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See what's happening inside your BlackBerry 10 smartphone with Battery and System Analyzer

By James Richardson on 5 Jan 2014 06:49 am EST

If you are looking for a solution to see what your BlackBerry 10 battery is getting up to then look no further than Battery and System Analyzer. To say that the app is in-depth would be an understatement as frankly it offers so much information it's going to be a whole lot easier for you to watch the video rather than me try and explain things. 

'BaSA' comes initially as a free trial version with the ability to upgrade to the pro edition from within if you so desire. I've had Battery and System Analyzer on my BlackBerry for a few weeks now and I've seen proof that the developer is continuously striving to improve things and bring more features, as I've already seen a couple of updates released. 

From the Active Frame to the in-depth charts available, the app is a real beauty on the eye from start to finish. I could probably waffle on about it for ages but I won't bore you - just check out the features list below and hit up the video to see what I'm talking about. 

This one is yet another perfect example of a great BlackBerry 10 application and the dedication that many devs are bringing to the platform. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices so go and give it a shot and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 


  • Active Frame including up to 18h History Diagram!
  • Battery monitoring with the most important parameters (Level, Temperature) - CPU Load - Memory usage - Network Traffic (Cellular and Wifi)
  • Network Traffic analysis and reports on a freely selectable timeframe
  • Rudimentary battery alerts 
  • Cellular Signal strength
  • Internal and SD Card storage

Analyze Chart:

  • Database with long time storage 
  • Analyze function with History - 1 day and 3 day view for analyze graphs 
  • Cross fade different values to check yourself how different parameters have impact to your battery life
  • Chart with Readout-Values for Time, Battery Level and Temperature, Internal and SD-Card Storage
  • Delta mode to readout changes between two spots at the Battery chart, Storage and Network Traffic

More information/Download Battery and System Analyzer (trial) for BlackBerry 10

Topics: BlackBerry Apps



Oh nice, must check this out now


What up Quick!? You first poster you!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!


Downloading this now - looks as if this could be a really useful app... #BlackBerryWorks


Thanks, I'm the developer of this small tool. :)

One of the most powerful functions was sadly missing in this short video, it is too deep in the details of the app and it may need a 20 minute video to cover every aspect of it.
So, don't forget to check out the "readout mode" at the analyze page:

Here is the same for the storage at this posting:


Congrats for being mentioned :)

Oliver aka MeerMusik (

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@


Fantastic app been using it for many months now. Glad to hear headless is coming soon. :)

Posted via CB10


Mmmh... not sure about the "soon", this is a word with a "tensile timerange". But I will try what I can. At least I were able to make so far 1 and a half of mine apps headless, hopefully soon 2.
So I should be able to get it working over here, too. But it needs to be done properly. And this may need several weekends of coding. :-)


Why do we need this when Device Monitor is already installed on our phone?

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Hi, I'm the developer of BaSA. The development began long before the Device Monitor appeared and I'm trying as hard as possible to be in front of it. The built in Device Monitor is great if it is about how much is your device eating on a application level. This can't my app provide because of security restrictions.
But it beats the built in Device Monitor in case you want to see how big the impact is depending on your usage patterns like wifi, cellular connections or even data usage. You can see how big the impact was while copying 6 GB movies via wifi to your device, about how much the internal used storage changed during this timeframe and compare it at some point how much less a usb connection consumes.

Just a example. In the end it is a tool and a toy at the same time for people which are interested what is really going on.
Monitoring for battery voltage, power and current is in preparation for one of the next updates. Headless module is on schedule.


It also has a graph for temperature that you can overlay on the battery level. It's interesting that you can see when playing a game the battery drops, temperature rises. Or when installing a new leak, you can see the progress of system load during the settling/indexing process.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Dave Bourque

You can't use device monitor in active frame. :)



TRUE! :-)

The first weekend after I got the first screenshots of the upcomming built in device monitor sent by a beta tester of my app I were extremely frustrated. I even sent Alec Saunders a mail about my concerns and told him how much time I've invested developing such a app myself just to see how BlackBerry is copying it. (no, no alcohol was involved *g)

But after I were able to play myself at a leaked firmware with the device monitor I calm down. I realized how well the device monitor is working for average Joe, but average Joe is anyway not the usergroup my app is targeting at. ;)


I have a Z10 and can't find this "device monitor" on my BlackBerry. I've only had the phone for a little over a month, so I may not be looking in the right place. Are you sure it was supposed to come with the phone?

