Barnes & Noble Releases eBook Reader and On-Device Store for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2009 09:30 am EDT
Barnes & Noble releases BlackBerry eBook Reader And On Device Store

Barnes And Noble announced yesterday their new on device BlackBerry eBook read and store. Currently hosting 700,00 titles within it, 500,000 of which are in the public domain, Barnes and Nobile will now be pitting itself against such services as Amazon's Kindle. Barnes and Noble is off to a great start with this application though as Amazon does not offer public domain books. As well, Barnes and Noble is giving away 5 free eBooks just for downloading the application, which include:

  • Dracula
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Little Women
  • Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary
  • Benjamin Button

All come preloaded when you download and sign up for your a free Barnes and Noble account and items are indeed stored on your SD Card so as to not take up available memory on your device. Supported BlackBerry devices include all Curve, Storm, Bold and Pearl devices as well as 87xx series devices.

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Barnes & Noble Releases eBook Reader and On-Device Store for BlackBerry Smartphones


Very cool. I've been looking for an alternative to the ereader I'm using now. Hopefully this one will be better. Now if you could only buy a hardback and be able to get a electronic version of it as well from B&N. That would be the icing on the cake right there.

Fictionwise, that B&N acquired earlier in the year's eReader software uses the same authentication method, so it looks like this is pretty much the same software. The question, for me, is whether we'll be able to move purchases from the original eReader to B&N's version? There's no indicator on their site that you can do this as of yet, but I'd be extremely unhappy if my old titles effectively became lost because B&N stops supporting the old format.

Great app, but I can't create an account, It will not let me choose a security question. I changed all the permissions to "Allow" for the app, to no avail. Any other Storm users experiencing this?

had to play with compatibility mode (which did not work) and try a few links to create account bc my create accpount button wasn't working on the .148/5.0 hybrid OS I'm on if that matters.

also, I didn't get benjamin button!

If you go to Barnes and Nobles web site on your computer, click on My B&N you can create your account there. Then you would only need to log on to it using the BB

Am I the only one who was able to download four? The post said they all come preloaded, but I didn't get the benjamin button one.

It works, but it's so unbearably slow on my curve. It hangs for minutes at a time trying to load pages. Will prob have to delete.

I am totally stoked about the B&N eReader. I have the 8900, and I was able to download the eReader without any problems. I initially had problems uploading my free eBooks. It basically came down to me clearing my browser cache because when I had tried downloading, it would say file not found. Once I cleared my cache, the eBooks were uploaded immediately. I haven't had any issues since, and I can't wait to get reading. Now I can do everything right from my phone. :)

I only received 4 out of 5 books. Benjamin Button being the one left out, just thought you all might want to know.

same happened to me but after I closed the program and went back into it, the fifth book was available.

Everytime I try to sign in it gives me an error.
The application ereader_bb_barnesandnoble has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy.

I've deleted and redownloaded and check my permissions and I cannot figure out what is wrong. I'm on a Curve 8320. I looked at BN website and my device is compatible.

works fine on my storm. Like some I didnt get all 5 books, but I went to the menu and hit re-download and they appeared after a while. I don't think they show till they fully download but I could be wrong.

Got this installed on my Tour. I clicked on it and it instantly gives me "Error starting ereader_bb_barnesndnoble: Error loading module 'ereader_bb_barnesndnoble' OutOfMemoryError" How in the world can it be out of memory its the only app running with a clean 8gb media card!

Anyone else having trouble with it?

Some of my ebook had problem (some loading error) opening in fictionwise eReader Pro. (not whole book, but only some pages)
I was happy to find out that new BN eReader does not share this same problem. THANK YOU, B&N!

Downloaded this reader for my Bold 9000. 4 out of the 5 (No Benjamin Button) were automatically showing up in "My Online Library." Button showed up with the other 4 in "All Books." Unfortunately, since I am new to e-readers, I deleted all the books from my SD card because it seemed like there was an error and they wouldn't open (thought the reader would automatically open them, not knowing I had to access via the app only). This in turn deleted the books from "All Books," which I hadn't realized it would do. I was able to re-download the other 4 from "My Online Library" but since Button wasn't there to begin with, it is now gone! Unless someone knows how to get it back or B&N gives me an answer I will have to buy it (the price I pay for my rashness). LOL.