Bank of America testing Mobile Wallet program using NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones

Bank of America BlackBerry NFC
By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2011 12:36 pm EST

We didn't expect to see much of NFC until the rumored 2011 devices hit later this year, but Bank of America is already putting the NFC technology to good use. They have started a trial of their Mobile Wallet program that will allow testers to receive a new battery door and microSD card to NFC-ize their device. The program lets users make payments using only their NFC outfitted BlackBerry (currently supported are the Curve 85xx, Tour and Bold series) anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The trial looks to start sometime this spring and is invite only. Great stuff!

Source: BGR

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Bank of America testing Mobile Wallet program using NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones


Regarding NFC, I'm with John Dvorak: "After all, you can stall the bank, and what can they really do, anyway? You stall the phone company and you are disconnected from the world."

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I am very interested in this. I would jump at the opportunity to take part in this testing. How does one go about getting an invite?

i got an email invite, but have a storm2...bummer.....i really don' t think its that much more convenient...i'm still going to carry the card in my wallet. Plus, by time I take out my blackberry, unlock it, find and open the app, then scan card would have been out and already swiped.

Until i don't have to carry a wallet, then the use of this is just for show.

Great to see a company using Blackberries to advertise their new nfc service. Hopefully more will join in and utilize the new Blackberries coming out with the nfc built in

The article said they'd ship out a new battery cover and a MicroSD card. The app must make use of those somehow... I'm guessing the SD card has the NFC chip on it and the battery cover is more permeable to RF than the standard? Unless each has a coil, which seems more complicated than necessary. I want in to try this out!

This is the Devicefidelity MicroSD solution that Visa and Bank of America were testing last year. It looks like they have gone commercial with it. How does one sign up? Can I just call the bank? I saw someone using it in NY last year in november and it looked really cool. They also had an iphone sleeve from the same company that made similar payments, which a second person was using. Unfortunately they would not tell me how to sign up for it :(

From what the person using it told me - they had switched their microSD to a new one that the bank had given them, along with a new back cover. They also had an application on the phone that allowed them to choose which credit card to pay with.


I got an invite. its a random selection of their customers. You can't request it. I actually deleted the invite at first until this popped up on crackberry.