Battle road rage with Traffic Mania for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Traffic Mania
By Zach Gilbert on 10 Mar 2012 12:34 pm EST

The team over a Mobigloo just let us know that their popular game Traffic Mania has now made it's way onto the BlackBerry PlayBook. Traffic Mania, which is available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99, is a game that gives you control over the traffic and the destiny of the vehicles barrelling down the highway. Smashing cars and causing accidents are all part of the game and with 9 scenes and a huge selection of vehicles you're bound to have entertainment for hours.


  • 9 scenes to play (Main Street, Freeway, Downtown, Interchange, River, Rio, Tramway, New York and Roundabout)
  • Many types of vehicles: cars, convertibles, bikes, trucks, pick up, buses and even a tramway!
  • Amazing graphics and smooth animation
  • Warning: highly addictive

I've been playing the game for about three days and I can't seem to beat my high score of 120 in crash mode, sad I know -- but I challenge CrackBerry nation to see who can beat my high score -- just for fun of course :-)

More information and to download Traffic Mania for the BlackBerry PlayBook



like it and very funny to. cool time killer (if you got some ;-)


Probably gonna buy this one


Looks cool. I'll probably buy it. Not today though, I'm still playing with other games.


I beat you! I just got 185.7 in crash mode :P

Zach Gilbert

I'll have to brush up on my crashing skills.


Anyone else have an issue where in Crash the cars count down but no cars come on screen, except maybe two?
And in save mode no cars appear for up to 30 seconds sometimes.
Started happening after I play the game one or two times?
Otherwise awesome game when it works.


Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I hope it gets updated. I'm addicted already.


I emailed Mobilgloo last night and got a good reply, they have reproduced the issue and are working on an update. Hooray.