Bank of America mobile app updated to v3.3.92

BofA mobile banking app
By Kerri Neill on 12 Jul 2012 05:23 am EDT
With the severe lack of BlackBerry supported mobile banking apps available from some of the larger financial institutions *cough cough USAA cough cough*, it's nice to see an update from Bank of America pop up in BlackBerry App World. The current version brings the mobile banking app to v3.3.92 and while it only includes a few minor updates, it's still an update!

The previous version already included the following features:

  • Find ATM and banking center locations using GPS, with no address input required
  • Review account balances
  • Pay bills and transfer money

What’s New in v3.3.92:

  • Ability to include a message to the transfer recipient when you send money to another person using a mobile number or email address
  • Various system improvements

I use my BofA mobile app on my 9930 and 9860 daily and I have to say, the new update seems to make the app run quite a bit faster. Being able to add a message to money transfers is a fantastic addition. Hopefully Bank of America will keep up the development of their BlackBerry mobile app unlike numerous other financial institutions. You can download the FREE Bank of America mobile banking app from App World, via the BofA website or by simply clicking the link below.

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Reader comments

Bank of America mobile app updated to v3.3.92


I have used this app for quite a while.

Unfortunately, I can only describe its functions as being rather basic, especially when comparred to other banking apps on other platforms.

Why does this always seem to be the case for we BB users? And why do we always seem to be ssatisfied with the little we are given?

Just my early morning rant!

Have a good day all.

As you can see from the picture, I have it running on my 9930 (OS 7.1) and I also had it running on my 9860 (OS 7.1). Not sure why you're having issues...

Nope, still doesn't work. Getting error message "We're sorry, but mobile services are temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

Yeah, change We're Sorry to we don't care about you at all. And change temporarily to permanently.

I agree that the banking apps we have for our BlackBerrys are lame. I work at and bank at Wells Fargo, and also have a credit card at B of A thus I use both of the apps frequently. The Wells Fargo app was just updated too, but it is WAY more lame than B of A's app is. It looks like some tired DOS-based app on an old XT computer created by a monkey. No, that would be much better than this app. The B of A app blows it out of the water.

I had to send the Wells Fargo tech group an email to ask if they were ever going to introduce an OS 7.x app and they didn't even reply to my email. It came out a week or so later. It is embarassing to say I work there.

I also have an account at ING Direct which used to have a very slick app for BlackBerry. When I upgraded to my Torch 9850 it was unavailabe and remains so.