Back by Popular Demand... Hit Me On My BlackBurry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2008 01:31 pm EST

Following yesterday's debut of the new BlackBerry addict anthem CrackBerry Love, I received a couple of email requests saying, Kevin...bring back Hit Me On My BlackBurry to the blogs!

Ask and you shall receive! Though with the Bold now out on the market and the Storm, Pearl Flip and Curve 8900 entering the picture, I think the song and video may be in need of an update. Time sure does fly when you're having BlackBerry fun.

Warning: If you listen to this there is a good chance it'll get stuck in your head for the weekend. Don't blame me! :-)



How can I get that 3 minutes of my life back?

Brent Fraliex

I am loving it! I even converted it to a WMV file and copied it to my Bold.

Hit me on my Blackberry...


I remember when this song first came out.. I wasn't feeling it then, nor am I feeling it now. Much props more making the song... But just not my style


It's my default ringtone still....

Very catchy hook!!!!


Haha, that song is great.


lol great tunage, I got 2 users converted with that song rofl


Check it out! I'm on the homescreen again! =) lol

BTW Kevin, because I spent so much time making this video, my 6 year old son learned this song and it took me a month to get him to stop singing it in public...especially the "keep tha blackburry right down by my nuts..."


Nice work NamelessLiar!


This is freaking great.
Can someone help me get just the course for a ringtone (I have no clue how to do this stuff)?



the song was fair awesome; but the video was bloody hilarious ahahaha good work!

and if you wanna download it just go to and type in