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Battery and System Analyzer gets updated - Headless support plus a ton of improvements

By James Richardson on 20 Feb 2014 08:51 am EST

For those of you that like to keep on eye on your battery usage and what's using up power, you'll be pleased to here that Battery and System Analyzer (BaSA) has received a nice update - including headless support for users running OS 10.2.1. 

We first took a look on video at the native BlackBerry 10 app back at the start of the year so it's encouraging to see the developer working hard to bring us some enhancements to what was already an awesome and very in depth application. 

Changes in release 0.8.4: HEADLESS (10.2.1 firmware) - for 10.2.0 firmware this is version 0.8.3

  • Several layout improvements, fixed text size at several places but increased default size of property values at the same time to ensure always readable values
  • New layout for the "diagram refresh bar" at the Widget screen, the Refresh Button was removed from the top and the TitleBar hides now automatically while scrolling. This way you get more available space on the widget screen, you can even turn off the "diagram refresh bar" in the settings to get even more useable space
  • New quicksetting for the widget screen to change fast the timeframe of the graphs

Since the first video review of BaSA at CrackBerry there were even more changes:

  • New battery monitoring backend
  • New low level battery parameters: Voltage, Current and Power - You can find the new parameters at the Properties page. Put them on the Widget page in case they are important for you. In one of the next updates more stuff will get possible with those values, including a new graph and new options for the ActiveFrame. (Small secret hint: "Powermeter" - the developer is working on this feature since several weeks and we may get it with some luck before March)
  • A new "warn on exit" Dialog, you can turn this off in the settings
  • Initial small steps at some places to support shortcut buttons for devices with keyboard like BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 
  • Analyze function supports now diagram drawing with up to 7 days
  • New readout function at the analyze chart for the used storage including delta mode (Internal and SD Card)
  • New Button to select the current readout mode (the symbol represents now the currently selected mode)
  • Some changes and adaptions at the new storage Tab 
  • Separate properties page for storage related details
  • Several small performance improvements
  • Improved memory management (less cached data to reduce the amount of data in the RAM)

Battery and System Analyzer is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free to download for an initial trial. 

More information/Download BASA for BlackBerry 10


jojo beaconsfield

Thanks!! I downloaded ,and full features cost $1.99 ,look's awesome


The second app that I updated today and it has great features for my Z10.

Jaimin Shah

How is it better than the device monitor inbuilt in our BB10?

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It's going to cost money someday, that's how it's better.

Wait...that doesn't make much sense. Sorry.

Jaimin Shah

No seriously.. does it do anything to increase battery life?

Lots of apps go headless, but since crackberry is specifically covering this, I wanted to know whats so special about this app

Narendra Modi for PM and Congress free India 2014


I agree. Several times I've purchased apps highlighted by CB, only to find them lacking. Honestly, CB has lost a couple credibility points with me when it comes to app and accessory reviews.

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Luckily you're able to check this app out for free before purchasing. :-)

Posted via CB10


The built in device monitor is great when it is about checking out which app is currently draining your system. (by the way extremely important) But sadly it doesn't go much beyond.
This app in comparison analyzes the system as a whole and gives a lot of possibilities to check out what is going on. The Analyze screen offers powerful tools to check at example out how big was the impact in battery power while watching 30 minutes Youtube videos and to be even more precise how much data the whole thing has consumed during this timeframe or if the amount of free space at your SD Card changed during this timeframe.
Just check it out for free and if you think it may be useful you could upgrade to the full featured version or not. A posting over here can't replace your own experience. :-)

Posted via CB10


Yes you have improved a lot of features. You have done a great job.
(got the app before cb featured it btw)


James, you way want to replace the word "here" with "hear" in the first paragraph.

Observation Junkie

Don't think he hered you or is it heard, or even hair do?

Catapulted from my Z10.


No I think it spells hurd...yah that's right...

 CB10 

Observation Junkie

Or it could be turd

Catapulted from my Z10.


He "way" want...

You MAY want to proof your own work before playing grammar cop.


Halifax Guy

I've had this application for quite awhile now and am quite happy with its performance and the developer's quick responses to questions. It's well worth the small cash outlay in my opinion.

Posted via CB10


This sounds great.....if T-MOBILE would release 10.2.1!!!

Posted via CB10


Don't hold your breath. LOL. (* I'm tmobile customer too *)

 CB10 


How about improving or updating the device analyzer we already have, instead of having to buy one? This doesn't make any sense....

