Backup Pro updated to support voice notes and SMS/MMS

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2014 03:12 pm EDT

We recently looked at BackUp Pro because of the additional backup settings it brings to the BlackBerry 10 platform and in that review, we pointed out some of the features that were missing from the app. Most notably, the lack of voice note back up support along with SMS/MMS.

Both of those concerns have been address now though with the latest build rolling out through BlackBerry World. Appearing as v2.4.2.1 Backup Pro now supports voice notes, SMS/MMS and also addresses a bug within the process of backup up contact addresses.

If you already purchased Backup Pro you should be seeing it available in BlackBerry World. If you're looking to learn more, be sure to check out our full review of Backup Pro.

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Backup Pro updated to support voice notes and SMS/MMS


Whenever I use this app to do a backup the "Last Backup" column never changes from 'Never'.

So there are some bugs to work out still.

There are bugs to work out in every app but did you contact the developer to report this issue? I don't even use BBlink

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You have backed up to SD card right?

I have added a whole section in the Help screen within the app about backing up to SD cards. You will find a description of your problem and a solution there under "SD cards".

I had trouble in the past with my Sandisk 64gig card and went through that process a while back but it must still be problematic.

I have found that the app takes a while to "finish" after it is done with the last backup item.

If you wait for it to completely finish before navigating away from that screen or closing the app, I think the "Last Backup" column should get updated.

I wish it was an incremental/delta backup mechanism. Faster, save data transfer/battery, and cloud storage space.

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This is possible but tricky. This functionality will be introduced as a completely separate app dedicated to cloud sync. The plan is to use Mega as it's storage is large (50GB), fast, private, and free. They released a new API last month.

This should be part of the main app. A separate app limited to only one cloud provider is terrible.

I don't like when devs decide to make features that should be part of one released app a separate one. It's worse than an additional in app purchase.

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I agree, all these separate features which will exist as apps should also be made available as in-app purchases.
Having one app to do everything is one of the selling points of this app.

The 4.99 seems steep until you think about the time,expense and effort to replace your lost data. Will the money you spend on lunch today replace and list data seamlessly.

I have this app and it is excellent. If anything I would make the encrypted backup process faster. But I set it up when I go to sleep and voila, done.

Thank you. To understand the pricing consider this. We have two apps, a cheaper "Fire Chest Backup" and a more capable "Backup Pro". Also consider that a cloud backup/restore app is fundamental to the OS and our app has no significant competition - ie. who wouldn't want it? Every BlackBerry 10 user needs this app, right?

1. When Fire Chest Backup was free it had 100 downloads per day. When it was changed to 99 cents it had 5 downloads per day. So there are quite a few users out there who wouldn't be prepared to buy an app for 99 cents.

2. Backup Pro is $4.99 and offers the function of multiple apps in BlackBerry World (totalling well above $4.99). It also does about 5 downloads per day. Backup Pro has a total of approximately 400 users (including a recent spurt in sales from the CrackBerry article). That's 400 x $5 = $2,000. Developer keeps 70% which is $1,400.

That's $1,400 for 14 months work (development started April 2013) which is reasonable given the app was done in spare time by 3 developers. So you can see why we are reluctant to reducing the price to 99 cents as it will make no difference to sales and only impact the bottom line.

At the end of the day, Backup Pro is a serious app with committed developers behind it. And it's build quality is well above most apps in BlackBerry World.

Also we were working on a NATIVE music player with graphic equaliser but as we have to port the necessary API ourselves, it's a little too intensive compared to the expected financial return. Given our experience with Backup Pro, and the current availability of existing acceptable alternatives, it's now on hold.

The next app is Bookmark Pro and when it's done we are going to try our hand at more content-oriented apps.

Yes, Bookmark manager and Reading list. The reading list is great as it caches the web page so you can read it later, even without an Internet connection.

Good for long flights. Just share as many articles as you can from the browser to the app while sitting in the departure lounge.

We want it to also support offline viewing of YouTube video but this is something we will eventually get to.

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Thanks for the answer.

Will we be able to export / backup the bookmarks into an open format, like Firefox HTML bookmarks or JSON file?

