Barack Obama took a selfie on a BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 10 Dec 2013 11:38 am EST

We recently heard that US President Barack Obama is sticking with his BlackBerry and actually isn't allowed to use an iPhone, but what we didn't know is just what device the President has by his side. He's been a Bold 9900 user for quite a while now, but it looks like he may have recently upgraded to the BlackBerry 10 train. 

From the looks of this photo, taken at Nelson Mandela's memorial service, Mr. Obama may very well be using a BlackBerry Z10 now. The photo shows the President taking a selfie with UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt while using a Z10. Of course the device could very well belong to one of the other parties but we're banking it belonging to the POTUS (or at least we hope it does -- because that would be awesome). 

Update: Word on the street is that the Z10 doesn't actually belong to the POTUS, but maybe he liked it enough to get one of his own soon?

Thanks Rich!

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Barack Obama took a selfie on a BlackBerry Z10



Secondly, the lady looks like she is really admiring his phone. She's got both hands on it while he has one. And look at Michelle's face! Not at all amused! Watch your phone mr. prez!

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The PM of Denmark is Helle Thorning-Schmid, an attractive politician. Michelle has good reason not to be amused.
She holds the phone with two hands telling me that the phone is hers. Not that she couldn't get a replacement phone if she happened to drop it. It's the hassle of waiting for a replacement with all the loaded security features in place. No?

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How big is Obama's phone that it can be held by three hands?!

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel

If you watch the video Mrs Pres fits the saying if looks could kill! She was not amused lol. It is a bit undignified at a funeral but that our pres. Sigh

Lol definitely she didn't look amuse. I didn't notice til I read your comment.

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I hate this. Whenever I comment first, someone deletes the comment. Why the injustice?

Also, somebody give that man a Z30.

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I like reading people fighting over the first post. This isn't supposed to be a dictatorship. Let there be free speech!

It's a part of speech...right? if you say's speech. just messin with ya Quick.

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I would love to see Mobile Nations adopt a comment system like Slashdot. Up Vote for funny, interesting or informative comments and let us decide what we want to read.

Let the crap sink to the bottom... :)

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i was just thinking of a system like that. it would filter out all the stuff we could care less to read about. like "FIRST!". jeez what a waste of human energy and life.

Right!? And no harm is being done until these busters start personally attacking people. Bunch of bullies!

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Second that.

Message to both parties:
Still, no fun reading through half a page of pro/con before any real commenting starts... First haters, just cool down and ignore it, first lovers, one or two hi-fives is enough, :-) thanks guys

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

+1. The first haters drag it out ten times longer with their crying and name calling for many posts after the fact. Someone posting a one word "first" post is not that big of a deal. I like the people who THINK they are posting first but they're not. Now that's funny.

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I know! I actually kind of found it useful, hijacking people's "first" comments

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

No I heard they were a division of Sector for Megaton & Bumblebee to show up at your house.

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Don't know but it seems like the first police shot themselves on the foot. They deleted the "first" post but now half the comments are about that "first" post.

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Yeah. They should also be bad language and bully police because that's what these haters are doing. Bullying.

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You didn't make me feel like anything. I'm just saying when someone goes after another person for it...I don't understand the logic behind wasting energy being negative about it.

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You were first? No one will believe you because the First Police have been here. I think you're a liar. You probably hardly notice when CB posts new things, do you?
...How big does your e-penis feel now, hmm? Pretty small I bet.... Pretty small...

If you say so...nothing to prove here. looks like your being a little insecure. Do you want a hug it out?

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Just so they think there is a bomb planted in it, they destroy it, then nuke waterloo because it's full of terrorists. You can't send "Complementary" things to the president .

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

They're not attempts....its plain fact. it's people like you why people put first on the comments.

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it's not people that make you feel like wanting entitlement and putting first, it's your own upbringing or lack of maturity. take some responsibility for your childish behavior son.

It's just a simple game. Don't take it so seriously. Before you step into the Matrix take the chill pill.