Posted via CB10


In settings, it's under 'App Manager'.


Only if you are running a leak though

Single-finger-flickin-fun from the BEST damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!


It doesn't require a leaked OS.

All 10.2 and above OS's have it.

In 10.2.1 (currently only unofficial versions are in the wild), it has had some additional features added.


No wonder I couldn't find it. I'm only running 10.1

Posted via CB10


Someone worked hard on the app. Give it a try and you'll see if it's for you or not

Posted from the Zed 10 on the cool CB10 app


Is it a headless app and can you monitoring for 30 days so that you can use it for checking your usage .


Now that I'm running the latest leak (finally) the app will need to be headless for me.

Posted via CB using my Q10


It is in preparation. I'm currently in the beta test for the headless module of ClipMan. But you need to wait some additional weeks or even a month or two until this app goes headless. I want to do it properly instead of fast. The headless module need to work properly and flawless.

But you may just install the app and put it somewhere in a dark folder on your device. There is in average a update once, sometimes twice a week. Some day you will see the keyword HEADLESS in the changelog, the time to update it and check it out how powerful it got in the meantime. Promised! :-)


Technically speaking, can people even start releasing fully headless apps to the general public before 10.2.1 is officially launched?

I thought 10.2 could do the limited, triggered headless, but there's no official OS out yet that can do long-running?

Or did BlackBerry just throw up their arms in defeat over the whole leak thing?


Yes, technically possible. I've already published a small local headless testing application at BlackBerry World and everyone running a leaked 10.2.1 firmware was able to install it without issues.

I'm running currently a beta test for ClipMan - HEADLESS:

Seems to work fine so far. I hope to be able to release it to the public within two weeks. :-)

But the downside, as soon as you change your project to headless it will get hard to handle updates for older firmwares than 10.2.1 and the problem, 10.2.1 was not even released.
The most are running 10.2.0 and about 20% are still at a 10.1.x firmware.

I will use the knowledge I get from ClipMan for the headless part of BaSA. But it is for this one a little bit more complicated. :-)


Hi, I'm the developer. It is not yet headless. I'm currently making my app ClipMan headless to be prepard for this app. But headless support is on schedule.

You mean by usage your data traffic?
It monitors without problems 30 days and beyond even when not running but you need to start the app for a short time before rebooting your device. And you get at maximum for a 3 days period a graph, the rest is only numbers crunching. Calculation for data usage works without problems for the whole month but there are limitations all data usage apps are dealing with.
BaSA tries to tell the more advanced user what happened during the timeframe you're interested in without whitewashing in with a up to 10 seconds resolution. Check out the explanation inside the app, you can use it to estimate when you will reach the data limit of your contract, but you can't check it exactly because each carrier has different fineprint for the usage calculations and the size of the data blocks they count.


Hey developer, keep the good work flowing....

Posted via CB10


You can't do almost anything unless you pay.

Posted via CB10


At least you're able to check out all parts of the app and consider calmly if the app may deliver what you're interested in and if it is worth to support the development or not. :-)


Loool, calmly? I thought that one can be calm even if there is no trial period :)

Powered by BB


Lol, sorry. I'm not a native english speaker. So I've chosen maybe the wrong word from my dictionary. :-D
I tried to say everyone is able to check out what they get without hurry, take the time you need. If you like what you see and the quality of the app, feel free to remove the plasters which are covering some parts and support the development.
You're not forced to pay without knowing what you get. :-)


Strong work, have not tried app yet, I tend to be old school and wait until official releases... That said, thanks for all your dedication to providing the Blackberry experience improvements and new developments. Without committed folks like you BB probably would be long gone by now... Keep up the hard work... Thanks.


Using it and loving it since months.. ;-) Well done app!

Posted via CB10


Does it provide correct charge cycles readings? (Common issue in BB10).


Yeah, it provides correct readings. But the value the BB10 system provides is incorrect. So it displays the same strange value all other apps provide without trying to divide this value by 10 or something like that like some apps does.
From my own observations I would say this charge cycle value is overrated. I'm myself currently at 1035 with a 2 month old battery because I'm plugin it in and out all day long while developing.


Downloaded the trial version, played for 5 min and upgraded to paid one. :-)
Good stuff, well done.


