BaSA (Battery and System Analyzer) gets updated with a bunch of fixes and enhancements

By James Richardson on 15 Jul 2014 05:34 am EDT

If you are looking for a third party solution to see what your BlackBerry 10 battery is getting up to then look no further than Battery and System Analyzer. The app is rather in depth and is the perfect way for you to keep an eye on what's going on inside your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Once again, the app has been updated with fixes and some new features - which we always like to see. New in this latest version is the following:

  • Fixed an annoying bug at the new and optional text based Active Frame which caused a bad layout on the Z3 and Z30.

  • Fixed a bug at the opacity rendering engine of the Analyze screen (21.6% brighter graphs are now possible)

  • New Option Button bar at the Analyze Screen (to have some space for an additional button in the next release)

  • A layout fix for the Power scale toggle at the Battery Detail page (Q10 & Q5)

  • Added a vertical scale for the cellular signal strength at the cellular details tab

  • For the free demo version of BaSA the position of the plaster was changed at the result page of the network traffic monitor to give more free options to test and check before upgrading to the full featured version

Another perfect example of a dedicated BlackBerry 10 developer striving to offer the best - sweet.

More information/Download BaSA (free) for BlackBerry 10

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BaSA (Battery and System Analyzer) gets updated with a bunch of fixes and enhancements


Because it's not just a battery app it analyses your system. Which means you can check how much battery life an app uses how that translates into heat and how much ram/ CPU power it uses. A great app great dev.
PS.: one can also check how battery life develops after an os update.

Thanks, awaiting your feedback :)

Don't forget to check out the Analyze screen and the readout feature (data traffic) over there after a hour.

Posted via CB10

Found it. Can you ad hotspot usage per connected device and other relevant data pieces?

Hope I'm not asking too much, and that there is an API for it.

Why I'm interested, my Z10 main job is powering a mobile hotspot at home, on an unlimited data plan...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I guess this could be impossible, I'm not sure if I'm even able to see if your device is currently acting like a Wifi Hotspot or not. But let me doublecheck this. :)

What you can at least see is your data consumption based on time. But for the rest BB10 could be too secured. I'm sorry.

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Oh no... got a mail with a similar issue last night from the Asian Pacific region. Also paypal related.
Hopefully only a small hickup of the BlackBerry payment system and temporary. :-)

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Just like ClipMan. *****
Highly recommendable!

While this app here is maybe only for the nerd in us the other big app by this developer is like car tuning for my BlackBerry.

- wide base tyre
- alloy wheels
- nitroglycerin injection
- and generally 150% more horsepower! :-D

*LOL* Made my day. Thanks! :)

But I won't include "rally stripe for your BlackBerry" into the app description of ClipMan. Sorry. ;)

There is nothing wrong with the built in Device Monitor. It is a great addition to BaSA to hunt down what consumes too much power on application level.
But if it is about the overall device BaSA shows it's strengths and combined with the built in Device Monitor you have a great toolkit to know more about what happens at your device.

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My Q10 battery is terrible. It's dead by 5pm when I leave work after being fully charged all night. Friend says it is because I charge it using old BlackBerry cables -- this true? Guess will try this app now.

This app won't change anything at the battery performance of your device but could help you to spot the usage which drains your battery the most. Check at example the Cellular Tab, with a weak signal strength during the day and 4G (LTE) enabled the radio module of your device will need a lot of power to stay connected.
In case you don't need the performance of LTE the most time of the day I would suggest to go to your device settings and switch to 2G / 3G connections only. This will need a lot less power but is enough for mails, BBM and CrackBerry ;-)

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It's bothersome not having those radio controls after switching to AT&T. I did on T-Mobile.

It is just displayed as the location permission but actually this is the permission "read_radio_modem_data" which is needed at some devices to get the cellular signal strength. I have no idea why it shows up as location, maybe a translation error or some rather rarely used permissions are summarized with genera like "location".

I'm at the moment even not sure if the permission "read_radio_modem_data" was removed in 10.2.0 since it doesn't show up in the documentation:

So don't worry. :-)

This is an excellent product from an excellent and responsive vendor.

I bought a license but the only reason I don't use it as my default battery monitoring app is because of the visual clutter of it, mostly.

Regardless, the vendor deserves your support.

Great app, I bought it and support is very prompt and helpful but since the improvements to Device Monitor I found I didn't need BaSa anymore...honestly it was bit complicated for my simple mind to understand all it's options, while Device Monitor might be a bit too basic, does provide most of what I want.

Thanks a lot for supporting the development of native apps. ;-)

You're right, it doesn't really need BaSA anymore. But it is good to have the option to get more informations if you really want them. The built in Device Monitor might be basic, but it does a great job for what it was designed for, identifying apps which cause exorbitant system load and battery drainage. For everything which goes beyond there is BaSA and beginning with version 1.0.0 (which gets hopefully released in a few weeks) there will be a new cool feature the built in Device Monitor can't offer so far. I'm sure you won't regret the upgrade to the full featured version.

And if it is just for the "nerd education" someone posted above. :)

Well now you got me all excited to see what's coming! And yes, 'nerd education' can be fun. Downloading again now :)

UPDATE: Even though I bought/paid for this app before, and it's in my 'available''s no longer full version???

UPDATE to UPDATE: Dev got right back to my direct email and indicated it's a 'sync' issued and following his simple directions app is full version. Thanks Michael!

Aww... I guess I should have reloaded this site before posting my last comment. *LOL* :)
You're welcome Graheem. Thanks for using one of my apps. :-)

Ah, this was you. Already resolved via Mail. :)

For everybody else: In case you reinstall this app, it doesn't know that it was installed before. You need to resync your license with the one which got stored within the BlackBerry payment systen during the purchase.
But this is a quite easy process: Just press one of the covering plasters to get to the support page, scroll down to the Bottom of the Page and there should be a Button to resync the license. It checks online if you have purchased this app before and everything gets unlocked again. (it is linked to the BlackBerry ID mailaddress, so don't change your account when reflashing your device)