Barclays introduces Pingit - Mobile Banking app that lets you transfer money via text

Barclays Pingit App for BlackBerry
By DJ Reyes on 18 Feb 2012 04:13 pm EST

Barclays have release a mobile banking app called Pingit for BlackBerry smartphones. While a lot banks have been releasing apps where you can view your bank balance as well as transfer money, you could only do this between your own accounts. The Barclays Pingit app goes a step further and allows you to send money to other Barclay customers as well as non-Barclay customers. Better yet transfering money is as easy as sending a text.

To be able to use the app you must register your bank details as well as your UK mobile number and then you can start sending money to your phone contacts simply by sending a text. If you will be sending to a non-Barclays customers they must also register in order to receive payments via text.

App Features: 

  • It's free to download and use - and sending money is secure, done in seconds and shown on your Barclays bank statement
  • You'll need a BlackBerry smartphone with internet access
  • You need to be a UK resident, have a UK-registered mobile number and be aged 18 or over
  • Non-Barclays customers with a current account can only receive payments - but soon they'll be able to send money too
  • When you receive a payment through Barclays Pingit, your full registered name will be made visible to the sender of the payment 

Reader comments

Barclays introduces Pingit - Mobile Banking app that lets you transfer money via text


Kinda creeps me out. What if your phone gets stolen? I realize the reciever also has to sign up but still. I'd rather do my banking the old fashioned way or at least behind my firewall.

Finally getting some love from Barclays?

Anyone tried visiting their "Blackberry-friendly site" on a 9900? Text and buttons are so small I can't use it.

Thank goodness for Playbook bridge ;)