Backcountry Ski for BlackBerry Storm2 with Open GL

By Adam Zeis on 23 Nov 2009 10:57 am EST
Backcountry Ski

At the BlackBerry Developers Conference we got a first look at the new Open GL ES support for BlackBerry. We saw some very cool demos, and have some amazing apps and games to look forward to.  Backcountry Ski looks to be one of the first games to take advantage of Open GL on the BlackBerry Storm2. The game lets you ski in open environments on 1 of 24 different trails. There are long and short trails to choose from, all in various areas based on real-life locations. BackCountry ski is a simple game that shows off some of the new technology we can expect to see from many developers in the near future. Its not the most amazing or graphically pleasing game you'll see hit BlackBerry, but it gives us a look into what can be done and is also loads of fun to play. Backcountry Ski is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99.

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Backcountry Ski for BlackBerry Storm2 with Open GL


Someone should load up a youtube video of this in action. Seriously - if this is the first OpenGL ES game to hit. There should at least be a decent video record of it.

Especialy since I am hearing rumors that EA will not actually be releasing Shift 3d for the Blackberry.

I agree! The game doesn't interest me as much as the Open GL. I'll be glad to pay the 5 bucks if it looks even remotely more advanced than the games we normally see. Somebody load up a good video!

I just tried it out on my Storm2. It doesn't use the accelerometer like i would expect, it uses touch only. It was very smooth action though not that high in graphics quality.

"Its not the most amazing or graphically pleasing game you'll see hit BlackBerry"... and for $4.99?

Wow I can't wait to see what a decent game costs.

Open GL will be a waste if everything is this expensive.

There is a free trial available so I am going to check it out and see what happens.

Not sure I would pay the $5 but trying it out first helps!

Pretty fun and impressive. Runs perfectly on my S2.

Best graphics I have seen yet on a BB, but still a ways to go.

that looks almost as good as the half pipe snowboarding game (which was 3d) that came with my half decade old SE k790. And you only had to hit the button 4 times to get it to register?

what a deal.

ugh RIM maybe you should give up on 3d games?

The multiple clicking was me I'm pretty sure, it worked fine the first time i played it. Sometimes touchscreens (not just the storm) doesn't register my thumb, it's odd lol.

The game is ok. sure it may look crappy but this only gives you the tip of the iceburg with a lot of potential. I cant wait for more games and other apps to come out using the Open GL. Now we just need surefire to come outwith their flash supported browser.

I can't believe people are happy about this lol. It looks like Atari 2600, BlackBerry is so far behind with these things it's almost a joke. Gets a Droid!

I dont care about what it looks like! I just want to know if it works on a storm 1!!! This is just the beginning its gonna get better!

as much as i love the whole OPENGL thing, why even bother putting something so amateurish out there for general consumption? this just goes to show how far BB is from the other high end phones on the market. i understand the need to show progress but show something substantial at least. there is no way i would ever promote this to show what my BB can do now. E for effort but next time make it count, please.

They just wanted to be first out of gate. ..and as with first post commenters, it leaves something to be desired. Should've offered it for free as a "beta" test or something.

Well RIM provides the Open GL ES API and the developer needs to make the game look good, its obvious this developer rushed this out for the early sales instead of making a solid product, this has nothing to do with RIM being behind and everything to do with a greedy developer, wake up guys and read what open GL is, RIM didnt write this game.

BB only supports OpenGL ES 1.1, whereas the iPhone 3GS supports OpenGL ES 2.0. And the tools that are available for developers to make games on the BB are shit.

Android and iPhone have supported OpenGL since day 1 and the developer tools rock. If you care about mobile gaming (or, for that matter, anything even slightly technologically advanced - ie. webkit) just move on from BB already. They failed the tech race a long time ago and now rely on brand only to sell.

Android supports 1.1 not 2.0. How is it different from the bb again?

http en wikipedia org/wiki/OpenGL_ES

OpenGL ES 1.0 has been chosen as the official 3D graphics API in Symbian OS[2] and the Android platform[3]."

I love all the apps that are availible for BlackBerrys. However, I am not made of money and can not buy EVERY app I think looks kewl. I think they need to start offering more demos and trials. There are a few games that look fun, but I see nothing that aallows me to test, try or refund. And don't give me that age old line about "paying to play", Other than a few (small few) console games, I am hard pressed to think of more than a couple items that you can not "test drive" before you buy. Hell, even the lady at the local Verizon store had a Storm ready for all to test (her personal phone I assume).