Posted via CB10


This app was developed by a private person in the spare time. Not by BlackBerry.
So you think it doesn't make sense that developers spend time to develop applications for BB10?
What should small developers do instead in your opinion?

Posted via CB10


Well said. It's ironic truly how many people complain about paying $1-$2 for an app, yet they have no problem chugging down a $4-$5 coffee.

Posted via CB10

Jaimin Shah

Totally agree. We should support good developers who spend time making BlackBerry an awesome phone.

Btw, how much money does the BB developer even make?

Its not a money-minting profession unlike developers for IOS or android.

They do it for their love for BlackBerry. It really is just that.

Narendra Modi for PM and Congress free India 2014


Well, to be fair, things are tight with Debbie.


This app has been around before device monitor and is still not redundant unlike a lot of other battery apps now.

Aman Shah Alladin

Very good, very detailed!!

Posted via CB10


Can anyone confirm if there is a 'superbar' like option for battery % and weather, like wallpaper changer hd from Shaosoft, before I purchase the full version. TIA

Posted via CB10


What is a superbar?
The full featured version of BaSA is identical to the free version. Just the covering plasters and stickers get removed to make it fully usable. But all included features are visible and working at the free version.

Posted via CB10


Ah, thanks a lot for sharing. Looks like a neat feature. :-)

But I'm afraid it won't get integrated into BaSA. As far as I know there is no possibility for a application to get the current background picture, only to set one. So BaSA would need to get itself a background picture manager to have the original picture to draw the battery % or some other informations on it before setting it as a background. So it may get too far out of the scope of this application.
But I see no problem to run both applications near each other. Wallpaper Changer HD for your background and wallpapers including battery and weather information and BaSA for everything which goes beyond a wallpaper. :-)

But you can never know... Maybe we get at some point a full screen graph as a wallpaper provided by BaSA. But from my personal and current point of view I'm not sure how practical and readable this may get in the end.


It's fine if you guys don't have it QTHelex. I paid for the app nonetheless (I have data volume counter app). I am not sure if I will use it but I support you guys :) keep it up with the awesome work but more importantly (imo) maintain the constant contact with the users of the blackberry community and responding to them when they need your help or if they have realistic ideas (unlike mine >_


No problem and thanks a lot for your support. Keep the ideas coming, maybe just the next small thought could turn in the end into something big. In the best case use the forum thread which is linked in the support section of BaSA. This way others could join a possible discussion. :-)

I'm trying as hard as possible to answer every message or question which are addressed to me in a reasonable timeframe, but it happens sometimes that I need for this 1 or 2 days since the whole QtHelex thing is a one-man-show only and time is sometimes a extremely limited resources. But I give my best. :-)

Posted via CB10


There's no superbar, the point of the app is not to be a super app with several different functionalities. BaSA logs several kinds of data for you so you can analyze them over time, and does it very well. It can coexist with these superbar apps very well, even more now with headless support.

Only thing it lacks is data exporting, but I have already written to QtHelex about it ;).

Posted via CB10 on my Z30


Hey KemKev, you may (way) want to read your sentence also.

Posted via CB10


Great update! :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Come on crackberry community, support devs we need them
Stop arguing......
Support support support support small devs

From My Sexy Blackberry Q10...


Blackberry link for mac is now new update. ha I beat crackberry!!!!

Posted via CB10


Had this on my z10 for a few hours. Battery nearly died. I'll pass


Huh, never seen something like that. Could you mail some screenshots of the Device Manger to the developer contact mail adresse?


Hi again!

I created a posting with a screenshot of the Device Manager and the chart for BaSA which was in background for 48 hours at this device:

I would say we have here a impact of 26 seconds stand by time during the day. The calculation is in the posting. So from my point of view it is nearly impossible that BaSA let nearly die your battery... or you had a lot of fun and checked out all charts and graphs constantly and the app has done it's best to provide you the data you were asking for.

I would say you could try BaSA again without doubt. In case it is draining your Battery again please prove me wrong and provide some insights how BaSA performs at your device and how you're using it. This way I could get able to work on this issue and provide a update which makes this app even better. But from my current point of view I see no issue. :-)

Aminu Yasmin

Tnx u Crackberry u doing a good job, but I have a request from u, my BlackBerry Q10 iss white and I want to change the colour to black, when will u start revising the parts pls, tnx