BB-Freaks celebrate their 2 year anniversary with a free theme and discount!

BB-Freaks 2 Years Anniversary
By Alicia Erlich on 2 Feb 2012 09:10 am EST

Theme developer BB-Freaks loves sharing their latest and greatest creations with you guys. They've let us know that this month marks their two year anniversary. As a huge thank you to all their fans and to celebrate this important milestone they've decided to release, drum roll please, a FREE theme. Click on the jump for more details. 

Free NotePad 2 Anniversary OS7 ThemeFree NotePad 2 Anniversary OS7 Theme

NotePad 2 Anniversary OS7 Theme is a high quality theme that showcases all the hard work, attention to detail, customization, and creativity BB-Freaks puts into each and every one of their unique designs. It features a beautiful notepad layout, a cute icon set and custom fonts, and is compatible with OS6 devices (9100/05, 9300/30/50/60/70, 9650/70, 9700/80, and 9800) and select OS7/7.1 devices (BlackBerry Curve 9350/60/70, Bold 9900/30, and Torch 9810/50/60).

Not only are they offering this free theme, but BB-Freaks is also extending to you guys a coupon code valid for $1 off any of their themes available in the CrackBerry Store. Simply enter in Promotion Code 2YRSBBF at checkout during the entire month of February to receive your discount. You can check out all of their premium themes by clicking on the link below. Be sure to let us know which of your favorites you picked up by leaving a comment on this post!

For more information/screenshots and to download NotePad 2 Year Anniversary OS7 Theme
Check out all of BB-Freaks themes in the CrackBerry Store



I downloaded this theme and found that the notification drop down is dark and can't read a thing so I had to delete it.


Maybe use the accessibility thing to invert the screen?


Downloading it right now ! Thx BBFreaks


These os 7 themes don't look at all healthy. Can't wait for theme builder to be released!


Just downloaded it and it's bb-freakin' adorable. I'm not usually one for that sorta thihg but it's hard to resist. And now I'm gonna shop for what else tickles me with their coupon.


Same here. Apart from. the dark notification bar, this theme is nice.


Beautiful icons however the font is just too small and yes when you click on the top bar for all the notifications, what appears is not useable as it's too dark. Still, if the font were larger it would be a keeper!


Yes, the fonts are too small to read especially on a Bold. It might work better on a Torch.