5 minutes? Wow, that was fast to convince you. Thanks! :-)


Three months ago I needed 45 seconds and done...

Keep the good work going on!

Ferrari ZetaDieci


Hey, have I told you how long I needed to paint those plasters? :-D

Just kidding, thanks a lot for your support! ;-)


I bought it instantly, just because of your support on blackberrybase :D

Posted via CB10


Now, this one will be hard to beat. ;-)

But I wouldn't be at this point without the discussions at BlackBerryBase and the forum of CrackBerry.

A lot of great suggestions and ideas came from there! :-)

Thanks a lot! :)


Me too, tried it, seem to have so much detail, and look so good, I bought it right away. Needs some minor tweaks, but I'm sure you're working on them. Thanks for this!


Thanks a lot! :)

Would be cool if you could add over here a posting and describe in detail what you mean by "minor tweaks":

The app is still in heavy development (still haven't reached version 1.0.0) but I miss sometimes whats crucial between all the stuff and need from time to time someone which is pointing with a finger on it. ;-)


cmon guys developers need income too. i dont see any problem paying for an app if its useful or not a trash. so lets just support developers who's bringing their apps to BB10 though except those worthless apps


Well said.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!


I have the trial version and will buy the app when it will be headless soon.

Posted via CB10


Loaded on z30. Hangs then winks out.

Posted via CB10


Hi, ouh. This shouldn't happen. :-(

I'm the developer of this app. There is a support thread at the forum:

I never observed something like that. Could you please restart your device if you have some minutes and check again if the app loads up? In case the problem persists it would be great if you could leave your firmware number at the support thread. Lets see if we're able to hunt this down. :-)


Will do.

Posted via CB10


Rebooted now it's fine. Ver

Posted via CB10


Great to see it's working now for you. Thanks for the reply! :)



Posted via CB10


Yeah I'm lost on people wanting good apps but not willing to spend all of a couple bucks for one. Then again, I never could see the bridge between someone who is supposed to be a mature adult with a smartphone yet refuses to spend anywhere from $1 to a whopping $4 for an excellent piece of software, thus the trial mode so you can dip your toes in the water before jumping in. Why is that such a problem?

Dev, seriously good work here. Every one of us tech nerds out here who have to know what's going on behind the scenes would love this. Looking forward to your updates. Thank you.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10


Yes, thanks a lot for your kind words. Nobody is forced to use what I'm creating in my spare time. But I don't like the "android" mentality some friends of me have in the meantime. Not everything in the life can be free, and some are only demanding but you get nothing back.
Because of this I don't provide this app completely for free. It was and is just too much work to create. But everybody is able to check out if it may worth to support. :)


Yup. Cheaper or free is not always better. There is a big difference between cheap and value. This app offers great VALUE. Great job.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!


Thank you for bringing this app.
I'll check it out.

Posted via CB10


The App is great and gets updated frequently.
You have every information of your device in one app.
The price is quite cheap for this powerful app and the free version has also a lot of useful information available.


Love your app developer. Almost every time I go into BlackBerry World I get notified of an update for your app. I'm glad to see a headless function is in the near future. Keep up the good work!

Posted via CB10


Do is thus better than Battery Guru?


So is this better than Battery Guru?

Typos on BlackBerry keyboard hrmmf


I developed this Battery and System Analyzer (BaSA) and I personally don't like and be afraid sometimes of this kind of comparsions. Some may say yes, some may say no.
It really depends on what you need and I had during the development not the intention to recreate or copy a app from a other developer. Battery Guru is a outstanding peace of software and has some features like power meter (which I will provide at a later point) and the export function to the csv file format which my app doesn't provide and the other way around my app has some stuff Battery Guru (which has the battery as a central topic) doesn't provide like CPU usage, Memory, Storage, Network traffic, Cellular signal strength and all the analyzing functions around it including long time storage. Which is okay since thuse kind of stuff is not in the nature of Battery Guru. It has other strengths.

So it depends on whom you ask. But at least you're able to download the trial version of my app for free and compare it yourself. In case you find it useful and powerful enough you could upgrade it after a few days to the full featured version or sent me a feature request. Maybe my app is at some point able to fulfill your needs. :-)


Thanks for your balanced response! I've downloaded the trial and there's a good chance I will upgrade. In the meantime I've bought your clipboard app (Clipman) which is brilliant.


