Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet specs leak out, BlackBerry soon to have another competitor in the tablet space?

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet
By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2011 06:12 pm EDT

Looks as though the push for the BlackBerry PlayBook may have taken another hit. The folks over at Android central have come across the details surrounding the new Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and well -- it's no longer just and e-reader.

This time around, Barnes & Noble has taken on full tablet status with with HD movies, TV shows and music, all thanks to the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora and it's highly customized presumed to be -- Android core although it never the details never mention that. While Barnes & Noble has compared it to that of the Kindle Fire, the specs appear to be in line with that of the BlackBerry PlayBook as well

  • Dual core TI OMAP processor at 1.2GHz.
  • 0.48 inches thin weighing in at 14.1 ounces or 400 grams.
  • 16GB of internal storage, plus it can take up to a 32GB microSD card.
  • Battery life is listed as "to be determined," but it looks like BN's expecting 8 hours with Wifi off, or 4 hours of video playback
  • Wifi, with 802.11 b/g/n.

Plus, you know -- Barnes & Noble's strategic marketing and reputation behind it. The original NOOK and NOOK Color did exceptionally well for Barnes & Noble. This version, will be announced on Monday with shipped units arring in stores come November 16th. While it's too early to tell what the reaction of users will be when unveiled, it's certainly another shot across the PlayBook's bow.

All I can say is, I hope RIM has a lot of people working on BBX to get as many things in line as possible because as of right now -- everyone is looking to take whatever pieces of the tablet pie they can and RIM thus far, isn't eating very well.

More info at Android Central

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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet specs leak out, BlackBerry soon to have another competitor in the tablet space?


The Play Book is decent, but was behind the power curve before it was launched.

I hope RIM is working on a new version if they want to compete.

It's not just about stated specs. It's about how the OS uses those stated specs. I think PlayBook/QNX/BBX delivers more performance per given spec (processor ghz) compared to others. Wouldn't consider it behind the power curve.

Talking about being behind the power curve - I should clarify, but I was meaning the cost of the PB versus other tablets already in the market as well as those pending release. $499 for the Playbook? Granted, the price has fluctuated to $299, but........

At 499.00 it was right in line with all the premium tablets. The price was fine until Amazon came in and undercut everyone. Frankly I think they should've left the price up at 499.

Anyone think Apple is going to drop the price of the Ipad because of the Fire? Hardly. And the Playbook is superior to the Ipad 2 in pretty much every way but the app store.

no. Its not better all around. For one... it has no camera at all... and the playbook has two. We know he playbook has crazy battery life. We speculate on the Nook's. I'm looking for an HDMI out on the nook... looking.... looking...

again... lets see them side by side and do a speed test. Lets actually use them back to back.

Android is garbage compared to QNX. That is all that matters... and yes... that makes the price difference worth it.

I would say you are way off base with Nook being better all around. Android running on a 1.2ghz dual core isn't as responsive and QNX/BBX running on a 1.0ghz dual core. I would suggest you go play with a few different tabs and see for yourself. The Nook Color has really been a gem among the low end Droid tabs once it is rooted to make it a full blown tab, but it is still on the low end and will be even with this upgrade in specs.

Playbook superior to the iPad2??? Are you serious?? Just look at the sales numbers...enough said.

Playbook superior to the iPad2??? Are you serious?? Just look at the sales numbers...enough said.

iBcop, you should speak form experience and not assumptions.

My PlayBook is my most powerful tablet, over my stupid-iPad, awesome Asus Transfomer, and Nook Color.

It's the only one that can actually do 1080p video like butter and of course capture it. Handles all Flash video like it's nothing. The iPad doesn't do squat in this area, as Apple sucks, and my Transformer can't handle more than a 720p feed.

Tablet space is getting sooo messy. I want RIM to KILL IT with BBX PHONES in 2012... then worry about killing tablets again in 2013.

THIS! 1000x over please. come back to tablets when they actually have something worth it to compete with IMO. I am dying for my BBX powered all touch phone!

