Back to School with BlackBerry 101!'s BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2007 04:28 am EDT

Enjoy your last week of holidays... come Monday, September 10th, class will officially be in session!

Course: BlackBerry 101
Start Date: September 10th, 2007
Class Time: Every Monday Tuesday
Tuition: FREE of Charge

For the next eight months, each week will publish a new informative, educational and (hopefully) entertaining BlackBerry 101 article that by the end will make you an official graduate of the BlackBerry School of Higher Learning (you may or may not want to add it to your resume!).

I'll be leading the course, but since I've always considered myself to be more of a BlackBerry Addict than Expert, we'll also be featuring a number of guest lecturers over the weeks ahead to help round out the curriculum (think you have what it takes to teach a class or two?! email kevin at By the time we break for summer, all of us will be Blackberry Smartphone Experts!

All BlackBerry Users and Abusers are welcome to attend (heck, you can come along for the ride even if you don't own a BlackBerry the end you will!). We will be starting with the basics (Which BlackBerry to Buy, Device Functions, etc.) and will increase the difficulty as we go... by the end you'll be building your own BlackBerry Themes! From Newbie to Expert in eight months flat, and the Price is Right!

There WILL be a test at the end (100% final), but don't worry, you have plenty of time to study (tell a friend about BlackBerry 101 and you'll have someone to study with!), and if for some reason you don't manage to score a great mark we won't put it on your permanent record.

And if you join the Fraternity (also free), you'll receive a ton of valuable benefits - free wallpaper and ringtone downloads, unlimited help in the blackberry forums, your very own email address, and more!) Learn More or Sign-Up Now!

See you in Class!

Reader comments

Back to School with BlackBerry 101!


If you get that message it means you are already a member of the site, and already logged into the site (can't register once you're already logged in).

So no worries, you're all good there! Will have that message changed up soon so it doesn't say "Access Denied" but says you're already a logged in member.

Sorry bout the confusion!

I'd LOVE to learn more about my 2 berries!

Is there going to be a special "forum" or something like this where the classes will be held?

Looking forward to the classes. I'm a new user on my own with no one to compare notes and new possiblities.

How do I use my BB as an MP3 player on my car stereo?

I am getting my blackberry 8820 as soon as at&t gets one in. I want to take this class but can't sign up. it says access denied

you're already a registered member with the site, hence the access can access the registration page once you are already logged into the site

enjoy the class!

This is a great site! I told myself I wouldn't go 'to the Blackberry side'..LOL...but I did. So, it's a little uncomfortable getting used to it.

I need to know how to turn my email notifications off. THAT is going to drive me bonkers!! How would I do that?