Watch out for the zombie chickens with Bad Egg for BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 11 Aug 2012 02:46 pm EDT

Every once in a while I download a PlayBook game from App World with no intention of recording a video for the site, as many just are not up to par. Bad Egg was one of those but after playing it for a while I discovered it is actually a pretty cool game. As you will see in the video, your job is to control 'Peeps the chicken' and knock off from your platform the eggs that fall from the sky. Failing to do so before they hatch is a disaster as they will hatch into zombie chickens!

There are two versions of the app - a free one and a paid edition (for £1.00) although I can't see what the difference is. Both have the same three levels - so for now I would stick with the free one. The game is probably targeted at kids and they will love it for sure, however there is something strangely satisfying about the game and I found myself getting quite into it.

The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are decent, however sounds are limited with just the occasional noise when a zombie chick hatches. It would be nice to have some funky music to play along to. For a free PlayBook download Bag Egg is worth checking out. It may not be the most exciting game but for killing some time or keeping the kids entertained it is perfect.

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You still had to allude to the fact that the game pales in comparison to android and ios. It's really a shame that after a year and a half and the final (limited) release of the lte version, apps and games for the playbook are still like this...


There are less than stellar games on every platform. They never said this was one of the best PB games.


"Every once in a while I download a PlayBook game from App World with no intention of recording a video for the site, as many just are not up to par." I think you missed the point...


I think you're reading into that a bit too much.


???????He never even mentioned Android or IOS!


James, the difference between the full version and free version is that the free version only lets you go up to 300 points then stops the game play.

James Richardson

Thanks. I am clearly not good enough at thr game to realize that! 


James, thanks for the video and the positive feedback ! The leaderboard is global, but some PlayBooks are unable to connect to Scoreloop currently. We've been told they're looking into it, but are in the process of replacing them with an alternative. Anyhow, pleased you like the game and keep your eyes out for updates. -GoNow Games


The main character looks like a Furby lol.

Hey anyone in here play the awesome free game ROBOTEK for the playbook???
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