BaSA for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with copious amounts of clever additions

By James Richardson on 12 Mar 2014 09:30 am EDT

We first took a look at BaSA (Battery and System Analyzer) on video back in early 2014 when it was first released. Since then it has already had an update - including headless support (as long as you're running OS 10.2.1) - and now we see yet another, this time with a ton of new implementations. 

Although we have the Device Monitor built into BlackBerry 10, BaSA shows a whole lot more information about how your BlackBerry is performing. Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and free to download it's well worth checking out. To unlock all the apps features you will need to purchase the full version, but it's worth it if you ask me. 

Change log for Version 0.9.0: (only for 10.2.1 or newer)

  • A first implementation of the new power monitoring graph which shares now the diagram with the temperature graph
  • New scale Button for the power value at the Battery and Analyze screens in the upper left corner of the diagram
  • Corrected typos and changed the name of some properties
  • New setting to change the properties text size back to small if preferred
  • The headless module which runs in the background tracks now also the last time unplugged and last time fully charged values
  • Integrated the new BlackBerry Device Monitor as a card invocation since it is a great addition to get some values down to a application level whereas BaSA monitors the system only on a device level but provides a lot more function in parameters and analysis several internal changes at the battery storage module
  • Moved the power, current and voltage widgets below the graphs at the widget screen
  • Some minor layout changes at the Battery Tab

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Reader comments

BaSA for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with copious amounts of clever additions


I've tried it before and it's certainly a decent app, however just on principle I've elected to not install any apps that advertise as free but you have to purchase to receive all the features. I've I'm looking for a free app I want to know that it's free and the FULL app, not just free to download.

Which principle is that? All free sometimes means all ads and for some that's okay and for others not so much. Choice in great in IMHO. In this case I think you are feeling misled into thinking you get all of the features when in fact you don't? As an example I downloaded Flipshush for free. I'm happy with only the free features. I appreciate they put in extra work and deserve to get paid for it so if I want those extra features some day, I'll pay. Why should App developers work for free? Do you work for free?

You are exactly right when you say "Choice is great" as is my choice to not download an app that is free to download but requiring payment to use all the features. I'm not feeling mislead as I'm able to read. I'm not expecting app developers to work for free, I'm expecting that if they want to build a pay to use app that that's exactly what they do, build it, put what they feel is a fair price on it and sell away, and I wish them the best of luck.

As far as "do I work for free"? In fact sometimes I do. I work a job that requires me to be on call and at times I have reported back to work to help out and not claimed for my time, which again is my choice to do.

Again I'm not saying that a developer is doing anything wrong building an app and marking it as free for some features and pay for others, I"m just saying it's my own choice not to us such apps.

It's not misleading at all... this is how most successful developers do things.... free to try pay for full features.


I like to be able to check out an app for free to see if it is what I'm looking for before making the purchase. After downloading this app, I did make the purchase. Thanks Dev!

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

yeah, took me only a minute or two of use to decide this one was good enough to buy, and just keeps getting better.

And thanks to you for your support. It's a pleasure for me to continue the development to make it even better. :-)

Hi, I'm the developer of this small tool.

I'm not sure where you read it, but I don't advertise BaSA as a free application and I can't change how BlackBerry is grouping the applications at BlackBerry World. The first line at BlackBerry World (a sentence provided by BlackBerry) is: "This application contains items for sale" - this is a clear indicator that you have here not a completely free (as in beer) application. If there are "items for sale" you can be sure the developer made somehow use of this feature.

Also I stated clearly in the description that this application is a TRIAL version. I've chosen this option because I personally don't like to buy a pig in a poke and from my own expirience this is the sole good working way to provide a nearly fully working application at BlackBerry World for testing with the option to upgrade it to the full featured version. I do it this way to give the possibility to test and check it out in all details and let the user chose after downloading if it is really worth the 99ct it currently costs or not.
You really prefer asking for money before downloading?

It is my passion to create applications for my beloved BlackBerry. But I personally don't like the "but I want it free, now!"-Android mentality at which the user pays in the end with his personal data, get a trojaner installed or something else. Because of this I created this application this way and ask the users to spent me a small bottle of coke for the effort I had to create it. If you don't like the app you haven't lost your 99ct using this way to publish a app, otherwise you would have lost your money the first time you tried it. :-)

Posted via CB10

I tried the app for free months ago and liked it so much that I paid for all the bells and whistles. You have upgraded the app more than once and are easy to reach with questions. I'll be keeping my eyes open for any other applications that you design. Thank you for your commitment to a greater Blackberry experience.

Posted via CB10

Thanks a lot for your support. :-)

If I may suggest a second app of mine, there is ClipMan which just got a bigger review at CrackBerry a few days ago:
There is sadly no free trial version like for BaSA because at this point I hadn't the for this needed knowledge, but just check out the reviews at BlackBerry World or the comments below the CrackBerry article or all over at the forum.

You're buying with ClipMan a pig in a poke but I'm sure you will love it! ;-)


Thank you for the great app.

I purchased full right away.

.99 cents for a fully feature rich phone doctor?

