Battery Watch by S4BB updated to v1.9

By Michelle Haag on 26 Sep 2011 10:20 am EDT
Battery Watch by S4BB
If you are the type of BlackBerry owner that likes to monitor battery status, and analyze the ins and outs of your usage, then you will definitely want to check out Battery Watch by S4BB. With this app you can have the both of best worlds, with Basic Mode for users that want just to see a quick overview and have notifications for battery status, and Professional Mode with detailed information, line charts that display energy levels over day, week, or month and more. Battery Watch is FREE and compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones.

More information/screenshots and download Battery Watch from the CrackBerry store
More information/screenshots and download Battery Watch from BlackBerry App World

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Reader comments

Battery Watch by S4BB updated to v1.9


The download is 1.1 MB. Seriously? TinyMeter is 26 KB, MonsterMeter is 57 KB, Internals is 127 KB, and MeterBerry is 198 KB.

I guess it's a good thing this isn't a memory monitoring app.

Alright, enough whinging, I'll take the plunge and load it up...just to see whether it's worth all that memory.

It MAY be a larger file...BUT...having Yoda tell me "charging started has" and "running low on battery you are" makes Battery Watch cool!!!

Decided I'd tri it out. 30 seconds after install, get BB App world notifications advertising Menu Clock by same developer. Then get notifications within the app asking if I want to recommend the app to my friends. 2 within the first 2 minutes. App was then uninstalled. Too much spam.

I was going to install it, but a few of the App World reviews indicate this app has damaged their phone (not sure how) and the company also seems very spammy. No thanks. Nothing I can see here that I can't already find in the engineering screens anyway. Well, I guess I won't get a voice telling me I'm charging, but I don't want that anyway.

Anyone have experience with this company's apps and can comment on their practices?