Thanks a lot. I'm currently preparing a new update for ClipMan. I'm sure you will like it even more as soon as I've finished it and you're running the upcomming firmware 10.2.1 ;-)


Love this product. The Dev continues to be involved and updates the app regularly.


It's a great app worth way more than 1 buck. Other devs would charge 2-5$. And honestly I wouldn't even mind paying more. The dev is constantly updating the app. On top it's BuildforBlackBerry!


Thanks Dev. I have both Battery Guru and your app and find myself switched over completely to your app only always open in my active frame.
Can you please provide an option to label all the graphs with time and %levels. That would be great!
I know you're working hard on it and keep up the good work!

Z10STL100-3/ CB10


Trying not to be a troll, but have you ever heard of inbuilt Device Monitor?

Posted via CB10


Sorry for the double post. I hit reply to the wrong comment. I had meant to post my comment here but couldn't find a way to modify. Sorry...
I have a Z10 and can't find this "device monitor" on my BlackBerry. I've only had the phone for a little over a month, so I may not be looking in the right place. Are you sure it was supposed to come with the phone?

Posted via CB10


Swipe down from the top of the home screen and hit SETTINGS. Look for APP MANAGER. You'll find DEVICE MONITOR as the first app.

You mentioned that you just got your Z10. If you have it from the carrier and have not loaded a newer OS, you might not see the DEVICE MONITOR. I think it may have been part of the OS10.2 that hasn't been officially released in very many places.


You need 10.2.1

If you're running 10.2.0 or liver you won't have the device monitor yet...

Ferrari ZetaDieci


Read the earlier comments.

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10.


Hi, I'm the developer of this app. The built in Device Monitor appeared and envolved at the leaked firmwares for 10.2.1 while I was working on this app. There are a lot of similarities in the latest leak to what my app has since some months. It is great for a inbuilt tool and the sole way to get such details down to a application level which my app is not able to provide.

But as earlier posted over here the Device Monitor doesn't provide the same level of functionality. It is great for the average user and the most important tool we need to get control of the upcomming headless apps. Nobody wants a situation like at Android!
But when it comes to informations and details my app is able to beat the built in Device Monitor. Download the free trial, and keep it open for a hour or two. Then go to one of the tabs to the "Analyze" page and continue where the video review of James stopped. As soon as you play with the "Readout Mode" you may understand what I mean. Not only for battery and storage parameters, but especially for cellular and wifi network traffic. Track down how much data 5 minutes youtube video cost you and how many % you will lose on battery power if you watch it 30 minutes.

Happy testing! :-)

I hope my app will convince you. There is a support area inside the app with contact information in case you have a suggestion. I'm working hard to provide even more. Including power monitoring and headless mode.

Enjoy it! :-)


@Sierras I think you need 10.2.1 in order to utilize the inbuilt Device Monitor people are referring to.

Posted via CB10


Thanks. That would explain it since I still have

Posted via CB10


You poor boy... get a leak, it's easy... even I made it... :)

Ferrari ZetaDieci


Unfortunately my Z10 is a corporate phone and the security policy my company installed on this phone won't even let me connect to BlackBerry link. So I'm afraid that leaked software is not an option for me and will have to wait for an official OS update. There may be some other way of installing a leaked OS that doesn't involve a computer connection, but I gotta wonder if all the effort to bypass my IT's security really worth it.

Posted via CB10

Dave XII

not comparable with default (leaked) device monitor. It's an amazing app programmed by a very talented BB OS 10 enthusiast...

Posted via CB10


Data monitoring? That might be worth a look and might explain why battery life I'm the UK takes such a hit...
For some reason there is constant background data traffic with the carrier in the UK - which does not exist in Germany... (check over holiday)

Posted via CB10


Set the carrier search to manual. On auto mode it's always looking for the best coverage. If you switched off the data roaming option try to set the data mode to 2G only...

I sometimes have the feeling that even with data roaming switched off, the antenna continues to search for data coverage on and on... draining your battery down...

Ferrari ZetaDieci


Data monitoring including traffic analysis works since the beginning of December. Please check out this posting:

In case you have constant data traffic you should check also the monitoring the cellular signal strength and how much it switches from 2G to 3G/UMTS or LTE mode. They are eating enormous and I'm myself the most time on 2G GSM. (I don't need much more for BBM, twitter and co)

Check out the screenshot in this posting:

What I have observed is a constant high wifi traffic in case I'm connected via Wifi and my Desktop was turned on. Sometimes the whole night and my Z10 was constant on a medium temperature instead of moderate low. I realized in the meantime it is the auto sync function of BlackBerry Link.

