The Bard's Tale for the BlackBerry PlayBook now on sale for only $2.99

By Bla1ze on 15 Oct 2012 08:08 pm EDT

When The Bard's Tale launched on BlackBerry App World for the PlayBook the pricing was set at $5.99 but for an unknown amount of time, you can now grab the epic action RPG on sale for only $2.99. With around 20-30 hours of gameplay, plenty of action and a whiskey barrels of laughs included -- it's something you'll not want to pass up if you've not already grabbed it.

Keep in mind though, you're going to need some space. The Bard's Tale comes in at over 3.2GB but when you see the graphics, you'll know where that space went. One other note, some users of PlayBook OS have noticed the game has slowed down a little on that OS. It'll be addressed with an update later but if you experience it, that's why.

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The Bard's Tale for the BlackBerry PlayBook now on sale for only $2.99


I hope the update will come soon, it was smooth at first then came chapter 1 and it was slow now. I purchase it at $4.75 APAC price when I was at OS 2.0. I downloaded it when I was at OS 2.1. Overall, this is the funniest game I ever played, kudos to the developer! I suggest that you purchase it now at the bargain price but download it when the version is no longer version 1.0 so that you will not be frustrated.

So if I buy this game now for 2.99 and have to reload the OS at a later date (for whatever reason, brick) will I have to pay the difference to be able to download it? Wait I already know the answer to this. Okay here is a question : Why am I not refunded my money when a situation like this happens?

Maybe I don't want to pay more for a app I already paid for so what happens then? I paid money and in return end up with zero unless I pay more...not cool and needs a solution.

No, from my experience, you aren't charged again for the app if you have to redownload it when you've already bought it, even if it was on sale. It's in your list of purchased apps, you just reinstall it on your PlayBook.

I can't download Combover Charlie because of this reason. I got it on sale and I had to reformat my PlayBook and the price changed. So if I want to play it now, I have to pay the difference. Pretty bogus as the game was worth the list price to me, but was fun/worth buying at the sale price.

Even if that's true, how am I to accurately manage the memory on my PlayBook if devs are not accurately reporting download size in AppWorld? I checked my memory both before and after the download and it used up 1.7GB, which doesn't match up to either the AppWorld description or Bla1ze's article.

Devs don't report download size, the download size is shown automatically based on the size of the .bar file.
The actual space an app requires on your device will often be greater than the download size, as files are extracted when the app is installed on your PlayBook.

I get that, and assuming you are correct, there's still an issue in that the download counter (xxxMB of 1GB) stopped counting at 1GB with about 1/6 of the progress bar remaining, and it continued to progress until the download was complete. I have a problem with that. Memory is a precious commodity on my 32GB PB, as I use it mostly for games and movies. 3.2GB is 10% of my total capacity, so I paid close attention to this one.

Paid full price for this game and it's fully worth it. Everybody should get it, maybe they will make a sequel :D