BB-Freaks releases new Basic FREE OS7 Series for BlackBerry OS 6/7 devices

Basic FREE OS7 Series
By Alicia Erlich on 24 Jan 2012 09:26 am EST

If you're a fan of FREE themes, have a favorite color, and own a BlackBerry device with OS 6 or OS 7 then you'll definitely have to check out the new Basic OS7 Series by BB-Freaks. Once again they've come up with an amazing theme that is available in seven different bright eye popping colors that are also wallpaper friendly. Compatible with all devices running OS 6 and OS 7 (Curve 9350/60/70, Bold 9900/30, Torch 9810/50/60) be sure to head on over to BlackBerry App World and pick up your favorite and start enjoying this clean and simple theme today.

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Reader comments

BB-Freaks releases new Basic FREE OS7 Series for BlackBerry OS 6/7 devices


Downloaded the red one and Universal search doesn't seem to be working properly :( shame because it looks good and red otherwise.

Boldly sent from my 9930

Dowmloaded the red, blue and gray themes for my 9800. Only tried the red and blue ones so far.

Only issues I found - no charging icon in the red one, but the blue has it (seen this get missed in a lot of themes lately). Also, the font color in the calendar icon is just too light to see easily against the white background. Otherwise, these are nice clean themes.

Can't say anything about the universal search as I never use that.

I like simple color themes like this, thanks bbfreaks for all the FREE colors. Universal search doesn't work on the 9650(red), but I don't use it anyway no biggie. Thanks again

Universal search doesn't work on my 9900 either (red) & the purple has font sizing issues on some of the headers when in certain screens!

Shame, the red looks ace, but even free don't cut it! :(

What a shame these are. I was so looking forward to being able to pick a theme colour and have it be a basic theme with OS7 icons.

These are completely useless themes, universal search confirmed to 100% NOT work on a Bold 9780.

After I activated the theme I now have 2 mailboxes for the same Gmail account. What a joke.

On my 9780 I am going back to Naturize_Winter_HD, it's the only usable/acceptable free theme with OS7 icons I have come across (for OS6, no idea bout OS7). For the record when I reactivated this theme I no longer have a second Gmail inbox LOL.

These themes are nothing but garbage. Thanks for the notice CB but you should add "FAIL:" to the title of the posting.

Maybe the new CEO can hire 1 person to do some quality assurance on Appworld.

Just downloaded version 2.0 on my Bold 9780 after reading that the Universal Search is fixed.

Suffices to say Universal Search is certainly not fixed LOL. It has the exact the same functionality as version 1.0 with regards to Universal Search.

However, this time it didn't duplicate my Gmail inbox icon!

The green looks great on the black Bold 9780. It's a shame this doesn't work. Oh well back to Naturize_Winter_HD again.

I will be leaving one of them installed just to see if an appworld update ever does fix the issue.

BB FREAKS!!!! You did it! On my Bold 9780, I can confirm the Green (and Blue) Theme version 3.0 is fully functional! Universal search is rocking. Thank you so much! Well done. Will be grabbing every colour just for kicks!

This is what I'm talking about, lovin my green theme'd BB right now. 2 short weeks and the developers handeld this with pure class.

CB Should toss BB Freaks a new blog post about these being updated to get the word out!

I don't think I'm going out on a limb at all to now say that these are now the best free themes for OS6 devices (At least the 9780)!

Downloaded the pink version onto my 9360 and it's working great. I'm having no problems at all with Universal Search or anything else for that matter. Love it :)

What you forget is.. That the themes are made without the official release of Theme Builder 7, that's why they have bugs and will still have until RIM release the official TB7!

I just downloaded them to my 9360 and they are poorly made. I had high hopes. I use theme studio and know how it works (although I haven't changed it to work with my 9360 yet). Stuff like in the basic purple theme where they didn't align the picture used for the pop-up menu. I also have an annoying dark streak across the bottom of all my dialogue buttons. I haven't submitted any themes to app world yet, but I know that I could whip up one of these themes in 20 minutes or less

I appreciate that they were free and wanted to try the Grey and the Blue versions on my 9930.

Unfortunately not up to standard.

For example, it does not display everything running such as the NFC symbol in top Home Screen banner.

One major issue is the banner above the Calendar view is compressed. Can't view all the symbols correctly.

Thanks, but will stay with the stock Blackberry 7 theme.

I have tried purple on my 9850, but the font in the messages and text is too large, and won't change regardless of what I have my default font set on. I've adjusted it in the options, done a battery pull, etc. Does anyone know about this??


I downloaded the red and it looks great on my 9930. only problem is that my fonts in the messages are different from what i had them set to. I guess we have to wait until RIM releases Theme Builder 7. Great colors