Backup Assistant Now Available from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 30 Mar 2010 10:15 am EDT
VZW Backup AssistantVZW Backup Assistant

*Update: Looks like this may only be for the Tour as of now. More details as we find out. *

When it rains it pours. Verizon dropped both Push to Talk and an official Tour 9630 OS earlier today, and now it looks like they are pushing their Backup Assistant to devices as well. We heard a while back that the service was going to be heading to BlackBerry devices on Verizon, and although it didn't quite show up on schedule, its better late then never. Verizon users just need to take a look for the icon, and if its not showing sending the service books should do the trick. Once you have it up and running it will automatically backup your contacts and keep them safely in the cloud. 

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Backup Assistant Now Available from Verizon Wireless


Im not getting it either and i resent my service books. The only thing that came through was some new V Cast app and the Skype app.

Me neither. I have done a BP and resent service books and no go yet.

While I do backup via DM at least weekly, this will be a nice to have secondary backup option for my contacts.


Google sync has been doing a fantastic job for me. I'd rather not depend on verizon to do it for me. I feel better knowing my contacts with numbers are in my control and not theirs. Plus I can log into my gmail and check it.

When i follow the link to verizons site it doesnt say anything on their compatibility list about blackberrys. in fact there werent ANY smartphones on that list. Whats the deal?

I am a loyal T-Mobile customer who left Verizon after 12 years. It looks like they are trying to get back many of their past customers with some very good perks. That Back up Assistant is a very good insurance policy for contacts. I use google sync for my contacts and calendar and it works flawlessly for me. Don't understand why so many people are having problems with it. I think all the cell phone providers should have the back up assistant, hope T-Mobile is listening.

So you're saying that the Backup Assistant is a perk that will bring back past customers? C'mon, seriously? Is this app even relevant?

You can backup up all your important data with google sync. If you don't use google sync, you can always have a backup with Outlook. If you don't have Outlook, you have the option to backup up everything (with the exception of 3rd party apps) on your phone with DM.

Not sure why they pushed out this app, seems like a waste to me.

Like everyone else, I don't have it either. If someone has successfully loaded this up, can you post so we know its not bogus. Please and Thanks!

Just did an HRT, Send Service Books, and a Pull, if that don't bring it in, then it probably means they have not rolled it out to the Storm2 yet. I'll let you know when the reboot finishes. :)

EDIT 1: Adam has a Tour so obviously it's out for the 9630. :) Let you know in Edit 2 if I had any luck with my Storm2 :)

EDIT 2: No luck it would appear that BA has not rolled out to the Storm 2 yet. Sorry folks.

The Backup asst icon showed up on my Tour after the OS update (done via Desktop Manager). However, it looked like the BB web browser "globe" icon until the app was installed.. If you're not seeing it, look a little closer. Working just FINE for me!!

Trust me, I looked everywhere. ;) I think they just rolled it out to the Tour right now, or perhaps just to non touch BBs. :(

Backed up: 108
Pending: 0
Last Backup: Today
Last Attempt: Success

Working fine on my 9630, running os 5.0 on Verizon.

Did the service book push, did a battery pull, got nothing, so I called VZW and the guy I talked to is a Curve owner, first didn't know what Crackberry is... Then once I got him to read this blog post, he asked his supervisor. No one had a clue WTH this was, I just was told that as far as they know, this isn't available on any Blackberry... Wow talk about a truly EPIC FAIL haha

"first didn't know what Crackberry is..."


I know we're all probably junkies who spend too much time with their phones but it always amazes me when someone that works for a phone company is so lost. You own a blackberry. You work for a phone company. You must like phones. How can you not know what crackberry is?????

I have not got any pushed apps,including this but then again I am not on a official VZW o/s either so I am not sure if that matters or not.

Tour only? That sucks balls.

Anyone wanna post up a link if they can grab it when they get sent to the OTA page? and then the rest of us can try and see if it works too.

Too late big red, you should have treated me better as a customer and should have had the Bold 9700 and UMA, oh well. :)

Whoever posted the direct link ... THANKS! Everything else I did never worked, service book push, quick pull, etc. Just changed the BB9630 to BB8330, and the bb9000 to bb8330 ... Worked like a charm ... backed up 163 Contacts! :)

Ok got it to download to the blackberry curve with no problem after changing the link - thanks. However when I go log on to VerzionWireless web page to check out my account it is not showing that the curve has this feature available so I am not able to view my contacts on line yet???? So how do I know that they are truly back up???