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Wah wah wah! Thus the reason why these threads get crazy. Folks want to call names and try to give you some ridiculous back story about how the person who posted first was neglected as a child and bla blah blah!

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Racist comment in coming!!

You could of kept it as BlackBerry.

I love you Obama! But I had to!

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Forget CrackBerry. Let BlackBerry give him a Z30. They should go to the White House and demo the Z30 with him.

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He had trouble porting his contacts and calendar using BB Link. So, he's now holding out for the Q30 with a 2-day battery. Maybe they will fix BB Link by then. LOL

Are you kidding? I'd if I sit next to an attractive head of state like Ms. Helle Thorning-Schmidt. :-)

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His endorsement doesn't hold as much weight as it did in 2008. However, it is nice to see BlackBerry get some exposure.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I dunno, I think anyone who had to put up with a taste of the shenanigans in Congress would be suicidal. He's certainly greying out because of these unprecedented back-scratching rubbish. Folks should be free to vote with their conscience rather than following party lines. With only two major parties, it's always a two sided issue: left & right, black & white, yes & no, up & down. I think there is room for compromise - for a middle ground - and room for a third option.

Is that his phone or the Danish PM's phone? She has two hands on it to his one.

Off topic, but Michelle does not seem too happy with Barry's proximity to his new BFF. Just sayin'...

That's funny! Hopefully the entire government switches to BlackBerry and the turn around can begin! Long live bb!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

I have learned last week from a friend who works with Vollkswagon USA that they use BES and handed out Z10s. And yes, I taught him some of the features he was totally unaware of how to use or find. I informed him of 10.2.1, but he said that IT would say no to updating. He's on 10.1.

LOLOL of course, why the hell would thru upgrade to a leak? Maybe in a year when it's out officially for everyone

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I think "with a Z10" is a more appropriate title than "with his Z10". I have money on the it belongs to the lady.

How appropriate the service was for Nelson Mandela...and narcissistic POTUS turns it into all about him. Looks like a grinning Jackass!

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I jokingly attack a known traitor to my country and you attack someone not in the public eye you know nothing about?

What's your problem?

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A known traitor, really? Funny. He's your best president in years. You have no idea how politics work. His hands are tied by the two party system, the rich that control everything, and the disaster Bush caused. He's made it much better than it was before he came to the seat.

Regardless, Obama needs to upgrade his phone.

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What are you 16? Best president? You sound poor ignorant and unintelligent. He's weakened my country and made it a target to all.

People like you too, who honor such trash, that are a disgrace to America.

Good luck in life .

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Be advised, the President Butt Naked Defense Force assembles.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Veiled threats against the sitting head of state? Hope NSA is on the case. The guy saved the US and world economies from a deflationary death spiral created by failed supply side ideology and the reactionary right goes crazy.

A lot of clever comments on the 1st lady....she probably just upgraded to a pink iphone 5c, now she's stuck in a two year contract although she just discovered bb10.

Keep The Faith

The new Amazon show Alpha House has BlackBerry scattered all over the show. John Goodman uses a Z10. BlackBerry needs to get more product placement on popular shows.

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Moochelle looks like a lot of fun, doesn't she???

Berry Christmas Everyone... Treat yourself to a Z30.... You Deserve It...

So it's "UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt" and "Mr. Obama/Barack Obama"...really?

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Oh wow stop the presses!!! C'mon...this isn't news. Kind of sad that this is all CB can come up with.

Yeah after seeing those it was definitely hers. Hopefully both Cameron and Obama will upgrade to BB10. Either way its good to see other PM's other than Merkel using BB10.

When I hear the word selfie, I reach for my Glock.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Now if we can only get the attention of Mr. Obama to get the Z30

I think he will be truly amazed and his daughter could see the power of bb10. Right now the daughter use iPhone crap.

Wait till 10.2.1 drops and you can download all Android apps that's gonna make a world of difference.

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hahaa agreed not everyone gets to post 'FIRST'. I can only imagine the pride that could possibly come with it hehee. On another note though, its also very entertaining to see the 'FIRST' bashers go on and on about how they hate the 'FIRST' thing hehee.

