BADLAND for BlackBerry 10 gets a Halloween update

By James Richardson on 26 Oct 2013 04:29 am EDT

It wasn't long back that we announced the awesome game BADLAND had launched on BlackBerry 10. With Halloween on the horizon the developers of BADLAND have updated the app with some spooky new features as well as a few bug fixes. 

The game isn't cheap - at just under 4 bucks, but it is truly beautiful and full of addiction. With over 7 million users on all mobile platforms I think that pretty much speaks for itself - don't you?

If you missed our initial post with video you can catch up here.

New features include: 

  • Halloween Theme
  • New multiplayer level
  • 4 new multiplayer characters
  • Join the Halloween competition
  • Bug Fixes

If you didn't pick up the game initially, now may be a good time to do so if you are getting into the Halloween mood.

More information/Download BADLAND for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

BADLAND for BlackBerry 10 gets a Halloween update


Don't hold your breath, there is only a few days left until Halloween. I'm thankful we have the base version.

CB10'n it.....via my Z

Glad someone beat me to this - I was planning to email CrackBerry about BADLAND :)

Props to quality developers, I'm a satisfied customer.

Posted via CB10

I was going to pick this game up, but right after the last Crackberry article they jumped the price up. I'm didn't think that was cool. Perhaps if they have a sale I will get it.

Posted via CB10

My app doesn't show an update. I also clicked the update field in BlackBerry world but it says no update.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Gee, if it doesn't show an update how unfair is that. The people who bought it earlier don't deserve the Halloween theme. How unfair is that. Glad I didn't purchase this earlier.

Posted via CB10

Stalls on loading for me, on 10.2. Frozen on large orange Badland logo. Deleted and reinstalled. Worked for about 10 minutes.