I've said it a few times and I stand by it, the PlayBook is a beta hardware for the new OS. RIM was able to have the largest paid beta any phone company has ever had while developing a new OS. It's actually pretty brilliant.

I know they wanted the PB to be bigger, but I think they always new DIY was just a testing ground for QNX before they put it on phones.

Equal specs means comparable costs.
Who at RIM determined that the PlayBook should be MSRP'd inline with the iPad2 when the Nook Tablet can debut at $250?
It hurt reading the list of features on the Nook because the PlayBook still does not have that. I think BBX needs to hit big and it's going to need to make ALOT of friends in terms of 3rd party support.

Amazon is giving their tablet away based on profit from ebook sales. That doesn't mean RIM can afford to give theirs away too.

I've read in several places that Amazon is actually taking a loss on their tablets.

Definitely sounds like trouble for the PlayBook. What the Kindle Fire and its copiers have done is drive down the price. I'm not really sure how the PB is going to differentiate itself, especially before OS2/BBX.

keep in mind that PB was announced a year ago. Now, not only is the PB software not up to snuff (yet) but you have to expect RIM to come up with new hardware 1y after initial anouncement.

if they feel the heat from other hardware makers, then considering their one and only tablet is the same for +1y, then its completely their fault. 1 tablet a year is not competitive.

heck HTC has been announcing a new dual core phone every week for a month or two lately.... they dont stand still...

I am just not certain these tablets are going to take such a huge share of the market. Tablet people buy tablets... reader people buy readers... I don't think there is a huge segment of the market that is going to want one do-all machine... because regardless these will not be as good as the readers outside in the sun. So people will still want both. So why get a nook and a nook tablet both? Why get a kindle and a kindle fire?

it doesn't work like that. The screen is either good for reading... or good as a tablet. Its not both. It can't be both. There is a reason you can read Kindles outside but you can't read tablets well outside.

The kindle fire sucks for reading outside... and most people that buy readers want them to be able to display well in the sun.

I totally disagree with you. I have the Nook Color (rooted) and it works very well inside or out as a reader or a tab.

This is exactly what I was saying earlier, I think given the specs what Amazon has in store is going to compete with the Playbook & other 7" Tablets.. It may be lacking some features, but at this price point you can't really argue.. I'm expecting sales to be very high, based on what I've been hearing all around is that the main reason most people haven't jumped to a tablet is because of cost.. People without a doubt will choose a Kindle Fire Tablet over a Netbook.. which you can get as low as $199.. so I really think it'll get netbooks and other 7" tablets a run for their money..

I disagree with everybody. The playbook has had no competitor. It hasn't been in danger of falling behind because it never pulled ahead. I mean I've seen some I phone commercials and they are starting to look good not because I phone is worth it but because my Bold 9930 even for how sexy it is it starts feeling dated very fast.

Trust that I'm not being a debbie downer. I'm just stating that RIM has not been doing anything to move ahead, or even to be credited with falling behind. I mean I am looking forward to my 2.0update but is it enough to draw a new croud? aor is it just enough to keep crackberriens like me around? If they don't do something to draw a profitable crowd then they will have to stay strong with theit overseas sales but if they don't step it up they will only be falling behind only themselves

I question the term "competitor". I think I can honestly ask if RIM is truly "competing" in the tablet market. They are really just "participating" right now......

Having the Nook Color now, I can only hope they find a way to make their tablet stay connected to wifi! I hardly use my Nook anymore due to the fact that whenever I try to buy and download a book, it takes forever and I have to hold it up at a certain angle and just pray that I don't lose signal before it is done. And my computer is right in front of me with a great signal. Had this back to the store 3x already. Ugh! I would never buy a tablet from them.

You have to consider what you want to do with a tab. They're different animals. Actually, if you don't own a tab and want to access book, magazine, game, movie content, the Fire and Nook are great options. Most larger tabs are just really expensive web browsers, PB included. These smaller tabs offer content, meaningful content. Specs and speed are far less relevant.