Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 app hits App World

By James Richardson on 5 Jul 2012 09:26 am EDT

If you are attending the Wireless Festival this weekend in Hyde Park, London you may be interested to know there is now a BlackBerry app available. 

Created by Vodafone and Live Nation the app should provide you with all the festival information you need to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible 

Key features include:

  • Line-up - Search by artist and stage to see who's playing, on what stage and when
  • My schedule - Keep track of all your favourite acts and their performance times
  • Map - Find your friends, make your way round the festival - and even set up
  • Social - See what everyone's saying about your favourite acts on Twitter and Facebook and share your festival experience with friends
  • Photos - See the best snaps of the festival - and check if yours is up there
  • Information - Find out more about the event, venue and travel- plus, find the
  • Easy navigation - you can now swipe left and right to scroll through the artists for each day
  • Reminders - you can now choose how much notice you get before an act's about to start

More information/download Barclaycard

Reader comments

Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 app hits App World


Barclay's eh?

Arn't they the ones that manipulated 10 Trillon $ worth of LIBOR rates?


Corrupt Banks like this should not be supported in any way. IMO.

Im not sure if they are related tho.


Good luck finding a bank with a good reputation! You might also want to have a pop at Vodafone for their tax deal with the UK government, and Live Nation's ticket handling charges....

...oh, and some of the bands performing may well be taking some "special medicine", and the concession stands will be overpriced, etc etc.

They will be releasing an App that allows you to fix the base rates yourself on your Playbook.