BB10 App Manager Chrome extension gets an update - Still the easiest way to sideload

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jul 2013 05:26 pm EDT

When I fired up Chrome today I was happy to see that the BB10 / PlayBook App Manager extension has received a bit of an update. In addition to a bit of behind the scenes tweaks the extension now takes on "BB10" in its name so it's no longer just titled for the PlayBook. There is also a nifty BlackBerry toolbar icon for easy access to the app.

If you haven't used the extension before, it's really the easiest way to sideload to your BlackBerry 10 phone or PlayBook. Just grab a BAR file for your app, connect your device via USB to your PC and after a quick setup, drop in the files you want to sideload. Once you give it a run a few times you'll be able to sideload apps in no time at all and wonder how you ever got by without it.

You can check out our full tutorial here for more info on sideloading using the BB10 / PlayBook App Manager for Google Chrome.

If you prefer the old school method, you can read up for both Windows and Mac as well.

Download the BB10 / PlayBook App Manager from the Chrome Web Store

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BB10 App Manager Chrome extension gets an update - Still the easiest way to sideload


Updates are always nice. I usually use a USB cable (btw Adam, you accidentally hit "D" in the article instead of "B"), but doesn't it also let you sideload over wifi if both the device and computer are on the same network?

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

This is the only way I side load though I am interested in learning how to use the sachbar method.

Posted via my sexy Black Z10

Thanks Adam, I'm going to attempt my first side load tonight right after I update my BBM Channels. Did you know that BlackBerry sent me an email because I haven't updated Channels yet wanting to know what's wrong. They are really focusing a lot of their attention on this Channels thing. I hope it pays off for them.

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Today... I didn't notice any change...but of course this was the first time I tried it. (;
I have given the Z10 and Q10 upgrade to .4543. I have even messed around with 10.2 with the Q. Today I used it for the multi alarm and dark themed calendar additions. Yes, I'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner. Me, Android apps, and Google are about to become BFFs.
Thank You Crackberry, Kris, and everyone in the forums!!

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Do I need to have the blackberry link to able to download or to get recognize in that extension?

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Does any one know where I could find a DDPB installer to side load on my Z10? I can't find one anywhere? The link on doesn't work anymore! Please help!

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check the forums in the apps category...i think they even have an android apps forum now so you'll most likely find it in there...i also prefer the ddpb software.

Thanks I was interested in trying instagram! Out! Since everyone is going crazy for it! LoL! I figured I side load it! And check it out! I'm loving my Z10!!

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Definitely nicely made for sideloading. I managed five simultaneous sideloads onto five separate PlayBooks all over wifi with the Chrome extension.

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Was getting board with z10 until i started side loading. Its fun and easy. Im using this method with my mac

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Adam wrote: "Once you give it a run a few times you'll be able to sideload apps in no time at all and wonder how you ever got by without it."

Are you saying that you can't get by with just using App World? If true, then BB will fail!

That's a bit of a stretch. What I'm really saying is once you give it a run a few times you'll be able to sideload apps in no time at all. 

hi! i've just found it out! and its awesome...and most important to inform that it works perfectly from UBUNTU!!! ;)

K, ALL I want for my Q10 is a Kijiji Mobile app coupled with a PCFinancial mobile app. Just 2 apps.

You'd think I was proposing to pull teeth with a visegrip! Geez already!

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Love the update. I updated to the BB10.2 clock app using this Chrome extension, over wifi! No more USB cable needed to sideload. What a bonus.

Nice that Google Chrome allows you to sideload to BB Playbook or BB10 devices. I was hoping to be able to load Google Chrome to the devices. Guest that was not the case.

Just tried it and loaded Netflix and Instant am (even though I've never tried Instagram) and it was so easy to follow. I got stuck using ddpb months ago and never figured it out. Does anyone know how I can get a debug token? Will that eliminate the message that I get that says I only have 10 days left in development mode? Will my newly side-loaded apps still work if my development mode privileges expire?

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This tutorial unfortunately leaves out the part where you connect your computer and your Blackberry to teh same wifi network, then you go to "settings/about" select "network" from the dropdown at the top of the screen, and copy the IPv4 information (the first 4 sets of numbers ... ignore the numbers after the "/") and put that IP address into the box in the Chrome extension. This frustrated me for some time before I figured out what was going on.