Bartender Pro - What drink can you make?

By Ryan Blundell on 3 Aug 2009 11:06 am EDT
Bartender Pro

Ah Summer - sun burns, shorts and sandals. There's still plenty of Summer left, and you know what that means. Time to throw another party! I don't know about the weather where you are, but here, it's been stifling hot out the past week or so. I guess I shouldn't complain though, it's also been beautifully sunny out. One way to beat the heat is with a cool drink. While I prefer sticking with water, lemonade or iced tea, some may opt for something stronger. You may see someone at the party attempting to make a crazy concoction. Feeling Adventurous? Yes? Feeling Tipsy?...maybe? Perhaps you should leave the drinks to a pro, Bartender Pro.

Bartender Pro is a fun application providing you with access to classic recipes, popular recipes and some that I've never even heard of; over 300 in total! You can even enter what ingredients you have and Bartender Pro will help you figure out what you can create! Maybe even a Flaming Homer perhaps? Just to be safe, why don't you hand over your car keys before taking a look at Bartender Pro?

About Bartender Pro

Version 2.03 of Bartender Pro was developed by Epic Applications, which has also created other products, including the popular Berry Wars/Drug Wars, Quick Phrases and Call Blocker. Sadly, not everyone will have a shot at using this app; it's currently available for the Bold, Tour, Curve 8900 and Storm. The application will take up 128.9KB of space.

Bartender Pro
main screen

At the main screen, you are given six options to choose from:

I'm Feeling Lucky! - After a few drinks you probably will. This option will send a random drink recipe your way.

Browse by Category - Choose your path; choose between the 202 cocktail or the 99 shooter recipes available. These are listed alphabetically.

Bartender Pro
I had to blur part of the first one out. It's a baaaad word

Browse by Ingredient - As with the recipes, the ingredients are listed alphabetically. Once you choose an ingredient, Bartender Pro will search through all of the recipes and present to you which recipes contain that particular ingredient.

What Can I Make? - "I don't know the scientific explanation, but fire made it good." Not sure what to make with all the ingredients nearby. You have two options; experiment and pray you don't kill someone or enter the ingredients into Bartender Pro. This feature lets you scan through the ingredients and combines your selections into a list. Based upon your selection, the application will either present you with recipes containing all of your ingredients or recipes that contain one or more of your ingredients, but needs one more to complete it.

Bartender Pro
let's hope this doesn't kill me...
Bartender Pro
hmm, not so bad

Add A Recipe - Chances are you have made up a drink or two in your day, or even come across one that's beautifully bizarre in your travels. Now, you can keep track of it in a nice, neat, little package. Bartender includes an easy to use recipe entry option, which will keep track of the recipes name, description, category, ingredients and measurement/quantity.

Bartender Pro
add your own recipe

Do you think your recipes are worth sharing with the world? The Upload Your Recipes options will allow you to email all of your created recipes to Epic Applications to be potentially used in future updates of Bartender Pro. And that will be your little claim to fame.

Bartender Pro
a recipe sample, complete with directions

As you can see, the drink recipes are neatly laid out in front of you for easy reading, not so easy if you've already had a few. The UI is somewhat similar to the previously reviewed Mobile Bartender, which offers most of the same features. Perhaps in future updates, we could see a favorites or groups section added, in case you wanted to plan out your "menu".

Settling the tab...
Bartender Pro should bring an interesting mix to your next party, in more ways than one. With a fair sized list of drinks, you may never get bored of having the same old thing. I was also glad to see that drinks had directions as well, so you know if you need to add flame or whether it should be shaken, not stirred. It is reasonably priced at $2.99 in the CrackBerry App Store - no free trial available. As always, please remember to drink responsibly...and try not to drop your BlackBerry in your newly created drink.


  • Over 300 recipes to choose from
  • Random recipe searches
  • Add and upload your recipes


  • Cannot save favourites for easy retrieval

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Reader comments

Bartender Pro - What drink can you make?


Have both Mobile Bartender and Bartender Pro. Prefer Bartender Pro by far as it gives you the directions as well as the ingredients. Very important if you are someone like me who doesn't drink often, and therefore needs more than just the ingredients to know how to make the drinks (I know, I own both right? Bought MB first and was disappointed with lack of directions).

Only downside to BT Pro is there are no shortcuts or searching features. If you are looking for a drink that starts with the letter Z, you will have to scroll through the entire list just to get down to the bottom of the alphabet. Not Fun.

I have not used this app so I can't comment on its user features but if you are a Verizon customer they have an app called Drinktini. Under the Information heading it claims you can "search by name, ingredients, or theme, from a database of over 7000 recipes."

Makes me laugh when I see some of these drink apps that make a few hundred recipes sound like some major stockpile of information.

I have Easy Bartender app on my phone. I like that it not only shows directions but also shows what the drink is suppose to look like.

And it comes in handy, but why in the world there is not a search or alphabetical listing is beyond me? I mean what if I know the name of the drink but don't know what's in it???

I am a crackberry addict and I also like to bartend for my wife and friends. The one thing that I love about this is the "random drink" and "what can I make" I wish that they had 8330 support for this app!! It was the very first app I was going to buy._._.'ol well

I will be porting this to the 8330 with the next update! I am afraid you will lose the images, but otherwise it will be the same.

It works well, except on the what can I make feature, it seems to suggest some recipes that have ingredients other than the ones I entered.

god ... that drink really works ... had it in pennsylvania one time and woke up in jersey ... how do they do it??!?

great program though.