I think that the fact the Obama has a BlackBerry should wake people up. But we have been so dumb down that the majority is lost to what it really means.

Everyone complains about security, but when it comes down to it, 99% will voluntarily give up every last shred of personal info just to have Candy Crush and Instagram.

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Why do you think Apple and Android users care? If they did, it would be reflected in handset sales.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

The issue is that a huge number of the very same people who "don't care" are the same ones who rant about the NSA stealing their private data.

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And to make my comment make sense: the reason many governments and Presidents continue to use BlackBerry is because of the security.

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This is a total embarrassment for all 3 countries. Their acting like school kids at a memorial. It really shows no respect whatsoever. No matter how you feel about Mandela.

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Should Obama be taking selfies with his friends at the *Nelson Mandela memorial service*? Hmm... Looks like Michelle understands that a memorial service requires a little solemnity!

It's not exactly a funeral/memorial service in the way you are is the celebration of a great man who died of natural causes at an old age. There was dancing and joy expressed at this event - was that inappropriate as well?

...AND, it's not at all unusual for people at/after funerals to take photos with friends or acquaintances with whom they otherwise have infrequent face-to-face contact.

To answer your question jstirtzinger, for those that already hate Obama, everything be does is inappropriate.

Not if you don't see those folks everyday. It's a gathering to celebrate Mandela's life, but every one of them travelled far to get there. It's rare to have so many heads of state in one place. Like MJL suggests, it may be why Michelle looks so pissed! We have to cut Obama some slack as the actual funeral is tomorrow.
Happy there were no incidents. South Africans should be proud there have been no violence, but obviously Mr. Zuma and the ANC will have to reflect on his political career after today :)
Not to make a political statement, but I think it was shameful of Netanyahu to use the excuse that the trip was too costly and a security risk. If the president of the United States can get there, anyone else can.

Of course, he is showing off the cool time-shift feature. Maybe BlackBerry should try to get him to be a BlackBerry poster-boy....

Oh yeah, he already is!

Fantastic phone. Yes, not a high end hardware spec but absolutely stunning and best software. Thanks BlackBerry.

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A selfie at a memorial service??? Really Mr. President really???

Is this a funeral or a friggin concert???

Thats shameful really is.

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Love how the business insider cut off the part of the picture from Tumblr that shows the phone. heaven forbid anyone is seen with a Blackberry, people may actually think some folks buy them

Yeah pretty sure it belongs to the Danish... Although both Cameron and Obama both have Blackberrys, I don't think either respective Governments have BES10.

Surely it is in Blackberrys best interests to install BES10 in the UK and US (and other)governments gratis .

I'm guessing that as BES10 is now on the UK Government G-cloud, it has passed all the necessary CESG tests?

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If it Obama's Z10 get the President's security to get him a charger bundle .

Better still get the Z30 with the marathon battery life.

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I was just about to send you guys this article and then I went on Twitter and thought: "I'm pretty sure they got it already" lol. Crazy how people make the biggest news out of nooooothing!

"Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" BBM Channel: C001214D9

Is it really appropriate for them to be so jovial at a funeral of one of the the greatest leaders this past century.

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Yes,,he lived his life, did good things and must be celebrated and appreciated, why should there be doom and gloom,,he wasnt assassinated like MLK or the others

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I can see him getting a Q10 for sure. Though the Z10 would probably give him the cool factor. And I am sure his kids would dump there iPhones for the Z10 by far ;)

And we are proud that douche bag asshole has a BlackBerry, talk about bad marketing. I know it's for security reasons but still.

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I'm all for "positive" news items referencing Blackberrys. And I just visited the Washington-Post and it had a big BB10 add :-)

He actually took a groupie, not a selfie. Come on Adam! :p lol jk Hope ends up getting that Z10, or maybe a Q10 and a Z30 Presidential Edition.

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N4bb says even it's Z! ^^ just give me the original picture and let me zoom in...

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I bet you that Obama could do more to help revive Blackberry sales to governments the world over than even more than Justin Bieber could have done to consumers.

