Battery Guru updated with OS 10.2 support

Battery Guru updated with OS 10.2 support
By DJ Reyes on 25 Oct 2013 11:29 am EDT

One of my most used and favorite apps on BlackBerry 10 just got an update. Right now, I don't use anything else to monitor my battery usage other than Battery Guru. It's a pretty awesome app and does its job well. It's the only app that constantly stays open as an Active Frame. The developer is pretty responsive too and I had the privilege of meeting him at BlackBerry Live 2013 back in May.

There isn't much to this update except for bringing OS 10.2 support. The app still functioned on OS 10.2 but it didn't detect that it was charging so this update fixes that. Though the alarms feature is now working, so you you can get alerted at percentage levels of your choice.

Note that Battery Guru must run in a Active Frame in order for it to function but the developer has recently received approval to run Battery Guru as a headless app so that is certainly one thing to look forward to when that officially drops.

If you haven't checked out Battery Guru before you can check out our hands on demo. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $1.99, if you don't already have it. Otherwise, updating costs you nothing.

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Battery Guru updated with OS 10.2 support


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I've never understood the desire for a battery app. I think it would make my OCD worse...

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This app is more than a "battery app", it's a charge and power depletion rate app where the data is tracked over a period of time (adjustable by the user) and visible in the GUI.

It shows you how long your current charger is taking to charge and what the values are which is really helpful if you are trying different chargers. This helped me understand why my PlayBook charger was working faster, and for me to compare the various charging methods (PlayBook charger, included charger, and computer USB port).

More importantly though this app shows you the rate of power depletion. This is what let me physically see the 10.1 MR was draining MUCH slower than the original 10.1, and now 10.2 is draining faster than the 10.1 MR (I still need to do two full battery drains and recharges to be sure though). While this might not sound like much, imagine you put on a new app and suspect it is causing a larger battery drain. With this app there is no suspecting because you can actually see the difference in drain rate and see the values.

Don't think about it... just buy this app!

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"imagine you put on a new app and suspect it is causing a larger battery drain. With this app there is no suspecting because you can actually see the difference in drain rate"

That's one of the things I use it for and I think this app is worth the money...

Headless app approval! Finally! I'm glad that this OS has reached this stage. Initially I thought that headless app support would only be introduced in


Been using Battery Guru since I first got my Playbook, and then when I bought my Z10 and have them both running 24/7. Great app and worth the money.

and yes gkl it does make my ocd act up a bit. haha.

Nope. Its only $2. Good apps will cease to exist if developers don't get paid. This is how they make their living.

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May I know if this is better than upcoming device monitor that shows graph and apps percentage.

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It's a good app, glade to see the developer finally updated it. It's been months we hadn't seen an update and we were starting to worry a bit.

Hopefully we see more updates for Batter Guru in the future

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+1 for headless apps (as long as it makes sense for the app, built properly and from a trusted developer.) loving my Z10STL100-3/

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So with this app running in active frames, will it itself drain the battery faster?


from the developer: "Battery Guru is carefully engineered to use no significant extra power, so you will not drain your battery merely be leaving Battery Guru running."

"Though the alarms feature is now working, so you you can get alerted at percentage levels of your choice."

-are the alerts customizable? use your own sound files/vibrating/etc.?

I'd need it to be a headless app before buying it... but it's good to hear that BlackBerry is going to approve it as such

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

Developer of BG here. Thanks for the nice comments above everyone! The alarms feature is customizable to the extent that the standard Notifications feature in your system Settings lets you do that, per app. You can change the associated sound, whether the LED flashes, and vibration, same as with any app that hooks into the system Notifications feature.

The "TypeBCharger" thing (or other odd text for the charger name) seems to be a change in 10.2. We'll look into improving that, maybe just by mapping any new charger names back to the old ones. I'll need feedback from people with different chargers on what they see there.

Ka Nos, yes, more updates are definitely coming. The lack of progress on headless in the OS was the main reason things stalled for so long... now that we've got that we'll carry on with previous plans.

Thank you. for replying peter9477! The customizable alerts/alarms is good to hear! I should have asked, though, if there were different alerts for a fully charged battery, 10% battery depletion, dangerously low 5% battery, etc.

Either way, I am going to purchase it now! Thank you for your work!

Keeps asking me to purchase, not allowing me to update. I purchased this some time back.

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93Aero, if you're using the same BBID, that's a common BBWorld bug. Click past the first dialog where you enter your credentials, and you should get the download without ever seeing the second "Confirm Purchase" dialog. If you do see that, don't click Purchase or you would be charged, because (probably) you're using a different BBID. It's a BBWorld issue over which we devs have no control, sadly, and it remains unfixed.

Coffee-turtle, this version has a single discharging and a single charging alarm, based on % level only. Once we go headless we'll add user-customizable multiple alarms for level, voltage, temperature and maybe more, and probably more than just the notification-based alarms (since those don't do "escalation" or such fancy things, to make sure you are alerted).

I love it already, Peter9477 and I am looking forward to those improvements!
User-customizable multiple alarms ...and probably more than just the notifcation-based alarms would be WONDERFUL!
Really appreciate your writing back so quickly! :-)

when that time comes, maybe an alert for when you actually plug in the device? I see that the visual indicator lets you know you are plugged in (and apparently plugged into the wall or a computer). Which is really neat. A sound indicator to go with this would be nice. (maybe a different one for plugged, unplugged, and plugged into what?)
Thanks again.

I hope you're going to keep working on inertial scrolling too. It's no longer in the release notes.

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Awesome app have put it on all 4 BlackBerry devices. Works well. Has allowed me to trouble shoot issues with confidence.

BlackBerry Z10.

Does this app include a list of what percentage each app is using? That came built in on my s3 that I used for a couple weeks. One of my favorite features. It showed how much percent the device idle, screen, OS, etc. Along with all the apps usage.

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After this update yesterday, I see that the battery drained 26 % in the night. Earlier it was draining about 10-16%.

Has anybody here experience the same.
Yesterday none of the applications were running in the background. Not even what's app, Just the battery guru app was running.

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Alarms are sending notifications to my Z10 Hub even though I have them switched off. Nice to have a discharge alarm but I don't need to get a message every time my battery gets back to 90%.