Bawahahahahhaha... Introducing the BlueBerry L900i

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2009 10:58 am EST

BlueBerry L900i

I had to post this in the "humor" category cuz it made me LOL...

If immitation is the highest form of flattery, then the good folks at Research in Motion should feel real honored right now. What you're looking at above (plenty more images after the jump) is the BlueBerry L900i, which is a knock-off of our beloved BlackBerry Bold.

Head on over to and you can pick up the BlueBerry L900i for the low low price of $164.99.  Here's a snippet from the sale page:

The L900i is a beautiful and useful phone.It looks very like BlackBerry, but we call it BlueBerry. It boasts Full QWERTY keyboard with intelligent input for easy one-handed typing.The keypad is very soft and delicate for users, The phone has 2.4 inch 240*320 pixels screen, bluetooth, and so on. The new design compromises the nobler and interest styles. It is a good choice for you.

What's more, the L900i is and affordable solution for DUAL GSM lines. Bluetooth headset is only supports the master SIM card calls but not the slave SIM card. Without switching the phone off, it allows for you to use 2 different sim cards to standby, but only one call can be received each time.

Dual SIM Card slots? Sign me up! haha. You can click on over for the full features and specs list. If anybody out there actually buys one of these things, please email me a full review. I'll be sure to run it on the blogs. OK RIM Legal... go get 'em boys!!

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[ ChinaGrabber via PMPToday via Engadget Mobile

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Bawahahahahhaha... Introducing the BlueBerry L900i


I don't know if I would buy something from a company who in their own words can't type correctly and copies another paragraph off of a website somewhere. WOW!!! Besides, it's not a BlackBerry!!!

Brought to you by the fine folks who make the Iphone clone???? Need a Rulex watch, Guccci bag? They got those too I heard. ;)

That thing is ugly ass hell what nerves to make such an ugly phone lol, if i ever laid eye's on that thing i beat them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess you think the Bold is pretty ugly too? Cause it looks JUST like it. The difference is gonna be on the inside. Processor probably not as good, and I'm sure it's software is no where near as good, expecially in the email department.

while i can see why you would think it looks like the Bold if you look closer it looks cheap as hell which really does look ugly

Package Contains :

* 1 x mobile phone
* 1 x earphone
* 1 x cable
* 1 x charger
* 1 x1G TF memory card
* 2 x batteries
* English Manual

They only give you 1 earphone ... that must be how they reduced the price so much ahaha.

I love how the product page says it can hold 300 phonebooks. I wonder how many entries that is equal to....

This phone is brought to you by JIM Enterprises, which is short for Junk in Mass! Kinda reminds me of Walmarts venture into software when they tried to market the "Lindows" operating system a few years back in their Elcheapo computers.

I love how the specs say it can hold 300 phonebooks. That's a lot of phonebooks. I wonder how many individual entries that is equal to...

Go get them RIM Legal team? You do know that US/Canada IP law is not valid in, well, anywhere besides US/Canada. This is why Chinese knockoffs are able to exist.

Coming from a county that has the highest software piracy rate in the world. They have more pirated copies of Windows then they do valid copies. Right, I'm sure they'll get right on this copyright infringement.

I hope RIM sues the living daylights out of them.

First, the iPhone nano and now this?

Don't they have any shame?????????????

Love their HiPhones....

Also like the fact that they have a copyright notice on the bottom of the page.

You Buy! You Buy Now!!!

Oh verry good. Have Sony guts!

Fah rah rah rah .. .rah rah ...rah rah

Where's the menu key and the back button??? Look at the location of the send/end keys!!! I don't think I'd be able to use this... "thing".

I want it just because. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!Absolutely awesome!Keep em coming ChinaGrabber!

a lot of our cell phones now are made in china anyway so who knows about this phone it may hold up OK some one buy one and report back to us in thirty days with a up date.

This is where RIM is different from other makers, Users of Nokia or Samsung can use such copy cats, but RIM users just laugh on such devices its because of a solid software i think.

dude their Iphonies suck bad. my bud at work has one and its annoying to listen to and to look at it looks cheap as h*ll.

Sue in China? Good luck, they may see a judgment sometime after the Blackberry 20k model comes out.
Maybe the Canadian Gov't can beg them to stop doing it and the PRC will steamroll over a couple of boxes for all the newsies. Then quickly shuffle a few hundred thousand more kids into the factory to make more.

I have bought a ton of these and sold them all. They are a good little phone.It is not the bold but you can get 1 to 1 clones of the bold and storms and iphones which I have bought also and are really identical. This one has a different button setup and no trackball but more a directional stick. I wouldnt pay the price they have up but they do work and are unlocked and are made decent.The software is different but functions well and is a fun phone at the cost...