Well worth the $$.

Now I have one idea.

HUB integration/notifications for when BaSa is headless?

Awesome job either way!!

Posted via CB10

I couldn't agree more! I can't stand when a Dev lists an app as free only to find out after installing that it is completely useless until you make an in app purchase. This isn't free!

Just list it at the price. I delete all apps that do this as I feel it is dishonest.

If I listed my car for sale as free then when a person came to see it I proceeded to explain that the car is free but the tires, steering wheel, transmission, seats and so on cost money, people would think Im a complete tool. Yet we accept this same behaviour from software devs.

I say it BS and shouldn't be accepted as proper business.

It is up to BlackBerry how the apps are listed, not the developer. I would also prefer to have a 3rd category with apps I could check out before I buy them, but there is no such category. But it is clearly visible before you download what kind of app it is.

And to pick up your car allegory: The last time I bought a car I were able to sit in and drive for 20 minutes before buying. You're asking for paying for the car before you have seen it from the inside.

It says right in the description that it contains items for sale, this is not misleading OR dishonest.

Since BlackBerry World does not have a description named "Trial version", and because it is FAR better to see if you like the basics of an app before paying to have it do full functionality, I prefer this model for certain apps that have complex functionality.

We are not talking about some game that your 5-year-old gets hold of and starts buying continuous "fuel" or "levels" or "updates" that end up costing you $25/day. There is only one available purchase and it is a mind-boggling price of $0.99 USD.

There should be a new classification then. Free should BE free and the free to download should be labeled Freemium. No confusion then.


Absolutely! But it is up to BlackBerry to change this.

There is nothing a small developer is able to do. There are only 2 categories. Pay before download or free download.

But the store is anyway indicating clearly that there are items for sale inside.

So this is from my own point of view nitpicking from users which wouldn't pay a single cent for a native application, regardless what the developer does. They will always find a excuse.

Great app by the way! :)

Is it really that interesting to watch your battery to drain, and to be able to see it happen in so many ways?

Posted via CB10

The purpose of course is to try to identify what activities and applications drain the battery the heaviest, so one can decide how to go about killing their battery.

Though some of us just like to look at all the pretty graphs... (me)

It is up to you, I for example use it to track my network traffic during the day. :-p

But the new battery power feature highlights wonderfully when my device was in heavy usage. In case you're relying on long stand by time it may be a good idea to check out and understand what kind of activity consumes the most.
I for example activate in the meantime the LTE module only in case I need it, otherwise I'm on 3G. Thanks to this app. :-)

Hi, I'm the developer of this small "battery drainage tracker". ;)

The idea behind the app is a different one. I tried to create something which offers the possibility to get a idea when the battery drains the most and to avoid this kind of usage to get yourself in the end more stand by time of your device. So you can compare how much impact changing the screen brightness has, how much % the battery dropped while playing a game or watching 10 minutes of YouTube video.
Additionally you get a graph for CPU load and RAM consumption and can also compare the SD and internal storage at different points in the history. Including analysis graphs with readout bars during the day, on 3 day basis and up to 7 days.
On top of it you can get a graph for cellular signal strength and have a indicator if you were on 2G, 3G or a LTE network. And if this is not enough it tracks your cellular and wifi network traffic with in average 30 seconds resolution (up to 10 if the app is in the ActiveFrame). Read out how much data you have consumed in a certain timeframe using the bars in the analyze screen or get the values on a monthly or even quarterly period by entering the dates directly.

The free version is a little bit limited but it won't hurt you to check out how interesting it may get to watch your battery draining. For the full expirience the current price point is about $0.99, but this changes from time to time. :-)

How much is the full version? You mentioned it in the article but no price. When I go to BlackBerry World it shows as free and no price for full version either.

Posted via CB10

So why isn't the price clearly display on the list of what you are getting for full features. Instead the developer has "support the developer to remove this feature"? The developer should cut the chase and be straight to the point.

Over here there was a button to check the current price inside the app, but it disappeared after upgrading. I guess it is because it is in every country a different value. In UK they have surely not US$. But it is only a wild guess why it was done this way. I would say it works now like this because the developer wanted to let the people check it out before having to pay for it.
IMHO a fair concept. You see what you would get, unfortually you get the price tag after downloading, not before... but I prefer always to pay if I know what I get! :-D

Why is it important where I live? Just check it yourself.

There is a button inside the app. Just press at one of those plasters and there is a button to check the price to remove the plasters. But before you purchase it is anyway clearly visible how much it is.

Lol!! I don't care where you live but you are the one that started your sentence with "over here......". So what was that supposed to mean? please next time read my posts properly, thanks.

The version at BlackBerry World is free but a little bit limited. Just check it out and look if it offers enough for you and if it is the quality you may expect if paying for a app. Be aware of the line "This application contains items for sale" - it indicates in the most cases that you have to pay for something inside the application to be able to use it.

