Battleships, the classic game of skill and strategy!

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Nov 2010 10:21 am EDT

Feeling nostalgic for classic board games? Spice Labs the creators of the popular Hangman app; have released a free app called Battleships. Similar to the classic guessing game, your mission is to sink your opponent’s fleet of ships before they destroy yours. It’s a great mix of fun, strategy, and frustration as you work your way through the playing grid searching for your targets.

As a kid this was one of my favorite games growing up. So it’s pretty safe to say I’m completely hooked and find myself wasting a lot of time playing this.  It’s simple and easy to use and everything you remember is all here including the sneakiest of all ships, the tiny destroyer. Ships can be arranged manually or automatically on the battlefield with game play limited to between you and the app. So who will be the first to sink the enemy fleet, you or your digital opponent?

Reader comments

Battleships, the classic game of skill and strategy!


I don't know how the score is calculated. From playing it seems that it goes by how long it takes you to score a hit. The longer it takes and the more misses you have the lower the score. It is bad about the sound but when you're on the train no one wants to hear you play :)

Waiting for this to be released on the 9800. I had it on my 9000 and it is still sitting under my Unavailable list in App World:( please update for the 9800!

This is exactly the type of game that would be great played via BBM. I can't understand how BBM hasn't been exploited more for one-on-one games like this. Come on developers!

Agree 100%. There needs to be more multiplayer applications that leverage applications on everyone's Blackberry. Either that, or simply via e-mail. Lexulous, a Scrabble-type game, is one great example that uses e-mail to communicate turns.

No reason why a game like Battleship is prime for something along those lines, though a more real-time effect for Battleship makes more sense based on the speed of the game.

Try Word Rival - it is a scrabble like game that lets you play other people. It uses email to alert you when it is your turn.

At one point in time (as late as OS 4.7, we had the ability to play multiplayer via BBM. Sadly, RIM locked down the BBM api library with 5.0, effectively killing that niche market. OS 6 supposedly opens up more of the BBM api again, (although I have yet to browse the library) so perhaps we will see that functionality return. All up to RIM and their control of the APIs though, not the developers.

I've downloaded and installed it several times (it tells me successfully) yet I can't find the app. It appears in my app list, I have latest version of App World, I've done battery pulls before and after downloading. Guess it wasn't meant to be.

I too have an 8530. After I downloaded the game and played it a few times App world said that there was an update for it. So I upgraded it and now I cannot find it. Even tried multiple uninstalls installs and battery pulls in several different orders. What is wrong with the update that we can't run it? App world will say that it is installed, but it doesn't show I can run it. If I do a battery pull it becomes uninstalled.


The turn time limit is the downfall.

Every other game or so, the hourglass of death pops up for a couple seconds, and if the turn timer runs out during this time, game over.

Other than that, plenty fun.

I got an error after installed it (9700 fw 979)

uncaught exception: Index 5>=5

I have to remove it