BB:Robot Scheduler - Schedule Almost Any BlackBerry Task

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jun 2009 10:47 am EDT

BB:Robot SchedulerBB:Robot Scheduler

Browsing through some new applications today, I came across BB:Robot Scheduler from ComputerInBed.  At first I thought it was simply another multi-alarm application, but after looking at it some more I realized it actually has a ton of functionality.  The app lets you not only schedule alarms, but you can schedule a variety of common BlackBerry tasks like email, SMS, phone calls, audio recording, vibration, sending your GPS location, keyboard lock, power off and the list goes on and on.  There is a ton you can do with BB:Robot Scheduler.  This can be useful for sending emails at a later time, scheduling a phone call to someone as an alarm, turning off you device at a set time and much more.  This is a very cool and unique application, so be sure to give it a shot and see what you can do with it.  BB:Robot Scheduler is available at for $6 though June 17th (down from $10).  Currently available only for the Bold and Storm devices.

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BB:Robot Scheduler - Schedule Almost Any BlackBerry Task


I have been craving having Podtrapper automatically download podcasts after my device automatically reboots at 5:00 AM every morning. It appears as an option within Podtrapper but apparently isn't yet functional. This app could automatically run Podtrapper and then download all new podcasts every morning. However, I would like some more user feedback before shelling out the 6 bones.

Word of caution. This app has no data persistence. If you exit the application or have to reboot your phone, all scheduled events are gone. This seems like a glaring oversight for a $10 app (or even the $6 sale price). For the app to be truly useful to most power users, the schedules have to survive a reset. Additionally, an option to start the app on boot up (with the saved scheduled items still intact) would make it much better and quite worthwhile. As it stands right now, not a wise investment in my opinion. I'm off to Mobihand to ask for a refund...

This app should be able to startup as soon as the BB boots up and save all of the items you've scheduled. That's a big let down for this app.

if this app started on bootup, it should have a setting where you can have it start other apps on startup. for instance when I restart my BB, I automatically launch AP News and Viigo even if I don't intend to read anything at that point. it's just so that when I do get ready, it's already got the latest articles waiting on me instead of waiting a few minutes for them to all update.

It says the next update will add the persistence on the next update...although I agree as well.. will wait for the update before considering purchase.

They also have mail/call blocker coming soon as well that looks interesting..

I updated BB:Robot scheduler v1.1 and the persistence works !
So now this application is really useful !

A lot of things is possible..

schedule to record a voice notes (or calling someone) during the next meeting...
same with a fake call.

The developer should also make sure that you don't lose all your information when you upgrade to a new operating system. I use the smsScheduler and I lost all my information when I recently upgraded to the new operating system and they said there wasn't a fix. Just a thought...!

I wasted a large amount of time setting up various events before I realized they were not saved on a system reboot. The concept is a good one, the capabilities are pretty nice, but unless I can save my scheduled events it is kind of worthless for anything but a one time scheduled event in the very near future.

A trial would have been nice to figure this out ahead of time. In my opinion as it is right now this should have been a beta release. Saving your events would seem to be a priority requirement.