There are some stickers inside the app which are covering certain spots at the application. Just tap one and you will see a screen at which you have 3 Buttons. 1 Button to upgrade the app immediately to the full featured version, 1 Button to check the current price in your local currency (it is currently about $0.99 US, €0.89 or the equivalent of a small bottle of Coke, but it changes from time to time) and the last Button is to restore and resync your previously bought license with the BlackBerry payment system. It is linked to your BlackBerry ID and you're unable to pay twice, the second time you must restore the license which is self-evidently free. :-)

I would say less than 30 seconds a day, there were some calculations at the forum with the same result.

DAMN IT. AT&T, I can't get updates to apps I have, or get apps I want!!!!!! Give me my update!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, 10.1, haven't tried to side load. I hoped to get it faster from my carrier!! Darn American carrier's.

I'm slowly believing they're getting paid to hurt BlackBerry as much as they can... :-(

Posted via CB10

This guy is a top notch dev. He is very active and responsive in the forums to users inquiries. You also have to realize that he has been developing this app long before the device monitor option was even announced.

His free/trial version is still very robust -- only a few features are locked, but majority are available -- not unlike this one health app I downloaded that unlocks more than 3/4 of their content.

We need more passionate devs like this in the BlackBerry camp.

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure how this went so sideways from my original post. I was not in any way saying that the developer had done one thing wrong by developing the way he did. It's his right to make his app try before by if that's what he wants. Also I did not say that I didn't know that this app was try for free then pay if you want all the features. All I said was it was my own personal choice to not download apps that are listed in the free section and try some features then buy if you want all the features.

Try before you buy used to mean you could try the full app for a limited time then had to purchase it afterwards to continue to use the full app. How am I supposed to know if I will like the features only available in the full version if I can't try them for a limited time?

Marketing an app this way using the car analogy, would mean I go to look at a car for sale that was advertised as free for some features and pay for the full car, and I'm told when I get there to look at it that I can take it for a drive but can't take it out of 1st gear or use the brakes until I have purchased the car.

If CrackBerry is only going to have two categories, Free and Pay, then apps that are free for some features and pay for the rest of the features should be put in the pay section from the very start.

Again, nothing wrong with the app, I found it to be very good, but I use another developers app that I purchased several phones ago when it allowed me to try the full app for 3 days then I had to purchase it if I wished to keep using it, which I gladly did.

As a developer I'm not aware of a possibility to list this kind of app in the paid section. It is up to BlackBerry how they are categorize all the different apps at BlackBerry World.

In my humble opinion the car analogy I read now the second time over here is not valid. Before buying a car I can make a test drive, but I can't go camping for 3 weeks using this car without paying for it. At least I can't. But this is what you're asking for, for whatever reason you have. You name and shame that this is not a normal paid app but the same time you're asking to be able to test it for some days before spending money for it.

The app itself includes all features in the free trial, even all kind of tracking and the headless module beginning with firmware 10.2.1. There is no limitation in time but some parts of certain graphs are covered with plasters. But everything is fully working and you can check everything out extensively without time limitation or something like that to get a idea how everything works and what is offered. In the worst case you can also just wait if a feature you would love to see gets delivered with one of the next updates or not, BlackBerry World will alert you. Just some settings are indeed not working, but those are anyway only for advanced customizations like showing cellular network traffic at the active frame. You can see inside the app if and how the graph works.

I see over here several "battery" apps at BlackBerry World with a price Tag of $1.99 and more which are offering a lot less, but the user is unable to know until finally paying for it. And after paying it is too late...
My app is free at the beginning, nobody is forced to pay to check out what is inside the box and in the end it costs a single time (currently) $0.99 - but maybe it is far too cheap and I should raise this level again. :-/

Maybe I'm somehow biased because I've spent several months of spare time creating it, so your posting feels like attacking my own baby. But I'm not really getting what I should change to get you fully satisfied. At least nothing which BlackBerry gives me the permission for to do so...

You do not have to anything to get me fully satisfied. As I've said twice now I'm not attacking yours or any other app that the developer has decided to place in BBW and put it as free for some features and pay for others. I appreciate you and every other developer creating apps for BlackBerry.

As I said previously, I don't understand how this became a bash the developer post but it did and for that I apologize. All I've stated is that when I download an app that only has a download button and no price in the download button, I expect that app to be full, complete and free. The real problem here is that CrackBerry really needs a third catagory for apps that have pay to use full resources and free to us some resources. What I do know is when I go looking for a car for sale, I expect to be paying for that car. If I happen to find an ad that says car for free, then I expect it to be free. If the ad said car for free but the tires are extra then I would have every right to pass that ad over if I'm not willing to pay for the tires.

Please accept my appolgy for my first comment that seems to have been the start of sending this downhill fast. Please keep developing for BlackBerry and with quality apps I know you will do well. I too will continue to download apps that appeal to me, in whatever category they appear in.

BaSa and BeBuzz are the only Two apps I paid for and are worth every Single penny! Thank you QTHelex


I am a software developer and I know how difficult is to create a quality app.
I bought your app, and I can see the serious work you have done.
For those wanting free everything remember everyone has a life and bills to pay. Think twice before posting your comments...

All the best,

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