking other important questions, he chooses to ask the 2 most often asked questions to RIM and Thor in particular. Epic fail.

I think Rory did a good job by throwing those burning questions towards Thor and Thor handles them well. At this point BB fans are minority, the general mass are what Rory represents. For general mass, they would be very interested to how Thor reacts to those two questions.

You know what, even though the majority of the general mass will simply skip this interview on BBC Site, the portions who watched, might just change their view towards RIM a little bit.

Really??? Asking about the NYT article? What a sorry excuse for a journalist. SMH!

Good job Thor!!!

On a side note. Have you all noticed that for several serious shows on tv they always use blackberry's? Boss, Newsroom, Strikeback.. the list goes on.

BB 10...Boldly taking over!

The BBC is not what it once was and Mr Cellan-Jones is an example of why.

His original interview with Mike Laziridis was embarrassing. He was asking questions about matters that were clearly in a sensitive state of negotiation and Mike couldn't possibly have answered the questions. (The real blame lay with whoever was running RIM's PR)

The BBC no longer see themselves as simple presenters of news. Every story has to have a sensationalist angle or be confrontational. It's the worst kind of tabloid journalism.

Mr Cellan-Jones could have asked an insightful question about the highly subjective NYT article (which was utter nonsense) without implying the story was accurate. His own colleague is evidence of its inaccuracy if any were needed.

The irony is that before Steve Jobs returned to Apple, they were in a worse state than RIM. A brand that had been "left behind in a fast changing world". If RIM needed an example to motivate them to success with BB10, they don't have to look any further than the competition.

What is more, Apple succeeded by ditching their old platform for a new one. And OS X/iOS are now in their turn looking rather tired. RIM are about to release a state of the art platform which should be years ahead of both Android and iOS, and Windows Phone 8 isn't exactly generating excitement. Apple shares are down 15% from peak earlier this year despite a whole lot of product launches. There is a very interesting story going on in mobile devices, but most of the media are not covering it.

I agree that Mr Cellan-Jones is a bit of an idiot..
but Mike Laziridis embarrassed himself with his childish strop when interviewed and asked a tricky question.

Thorsten showed how to handle it.

RIM are on the ropes at present and BB fans should expect that the media won't give them an easy time, you can try and spin it anyway you like by RIM stuffed up over the last few years and are paying the price.

I used to work at RIM and really hope they turn it around, but believe me it will be an up hill struggle, every new Galaxy and iPhone sells itself, RIM will have to seriously bring their A game to dent their market share.

For me personally I was a BB fan boy, but was forced into a move to another platform, which I had for years said wasn't all that and claimed my BB was a match for. I now know that just isn't true. BBM and Security are the only tow things BB have over other smartphones, everything else is the same or a lot worse.

BB10 will bring some parity. But RIM don't have a 10th the marketing budget of Samsung and Apple, so expect it still to be hard work ahead.

Whats with everyone saying bb10 is too late??? To late for what???the mobile computing world is in its infancy. Everyone talks about it like there is an end date for submitting your new device.

It's all about buy in to an OS.

If you've spent $100 on apps, do you want to spend that again to move to another OS? There needs to be a massive pull to do so, that's why BB10 is late...many customers have jumped ship and are starting to get entrenched in another OS, which makes it hard for them to pull them back.

i have a solution to your problem

sell your iPhone or Galaxy on eBay, Kijiji or whatever UPGRADE to BB10 take the money from selling your old phone and buy new apps

You're almost onto something there. BlackBerry has inexorably lost ground to Android and iOS in the enterprise market. Curiously, however, the rate of erosion hasn't reached a terminal pitch despite years of inaction while RIM has failed to stem the tide.

It's clear that corporate drones will continue to be assigned BlackBerries for some time. As long as BB10 is attractive enough that users don't raise holy hell--forcing more CTO's to capitulate to demands for Android/iOS devices--RIM can buy themselves enough time to develop truly leap-frogging technology.

What I've seen of BB10 looks sufficient to exceed those low expectations. The Hub paradigm seems useful--seemingly more tightly integrated than W8's active tiles--and what I've seen of the Flow UI is gorgeous. Features for which no demand yet exists--like properly silo'ed user profiles--can effect demand for the next generation of devices.

The bad news is that few of these features seem platform-dependent. BB10 might be sexy enough that users aren't compelled to carry a second, personal phone--but RIM won't make up any ground if its competitors can incorporate BB10 innovations into the next round of iOS/Android devices.

This is particularly problematic for RIM because of their demonstrated disadvantage in development time--if they don't find a way to innovate at a more rapid pace, their luck will run out.

I just listened to it again and don't think the interview is that bad. The phone looked great, he liked it, the question about being late to the scene and the embarassment of owning a BB are in fact issues that the media are running with and it gave Hein a chance to say something positive again.

Hello all,
New to the community and happy to be here. The energy of optimism is strong!
Here is Rory's follow-up article. Not completely negative:


Bring on BB10 -- for what it is worth, I have dropped my 1st Gen Torch so many times the copper antenna is exposed, but the screen is tip-top. Recently I dropped it in the lake (granted, only 1 ft of water) and no problem at all. Still works fine (other than the clocking, but that has always been there).

As usual, Jones doesn't do his home work and criticizes RIM, like he's done in the past with Mike Lazaridis, who cut the interview short because Jones failure to understand the issue with India and security . Personally, I can't stand the guy. How he is a Technology reporter for the BBC is beyond me.

Just joined up to Crackberry, don't bite my head off but I'm a current satisfied Windows Phone user but really liking the look of BB10 and thinking of a change.

Anyone wanting to help sway my decission go ahead! :)

It's almost November. Still no release date for BB10? I've been holding off on my phone upgrade for a long time. Pleases announce it already. Sick of my outdated, weak, slow 9800. I'm embarrassed to use it in public. Takes like 3 minutes to load a movie trailer with horrible quality. While my brother instantly watches it with high definition on his Nexus.

Can you specify the generation nexus your brother has to make this comparison a little more accurate?

If you're embarrassed by using a 'berry in public, you shouldn't even be here. And is watching trailers all the 9800 can do?

Anyways, BB10 will be out Q1 2013, and since you're sooo sick of your phone, no phone older than 2 years will satisfy you ever. It's not about RIM, but any phone. If you can wait till that time, please do.

Go buy a Playbook. It will resolve all your issues. If not then you gotta wait till March 2013.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

BB10 is going to HUGE.. RIM will make this happen.. GO RIM.. and also GO SAN FRANCISCO " GIANTS " !!!!!!!

+1 for Heins.

The BBC guy was an asshole and was trying to make Thorsten look like an idiot. He saved it pretty good though. Surprised RIM allowed such a shitty interview to be posted.

Once they agree to do the interview they lose control over if how and when it will be released. That now belongs to the media company.

#1... Will rim get instagram for bb10?
#2... How will the bb10 operate if it's constantly running open apps in the background ,won't it drain the battery quickly ??
#3... What other surprises do you think rim has up it's sleeves ?apps,and software etc...?

I like how thorsien stood him for rim .
A rate him enuh. He's a cool fellow ,a really hope rim pulls this off for me nd the other bb lovers like me.
Am waiting so rim plz get it right and won back who has jumped ship and foe those who are here waiting on you.cause there are mny who are waiting and won't jump ship.

#bb10 # and BlackBerry 4 life...lolz I have a 9850 using now and I love it.

Good answers Thorstein. A bit generic, but good.. Also, is it me or did Thor look a little tired?? Maybe he should have drank a Red Bull before the interview.. :)