Besides Obama touting the BB10 platforms many outstanding feature sets and built-in separation between work/government accounts vs personal accounts Obama could tell the foreign leaders that, “hey and if you go Blackberry platform you also don’t have to worry about me getting NSA to spy on you or your countries other government officials”.

That could close so many BB10 and BES server sales.

He took a selfie at nelson Mandelas services? Isn't that what the kids are doing these days, not really in good taste. Worst president in history using the best smart phones in history. Just my 2 cents (which will be worth less than that in a year with his leadership or lack thereof)

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Obama has done nothing positive as president.... no disrespect to BlackBerry but he can shove his phone up his.......

Posted via CB10

She's attractive?

I wouldn't even stop to look at that in the mall if she walked past me. Michelle has nothing to worry about.

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General dynamics updated the security on his blackberry. The same thing would have to happen with the z10.

Posted via CB10

Governments seem like an idea home for the surplus Z10 stock from last quarter. Have to wonder how much stock has moved since as a result of renewed government interest.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Really they are smiling while looking at it saying "I can't believe Blackberry make a billion dollars worth of these thinking they would sell!"

PS. Unfortunate owner the Z10 here. I've have probably 25-20 BB's since 2006. Mind you that was only 4 different models though....warranty issues FTW?

Wasn't this supposed to be like some kind of memorial/funeral? Why are they taking selfies like they're hanging out?

Posted via CB10

Funeral is on Sunday, this was a celebration of his life. even had horns and what not going in the stadium by people that attended along with dancing etc..

Posted via CB10

Maybe she was showing off Time Shift with the front camera. Next thing you know all White House staff will have Z10s.

And p.s. A selfie at a memorial?? "Hey it's me at Nelson Mandela's memorial service! CHEESE!"......nice obamatard. way to respect a great man.....

I didn't know there were so many Obama haters on this site.

Some of you are spitting venom like you were actually there and know the context of why the photo was taken.

Posted via CB10

I totally agree, they need to sit and watch the entire video of the ceremony, then come back and post their comments.

Posted via CB10

Looks like Michelle is very uncomfortable among them especially the president sat next to the blonde. I bet Michelle said to herself, I will get you Mr. President when we return. Why on earth you sat next to the blonde one? Why? Mr. President replied: Michelle, this is politics...Don't you know this already!

This "selfie" is actually making it on to a lot of the UK newspapers, with the BlackBerry logo showing very clearly,

In marketing terms, you cannot pay for that type of publicity.

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Shouldn't the title of this story be "Danish Prime Minister takes selfie with Obama on HER Z10"?

Wouldn't it be nice if bloggers actually checked facts before posting their stories?

Posted via CB10

I support giving Obama a Z30. It has a better chance of choking that liberal weiner. Actually, make it good and give the wingnut a Note 3.

Posted via CB10

He is just so cool.
The coolest prez we ever had.
So, so, so, cool.
Can't believe how cool he is...., so, so cool.
So, very cool!

And what does it matter? Crackberry, please post news on here that matters about our phones. Thank you.

Posted Via Z10 or Q5, depending on my mood

Who really cares people. His approval rating in the United States is at all time low and dropping daily. Currently lower then George W. Bush. I just want you to know who your posting about. He will go down as the worst US President in history.

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A great man dies and Obama thinks it's ok to act like a lonely teenage girl and take pictures of himself.. bad taste imo..

Posted via CB10

To each his own opinion but watch the entire video of the ceremony and see how any other people were taking pictures.

Posted via CB10

devin266, the entire stadium was celebrating Mandela's life, led by a boisterous, smiling, singing South African crowd... bands playing, drums beating, hips swinging, hands clapping. It was the mood. Obama was simply in that mood. And it was the mood Nelson Mandela would have wanted! Life's for the living. Freedom and those who bring it are to be celebrated, not mourned :-)

24 hours later, this picture should be on every possible social media outlet for BlackBerry boosting. Come on BlackBerry. This is free advertisement, just like the shout out President Obama gave BlackBerry I'm his interview just a week or so ago.

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