Bank of America App updated to v3.0.26 - no more web browser!

By Kerri Neill on 23 Jun 2011 09:53 am EDT
Bank of America Mobile App

Oh happy day! Finally Bank of America, N.A. shows some love to it's BlackBerry users! With the new upgrade to v3.0.26 available on BlackBerry App World, BofA users will no longer be sent to a URL link to access their accounts. This new update is an actual app similar to what has been available for other platform users for quite some time now. Within the app you now have the ability to view & pay bills, transfer money between accounts & search for banking centers/atms.

When you go to find the app via App World on your phone, it is the old version, v1.1.0 (at least on my BlackBerry it is) which will still be the version that takes you to a URL site. I couldn't get App World to show me the current version. I tried downloading the mobile app via BofA's website and got a "download failed" message. So far, the only way I've seen to get the new v3.0.26 is to download it on your computer and then sync to your device. Still no app for the BlackBerry PlayBook but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Bank of America App updated to v3.0.26 - no more web browser!


I updated last night. Works Beautifully. It even lets me pay on my Credit Card. AWESOME JOB!!! Thanks BoA, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!..........

The Wells Fargo App seems a touch better than before. Really very similar to the web experience, except I don't have to open the browser. That's a plus.

Showed up for me via an App World notification yesterday

"Within the app you now have the ability to view & pay bills, transfer money between accounts & search for banking centers/atms" - You could do that on v1.0 as well

hopefully, anyone using a banking app like this at least uses a PW and/or encryption on their Berry and is running something like Blackberry Protect so you can remote wipe if you misplace your device.....

Wow for a second there you sounded just like my husband lol. I agree with you 100%. When you have sensitive information like banking accounts and such you should use a password/encryption on your BB and have a way to wipe the device remotely if it is ever lost or stolen. I have both btw.

Uselsss ( atleast now).
It says, We're sorry, mobile banking is not available now. Please try later!!?!!

My Tour gets the same "not available" comment and you can only retry or exit- which has happened for three days now. I want the older version back - at least it worked! The comments I have seen from Blackberry App World show lots of people having trouble with this upgrade. I need online banking - wish I had not done the upgrade.

Funny thing is that after I got done transferring some money with the browser app, I came to Crackberry about 20 seconds later to see this article. FAIL on my part.

I really do wish USAA get on board already instead of tickling iOS' balls all the time and leaving me with a shit stain icon on my BB that does not but take me to the web.

Apps are much needed and especially in the case of most BB users with our crap browser. I call it a peep hold to the WWW more than I do a browser - lol.

DO YOU HEAR ME USAA!!!??? Help a Vet!

I too use USAA (husband is in the Air Force) and this was the response I got from USAA when I asked about opening their app to more BB devices and a possible PlayBook app...

"Thank you for your message regarding our BlackBerry Mobile
Application. We have attempted to provide a BlackBerry Application for
the majority (92%) of USAA BlackBerry users of Due the abundance of features our USAA Application offers (Banking,
Insurance and Investments), as well as the costs and complexity of
development on the BlackBerry platform, we were not able to develop an
Application for all BlackBerry devices, nor were we able to incorporate
the Deposit @ Mobile function into the current version."

The app only works for these BB devices:

  • BlackBerry Bold (9000, 9700)
  • BlackBerry Curve (8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350, 8520, 8530, 8900)
  • BlackBerry 8800 Series (8800, 8820, 8830)
  • BlackBerry Tour (9630)

I'd love to know where they got their information on how many users use those devices.


Does not work if you have SafePass! What a piece of crap. Yet another reason to get an iPhone...

Successfully downloaded new app on my Torch this morning using SafePass. So still no reason (at least for me) to get an iPhone.

pretty cool, just wish it would save multiple accounts like the website did but nothing to complain about. good upgrade!

I can't get it to load. I keep receiving an error stating the network is busy and please try again later. I'm guessing maybe because I'm in a bes?

I got the upgrade notice from  appworld and upgraded without a problem... Much improved ui, faster response when navigating around the app... HOWEVER, they DID remove the option/ability to transfer to other b of a customers... Which was SUPER convienient, and got a lot of use (well, from me)... Kinda bummed about that because it was very easy to transfer money between mine and my gf's accounts, since we each have our own separate ones... Oh well... Wonder if anyone else has the same issue...

I was able to upload mine without a problem. So far I went through the app and it is a pretty solid one. About time BoA gave BB users love.

I am with Kerri Neill I can only be allowed to download v1 but the icon, screenshot, and description is for v3.

Is this due to my OS being 4.6 since I still have my Pearl Flip? I guess this app is for the newer OS builds add http:// to the beginning of that and you should be taken to the newest version.

For some reason, I cannot open the app. I have downloaded-dumped-reste six times with no success. It never gets to a log-in page. I have a tech file open with BofA but they say this is the first they've heard of this problem. PLEASE!!! If you can't open the app. call BofA tech support at 1-800-933-6262 and register a complaint. The more they hear, the quicker they'll be inclined to fix the problem. Thanks.