Downloaded App just fine and ran the backup,but when I went to my VZ page to edit my contacts, it says my phone is not compatible. Any ideas anyone?

Seems to be working on my 9530. Use the direct link and away you go. Verbiage is a bit confusing though. it asks you to restore your contacts to send them to the backup server...

ok so stupid question- when I start the set up process it recognized my number- I used it back before blackberry days for my razr- its asking for my pin to restore data- I canceled out- concerned it may mess with my addresses and restore to like 3 years ago- does anyone know about it?

ok so if you hit # without putting in a code and then hit # again when prompted- it will set you up as a new account

Now both LinkedIn and BackUp Assistant not available for the Storm series. I guess now I know how Tour owners feel. :-(

NVM, got it working for Storm 2. Like everysaid, just change the model number to your phone.

So its just linkedIn

Apparently i was wrong, it goes through the pin setup starts to send contacts and they says :backup assistant cannot connect to the data network. please check your signal strength and network settings"

any ideas?

I have tried 100 times to type in the link for 9630 and I keep getting 404 Not Found errors.


make sure you dont have www in the link. when you first open the bb browser it pops up automatically. i was getting the same error till i deleted the www then typed in the link.

Once I downloaded the new 5.0 OS, the icon was on my Tour.
Also the new upgrade was available at 9:00 last night for me to waiting for the midnight chime !

When I tried to download this from Verizon, it said it is not compatible with my phone (Storm 2). When I looked at the list of compatible devices there were no Blackberry phones listed.

You don't even have to change the link if you have a 8530. Tour apps will work just fine on the Curve 2. I have quite a few apps that are installed on my phone that are not supported for the 8530 and I downloaded on my old Tour.

Has anyone with a Tour that is working with the Stock OS been able to reach the proper link and get it to download?????

This means Backup Assistant is free, right? That would be a heck of a slam on VZW customers if VZW decided they'd still like the $10/month, but now with easier access for customers.

Really when I got to Verizon website to log in to my account it is showing me that back up assistant isn't available for my curve even though I have it download on my blackberry??? what type of phone do you have?

Could it be that you will only get Backup Assistant if you are on some flavor of 5.0?

Anyone with BUA that is not on 5.x?

Yeah I tried this on my 8330 and it downloaded and installed find , followed the step by step guide enter my "secrete code" even Lol download successful.I saw where it said where you go online to edit these numbers or whatever or delet them etc. but .... thats the trouble it wont let me do that from a computer cause it says my phone isnt compattible :p Wtf ,I just did it where the numbers went its in my protective vault but even I cant get in ,lol to delete, edit , or download them back to my phone. I might have missed something ?,,, Anyone else have an different model phone (then tour) with a lower then 5.0 OS and been able to get in online ?It seemed to work fine from the phone side of things.Just cant log in on line tho view what I saved ,lol dam it .

The download to my phone 8330 curve went well no problems but I can't access the information on line (like I used to when I had a different device). For some reason it is saying the curve isn't available for this yet. But yet I have downloaded it to my device :(

I DLed from that link to my Tour running stock 4.7x OS. DLed fine. Did a battery pull.

5 Bars. Fired it up.

Says "Setup is simple, Press next to begin."

Then says "Connecting to backup assistant service."

Then it comes back with an error: "Backup assistant has lost network connection. Please retry."

Or something like that.

This HAS to be for OS5.0 or higher only. I just cannot seem to get it to work on my 4.7 VZW Tour.

Anyone that has it working on a Tour with Stock OS.....please raise your hand.

Not a go.

Looked at the app listing in Options/Advanced Options/Apps

And it lists the modules as syncclient_ba_bb9000.

No wonder it doesn't work.

Ok, so I posted above that the file from rbracht's link above DLed but didn't run properly for me.

So I deleted the app by selecting and then menu key and then delete.

Said yes to rebooting the device.

When it came back, the app was off my home screen, but if I go back into the apps list in options/advanced options/apps, backup assistant is still listed there.


Never mind. Third try took care of it.

BTW, not to thread hijack, but what is "reset" and "reset 2" in the application list? Is that part of the reset function portion of Quicklaunch, which I have loaded?

Am I missing something here? Seeing as Desktop Manager has been available for free since pretty much the inception of the Blackberry, who needs some stupid Verizon backup tool?

Also, has this application been stress-tested on very large databases? I mean, does it work if you have 70,000 address book record entries? The Verizon web site doesn't say.