Worth a few bux for me...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yes everything will be in open formats so you can migrate to any ecosystem or device without losing your data.

Very important in our apps.

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That's not quite how pricing works, but it's a good insight into what it is to be a BlackBerry developer. Thanks.

I have 8 sticker packs on my phone and was debating purchasing Backup Pro, kinda funny. Simply put this is a very useful tool. I will do a YouTube video once I am familiar with the program and how it works.

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Prob a stupid question lol but I'm interested in buying. Always good to back up stuff! I was just wondering two things, when you restore can you pick and choose what to restore or does it restore all (say if I tell it to back up everything)

Second question, when it restores how good is it? Does it restore everything or like some apps it leaves some stuff out say for the contacts leave some of the fields out ect. If that question makes sense

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Yes you can pick and choose what you want to backup and/or restore.

There are somethings it can't backup yet like your settings, accounts, wifi profiles etc. Programmers do not have access to such things at the moment. That is the trade-off one makes in return for security when one chooses a BlackBerry smartphone. Things will get better, but there will be probably always be a lag behind Android where your data is not treated with such a high priority.

Yes when it restores, it does a proper job - very important to us too. If you aren't happy with it, I will refund you personally.

You won me over lol, about to purchase now, I'm sure I won't be dissipated seeing all your reviews

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Will it backup and restore linked contacts to Hotmail, yahoo and/or Gmail on to SD card?

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Just dove in, I am glad the new features were added. Best of luck to the DEV's with future additions to the app and I do hope they get a solid ROI sooner than never.

I loved FireChest, & just got this one. I like to support devs that put a lot of work into quality apps for BlackBerry.

Pay no mind to those that feel people should do everything for them for free. It is the hallmark of someone that has never worked for a living (or has an exceptional passion for volunteer work). I look forward to the planned features and new apps.

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Well I am starting to take it personal because it takes forever to backup even with this update. I reported this problem and exchanged emails with all the information they asked and it still continues to crawl. It is just unacceptable.

I don't know what to do apart to offer you a refund. I will email you with the details and a special offer.

Unless I can reproduce the problem, I can't fix it. To date it's working fine on my 3 handsets and hundreds of other users have not reported your issue.

Perhaps it has to do with something else on the handset? A setting or a conflict with another app?

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Thank you for your prompt replies and am looking forward in providing feedback to get this issue taken care of. I also thank you for all the work you put into it.

I'm not one to shy away from paying for apps I think I need, it's just that I need to be convinced that I'll actually use it. I certainly want developers to make money and the amount you laid out across 3 devs seems quite modest and I truly hope you are able find the best pricing scheme that maximizes your earnings. A 7 day trial might be a cool way to let people test the app. Anyhow I like your responsiveness and dedication to making a high quality app from what I have read so far. I guess I'm sucker for a deal as I find that I often buy apps I'm on the fence about when they go on sale. Keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll be your customer soon.

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Absolutely! It hurts to just loose the BBM chat history from time to time. It feels extremely unprofessional to have no chance to properly backup and archive received BBM messages.

Remember to read "Help screen" or contact support if you have a problem with your SD card.


Ingatlah untuk membaca "Bantuan screen" atau dukungan kontak jika Anda memiliki masalah dengan kartu SD Anda.

आप अपने एसडी कार्ड के साथ एक समस्या है, तो "सहायता स्क्रीन" या समर्थन से संपर्क पढ़ने के लिए याद रखें.

Working on it - hope to push an update out to BlackBerry World this week. Available early next week. Also addressing fine tuning of Remember notes export and some other refinements. Fully committed to taking this app into the stratosphere.

Update with fix for Box upload issue has been uploaded to BlackBerry World and awaits approval. Give it 24-48 hours to arrive on your handset.

I contacted developer as the only option I have to backup to is Box and that isn't working. No option I can see to backup to SD card or anything else. Hopefully he will contact me so we can figure this out.

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Figured out how to change backup destinations. Wasn't very well documented. "Box" is still an issue and hopefully be fixed in the update.

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