If you're often near a Wifi at which BlackBerry Link (maybe at work) is connected to your device consider to plug it in via USB. :)


Using for a few months. Excellent

Will pay gladly. Have it up most days.

Posted via CB10


Does the app do its own calculations/measurements of battery life or does it pick up the same info from the same place that BB Device manager does? I think some of the BB10 battery life issues may stem from some incorrect algorithm used to determine usage and predict remaining life. I will post some screen shots of my phone's battery life screens to show this.


It's not a secret how it is done. This app picks up the values the system provides officially to the developers without special tricks for measurements:

The big thing this app does is the processing, storage and analysis of the data the system provides.


Good app!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Cool and useful app. Considering to drop Battery Guru.
Gets updates at least every two weeks with fixes and new features.



Stupid developer! Can't download an app that they don't know how to talk English. Look at the screen shots. Idiot can't speak English. Fix your English before putting it on the app store

Posted via CB10


I'm sorry, it was my fault. I'm not a native speaker and my school English was not the best. I hope my C++ is better than my english. But feel free to take screenshots, mark the words I misspelled and correct them. I would suggest to use the colour red. Sent me a email with what you've found and I will fix it with a fast update. You can find my mail adress inside the application.

If I would publish only apps in my mother language nobody over here at CrackBerry would benefit from what I've creating over here. And I thought some may still like my apps, even with typos and misspelled words.


You speak intelligently, that's for sure! Keep up the good work man.

Posted via CB10


You have to be joking right...
Don't be so ignorant and rude.
Do you know how to speak and spell in all the languages of the world...

For someone who's native language is not English I think he's doing a fantastic job.

Take care.


@ ggastaris I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.

To the developer....Ignore assholes like this.

Posted via CB10


Seek help mate...

Ferrari ZetaDieci


With an attitude like that I fantasize of a secret feature of BlackBerry World that doubles the price of any app you attempt to buy, as an "Attitude surcharge".


Fix your own English you stupid, rude individual.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


been lookin for it for a while and Im glad to be using it. the dev will respond pretty quickly and is eager to solve any problems and wants to customize to an individuals preferences as closely as possible. i wish all devs were like this.


Interesting app and thank you for offering the app to us. What is your native language if you do not mine sharing? I upgraded as well to support further development and I like how you handle the harsh posters. Best of luck, and please continue to develop for BlackBerry 10 it is much appreciated.


Thanks a lot!
My mother language is german even if my app supports at the moment only the international english. One of the beta testers is currently trying to translate this app to german for me because I'm myself short in time and prefer to work on features and performance than on the texts. Time is sadly a extremely limited resource.


Very good functionality and response level of developments. BlackBerry needs such talent. Upgraded to pro version.

Posted via CB10


This is a great app and it is on constantly on my Z10. Its updated all the time with improvements and new features and well worth a couple of dollars. Its the only app that I have had running in active frame since I purchased it.

Posted via CB10

Dimwit Flathead

QtHelex: Nice app, very impressed. New paying customer here :)

Halifax Guy

I bought this application a number of weeks ago and I am very pleased with it thus far. The developer is easy to reach and there have been numerous updates in the short time since I downloaded the application. It is so good to have a quality product for such a low cost, regardless of what the frugal people say is too much for their shallow pockets.


this app is really nice, great customer support. and he's always updating, really worth it to get especially if you don't have the latest leaks

Posted via CB10


Just purchased. Nice job QtHelix :)


I will give it a try.

Alattin Simsek

Really don't care. Get a life.

Posted via CB10


This is a really nice and app from a very sincere, responsive and hardworking developer.

We would be very lucky indeed if only 25% of the apps were this useful and well supported.

My only request is have some sort of "simple mode" that gives some simple graph of main device parameters without a lot of fiddling with knobs and buttons. Sometimes the display can look extremely "busy". :)


After seeing the support the developer gives, it was a no brainer to buy it. So many developers won't take the time to interact with the users. Great job! I love supporting worthy developers and $2 definitely won't break the bank.
English is my native tongue and I still mess it up often. Great coding is still great coding regardless of the language barrier! Looking forward to the updates!


