Backup and restore your device with ease with Backup Pro

By Alicia Erlich on 16 Jun 2014 12:48 am EDT

From its inception on BBOS, BlackBerry Protect acted as my daily backup in-between the ones I would perform using BlackBerry Desktop Software. Most of the items on my device go back to when I activated my first dumb phone almost ten years ago. If you add in the numerous swaps between BlackBerry devices, trips, concerts, and other personal items, that is an extensive amount of documents, pictures, and contacts amassed that needs to be saved.

In the weekly roundup we showcased quite a few useful productivity tools to help with organization, both business and personal, to help you be more efficient. One of those applications was Fire Chest Backup, a free application that saved and stored your calendar, camera, contacts, documents, downloads, and Remember entries to Dropbox. At the time, functionality was limited though the developer planned additional support, including SD card and other cloud service support, in a future paid release. Backup Pro is the result of those labors with expanded cloud and memory support and a more comprehensive backup/restore item list.

Upon loading the application you are presented with a choice of four backup options from the top dropdown menu: Box, Dropbox, Local Storage, and SD card. For cloud services, the application will redirect you to their login site to enter your credentials though does not have access to your username or password.

Once selected, you will be prompted to choose which items to include in the backup. Common sense dictates, at least for myself, if you have an extensive music or video library that might be better for cloud storage as you can always create a backup on your computer of these items. However, the items listed here are comprehensive in that it includes BlackBerry Express, Books, Documents, Downloads, Photos, Playlists, Print, Remember, Calendar, and Contacts. Simply tick of each of the boxes next to the items you wish to backup.

Depending on the types and sizes of the files, archiving speeds will vary. This is not an immediate process by any means but as with any process smaller databases such as playlists and documents for me are quicker to upload than downloads, photos, or music. You also have to factor in network and WiFi speeds, which for larger files I recommend connecting to the latter for.

Restoring is also a simple process and is accessible by tapping on the option at the bottom. From this menu and the subsequent dropdowns, users will have access to the last three backups made of each data type shown. However, all previous backups remain in the cloud or in memory until deleted manually by the user.

The Good
  • Easily switch between backup methods (Local, Memory Card, or Cloud)
  • Backups made with the free version remain accessible
  • Option to encrypt backups
  • Comprehensive backup / restore tool for your personal data
  • Active frame displays how long since your last backup
The Bad
  • Lack of SMS / MMS support (Coming soon)
  • Not compatible with Evernote, Microsoft One Drive, or Google Drive
  • Due to BlackBerry 10 API limitations does not backup Browser Bookmarks, Dictionary/Word Substitution, Map favorites, or Password Keeper
The Bottom Line

From the initial free product offering, Backup Pro grew into a first-rate wireless backup solution for BlackBerry 10 devices. The price tag is set at $4.99 which for some may be a bit high but the wireless backup capabilities more than offsets the cost. The files themselves are stored in universal formats so that data may be imported to and from your PC or other devices (i.e. Contacts as vCards, Calendar as iCalendar files, non-encrypted data as zip files) making this quite a versatile application.

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Reader comments

Backup and restore your device with ease with Backup Pro


Yes, I'm also waiting for this option, but BlackBerry needs to release a API for this first. :-(

Bought this app recently. It's well worth getting. Five dollars is a pittance compared to what my lost data would cost in time and effort to restore or recreate.


Thanks for putting the price for a well-made app in perspective. Some apps like ClipMan (mega-awesome clipboard manager) easily add $50 worth of productivity to a phone, if you use a certain feature...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This sounds like an awesome app but this should be a standard feature on a BlackBerry. I would pay a small monthly subscription to BlackBerry if they offered to securely take care of my information like they did with my BBOS devices over BlackBerry Protect. This couldn't be too difficult for BlackBerry to do.

Posted via CB10

Hmm this might actually work for me although it really needs sms support for sure.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Sounds OK, but we shouldn't have to buy a third party app for this. Bring back BB Protect.

Posted via CB10

It's a great app along with their others. Well made, excellent UI and quick help when I've inquired about things.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

I have this app and its excellent. Even fixed the multiple first name bug when restoring contacts with BBM linked.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Agree that BlackBerry Protect should be more than it is...

Wish that LINK did full backups via Wi-Fi and allowed for much more selection of what can be restored... without doing everything.

Posted via Android CrackBerry App

Just woke up to this article. Thank you. The author has quite extensively studied the workings of the app.

One thing not mentioned:

- The Zip file contains all your Remember notes as individual plain text files all neatly arranged into folders (matching the folders in the Remember app).

For those interested in what lay ahead:

- SMS/MMS backup
- Backup scheduling
- Mega support? (they released a new API in May)

Bookmark backup will be handled by Bookmark Pro, an upcoming app to manage bookmarks and a cached reading list (great for flights). We want to add the ability to rip video too. Will post screenshots in forum next week.

As you can see the theme of our apps is to plug fundamental deficiencies in the core OS. You might consider our apps an investment by those who would rather contribute to the development of high quality solutions now rather than wait in despair for BlackBerry to deliver the goods. What else are third party app developers for?

FireChest Backup Pro (or even the free version) have always worked wonders for me.

I always keep 3 things in mind when I settle for a backup app.

1- Able to eliminate duplicate entries.
2- Cloud Backup Storage
3- the ability to save contact pictures

Thank you FireChest for the great app.

Posted via CB10

Just bought it and did a backup to SD card and it's still showing last backup date as "never". Even restarted the app and backed up again - same result.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Users have mentioned the solution in the app feedback. I will add a paragraph on this to the help screen of the next update.

Basically if your SD card is giving you this problem then you need to format it in FAT32 format with your PC. Even if the card says it's formatted by the manufacturer as FAT32, you still need to do it yourself to solve the problem. Not even a format by the phone will fix this problem.

Do a search for "BlackBerry 10 guiformat" on Google to read up on what's going on here.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry link has something that ticks me off and it's that when I restore, all my pictures have the restore date and not the date they were taken which helps me organize and keep track of events.

Does this app keep the original dates when backing up/restoring or is this an OS problem?

Posted via CB10

The date/time tags remain unaffected and pictures display in the appropriate months in the pictures app.

I have actually developed a free desktop app (Windows/Mac/Linux) that batch-renames photos and videos (supports jpg,mp4, mov) with the date and time they were taken as well as allowing you to add some text. Eg:


That way you can organise your media in folders and it stays in perfect order when migrating between different platforms. No dependence on commercial applications like iPhoto or Adobe to organise your archive. And photo's and video don't get separated from eachother.

Posted via CB10

Thanks to Fire Chest and Alicia! Will get this upgrade, and that batch-photo-renaming PC app sounds great, too.

Posted via CB10

Thanks I will post a link to it on our website tomorrow. It's a simple application. If you have any questions just email me.

I developed it for my home photos and videos. It is the perfect multimedia archiving system.

Posted via CB10

I wish I could backup my z10 automatically like I did with my Torch. Backing up through Link is a pain, and nothing goes to a cloud service. If I want to have access to my latest back, I have to backup at home and work. That sucks.

Posted via CB10