Call me suspect, but this app seems unnecessary at at a minimum, and dubious even if you should use it.

could someone please explain how to resend service books.
I viewed some comments and it said to resend service books, ok so how do you do that? lol.
please be a tad bit more specific.
I went into service books and it shows various apps and etc with check marks next to them and the only thing you could do is delete them. so what should I do from here.

So, people the reason Verizon Wireless is pushing the BackUp Assistant application to Blackberry's is becasue people who switch from standard phones are not able to transfer there information and have gotten upset that they were not able to. So to assist it makes it easier for the transfer of contacts and less time wasted in the stores.

ok all good. changed the phone model in the link and worked.

but the thing is you could backup your contacts now but does it work correctly on recovering them????

I'm activating a new replacement Storm2 and wanted to know if anyone actually recovered their contacts yet on a Storm2.

I can not seem to find the Backup Assistant on my phone. Upgraded OTA last night, resent service book, I updated the Application Center to see if it was in there. I did the Alt + Rt Shift + Del to reset it (as well as a battery pull). I downgraded to 4.7, removed all BB software from my computer, then reinstalled directly from VZW and upgraded from VZW's website. Still can not seem to find the Backup Assistant. Can anyone offer any more advice?

I copied and pasted it and emailed it to my storm and it worked like a charm. I went through the setup it asked me to create a pin, then if i were to forget pin to send sms to device, checked yes, and after that it backed up

got the screen
Backed up: 205
Pending: 0
Last Backup: Today
Last Attempt: Success

now I do have the official 5.0 from verizon. NOt sure if that makes a difference or not.

I added a number and tried again, it was pending: 1
and all was great

How do I load that file once I download it? I tried through Desktop Manager, it's not showing .jad's in the app loader

Yes, this worked on both mine and my wife's Storm 2 9550s. The only problem is my wife's phone seems to be having some kind of problem where some of her contacts got erased or there was some kind of corrupt file. She mentioned that she was having some problems with her contacts earlier in the week so might not be really be related to the Backup Assistant. Mine works fine!

....but who cant get logged onto the website on their computer to see what they saved :/ Says phone not "compatiable" although program downloaded and saved something somewhere ,wtf vzw ,ha

It took verizon long enough to push skype to my 9530. im sure it will probably take a good week before the backup assistant gets pushed to all the other users/abusers.

I went to the Verizon site and it said that this app was not available for my Curve 8330 when I looked up what phones were compatible with this App it had not a single blackberry pic on it, Im wondering if Verizon hasn't updated that particular pop up.

I GOT IT!!! I just got my new BB yesterday and have to say that I am really not a fan. It's the TOUR 9630 and I am changing over from a very old, but tried and true, LG EnV original series....yes, that far back. I loved loved loved that phone. Anyhow... when I got the TOUR and realized that I couldn't get VW Backup Assistant on it I was really disappointed. I don't keep my contacts on my computer, as I never had to do this before. Backup Assistant always solved that issue for me, without fail. But much to my surprise, when I found the update for software that was available, I uploaded it, and low and behold, there it was... the new Backup Assistant Icon!!!
I have to say that I am a happier camper now that I have all of my contacts in my phone. So glad that I don't have to input each one by itself or transfer them all to the computer, especially since VW has just launched a new My Verizon site and it isn't letting me transfer my contacts off!
Now I just have to figure out the rest of this darn thing!!!

The only way to download this app is by following the link and replacing the model number, the backing up process seems to work just fine, but when I go to the page says that my Curve 8330 is not compatible for the service, so I have no way to EDIT my contacts, which renders the app completely useless so I deleted the damn thing. If you look at the list of phones compatible with his service not a single BlackBerry is listed at the VZ site.

The new operating system pushed itself into my phone, which is full of problems, but the one thing I was looking forward to was the Back Up Assistant, but it didn't come with it!!! So annoying. I have tried using the link mentioned above, but just keep getting an error message. I have the Tour and would love to be able to edit my contacts on the computer! I don't use Outlook, so I don't know any other way to do it! If this sounds stupid, I apologize- I am new to blackberry. Go easy on me!

I just noticed that these posts are from a long time ago and I didn't have time to read each post to see is anyone posted a good post with the right answer on how to get that back up assitant.
I have the bold 9650 and my phone did not have the icon in the menu.
I found out that all you have to do is go to your browser, type Look for the backup assistant icon and then it will let you download it. That simple.