Device monitor on the standard os does not have a batt monitor function.

Posted via CB10


Bye bye battery guru! This app gives tons! Of info. The upgrade to the full version is WELL WORTH 1.99. Really like this app!

Posted via CB10


Bought ahead of it going headless (against my usual judgement) on the basis of (a) how much effort this developer is obviously putting in and (b) how useful it actually is as a valuable reference tool.

Well done to the developer in supporting BB10 in such a comprehensive manner. Certainly worth the £1.50GBP asking price!

Posted via CB10


Just downloaded trial & was so impressed, I upgraded to full version. I have tried other like apps including Battery Guru & this one blows them out of the water. All credit to the developer!!!

Posted via CB10



C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Nice App with lots of updates, good support.looks like quality made in germany!


Downloaded the app, features are very promising. Let's see what's in it for the free version, and hopefully decide for a purchase after several weeks.

Posted via CB10


Thought the same and was even willing to wait for an OS update to use Device Monitor. But after a couple of days with this app, I decided that the app was worth more than the price the dev is offering it at right now. I do not regret buying this app.
Good job to the dev! The only feature I wish would be to have the app running in the background without having to have it on the running apps screen. But that's probably more of a BlackBerry limitation...

Posted via CB10


Hi, I'm the developer and I'm creating currently the blueprints to have it at some point always running in the background.
I still need the final approvement from BlackBerry to be able to bypass the limitation for this app, but anyway, it wouldn't work before the release of firmware 10.2.1 so... lets see.

The year 2014 just began and I have a lot of stuff on schedule for this app. So, stay tuned and thanks a lot for your support! :-)


Is there an app that will let me know what other app is accessing the device's locator service? It's driving me nuts seeing the locator icon showing up.


Not that I know of... Sadly. :-(

I would suggest to hunt it down by try and error. Maybe it could also be a website like google maps?

Maybe you could deactivate the whole location thing somewhere in the settings. But I haven't tried this myself.


I bought the app this morning, it is really great !
The "try and buy" mode is nice, and the app is a lot better than battery guru if you ask me ;)

congratulations to the dev team !

Posted via CB10


Excellent app. Purchased it and I'm very happy to support the developer in their efforts to improve our BlackBerry platform. Thanks

Posted via CB10


Like the app and upgraded to show my support to the dev. However. some of the numbers (e.g battery temp and time to discharge) seem way off relative to what is being reported by other apps.


Thanks a lot for your support. :-)
Could you please use the support link to the forum inside of the application and drop me some more informations about what you have observed? I would like to look into it. Thanks a lot. :-)


When are you going to include the power voltage? I feel this is necessary to see.

Posted via CB10


The application is still on a firmware 10.1 compatibility level but I'm currently preparing everything to switch to firmware 10.2 compatibility which gives also the possibility for voltage, current and power monitoring. But it may need some time to get it included and you may also get only a graph for the used battery power, not voltage and current.
But this is not engraved in stone, I need to see myself how informative it may be. :-)

Yang Long

Lot of functions limited and asked u to upgrade to pro. Basic functions is no useful for me because BB10 integrated that inside.

Posted via CB10


Hi! I'm developing this application. My intention with the plasters was to give the users the possibility to test all aspects of my application without being forced to pay for something they don't know what it contains. So all pages, settings and functions are visible and working.
So the users are able to get a detailed overview and if it may be something they would like to have on their device or not. In case they have the opinion it is a project which is worth to support they are able to unlock the full featured version and get all future updates for free.
In my opinion the fairest deal between a paid app at which you don't know what you get and a free app at which the developer gets frustrated at some point because it is only attracting people which are demanding everything and always for free. I made this in the past and I got sick of this "android" mentality like I call it in the meantime. I hope you're able to understand me somehow.

Yang Long

One more question is why we need to know battery info in detail.

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You don't really need to, but some may find it interesting what kind of usage are draining their battery more compared to others. In case you think this application delivers only battery information I guess you haven't used the time the app gives you to check out all details.
Apart from the battery info it delivers CPU and Memory usage. Maybe still boring, maybe also the Storage monitoring or cellular signal strength. But the network traffic monitoring for cellular and wifi is a tool I would recomment to everybody which are reaching their monthly limit regularly.

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In case you're using the full features version you're even able to get a graph for this at the active frame.